Starcodes Jan 10, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“This book was written using 100% recycled words.”
― Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

“Man is a complex being: he makes deserts bloom – and lakes die.”
― Gil Scott-Heron

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. “― Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s take a good look at the words conservative and conservation as Venus and the Sun conjunct in conservative Capricorn and sextile taciturn Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler. Dictionaries define conservation as the protection and careful use of animal, plants, and natural resources, and efforts to keep works of art or historical importance in good condition. Work with that image. Nothing in the definition requires the preservation of a specific individual over the preservation of the world as a whole.

We’re right in the middle of a three-year astrological period of radical societal change. Most of us have had to let go of old constructs and out of date dreams, and said goodbye to people off on their journey, and may be heart-sore thereby. But the planetary assignment this week is to look at look at what we need to save, preserve, strengthen, nurture, and defend. Venus, Sun, and Saturn want to know.

This does not mean we hold on tightly this week, this is an era of letting go. But we are asked to sort out what needs care, bring our focus there, and treasure it.

Whenever Saturn gets involved, we may feel a lingering sadness, a gentle melancholy, or an unusual awareness of the weight of years. Saturn wants us to be a grown-up, and a busy one at that. Our ambitions whisper to us and so to the chores. Organization becomes an art form, professional development furthers. If we don’t like our work, or don’t have access to sustaining work were ready to make a difference make change. Labor related issues work on employment questions minimum wage issues around minimum wage and unemployment are on the front burner.

Although we can be theoretically romantic with Venus snuggled up to the Sun, we may have little spare time to show it unless we find an excuse to work together. We have to add the warmth to care and protect affection.

Apart from work that pays us, it’s a good time to look at our habits and personal disciplines; how we eat, work out or practice our craft. But be wary around an over-active interior critical voice that can berate for not having done enough, become enough. Let’s take a moment to remember what we’ve done right so far so, and nurture that capacity instead; depression is so easy whenever Saturn’s in the picture, but not productive.

Friday begins steadily industrious. As Mercury enters Aquarius on Saturday we begin to remember our friends and make social plans. Social media buzzes as we reconnect. Mercury in Aquarius encourages open-minded exploration unless we’re directly opposed, but then our heels dig in. It will get us farther to explore ideas rather than debate them for the next few weeks.

Early next week is a good time to look farther ahead to plan and put our teams together. We grow moodier and more introverted, more self-protective midweek as the Moon waxes full in emotional Cancer and sets off the major aspects of this month; it conjuncts Jupiter, squares Uranus and Mars, and opposes Pluto just before it opposes the Sun. Whenever a faster moving planet set off this major configuration this year, the big issues of our life resonate and will need attention.

Under this emotional Full Moon in Cancer, we also may need to catch up with a backlog of emotions we just haven’t had time to process, or need to deal with some insecurity we’ve been avoiding. If so, we can let the feelings flush through us, teach us, but not define our reality. During this time, rather than challenge people’s defenses, ask what could help them feel safer. We can melt and mend the fences but will not breach them with a frontal assault.

Thursday our inner adolescent is activated by a Leo Moon, Venus-Mars square and Venus-Neptune semi-square and we get a quick tour of our usual emotional complications. The planets may infuse creativity, but we may run smack into our blind spots. We square off easily as Venus squares Mars. Tension can be seen as a form of flirting, just don’t push too much. We may need to take some emotional risk but need to stay responsible for our own happiness. Let’s forgive ourselves and do our best to make mature choices anyway.

On a more subtle level, as Neptune also forms supportive aspects to the Moon’s nodes, our attention is brought to our creative and spiritual communities. We’re asked to make sure we’re living out our spiritual values in our daily life, and are brought back to this week’s question: what do we need to release and what do we need to preserve.

Friday, January 10: Our work is clearly laid out, and the mood is competent and stubborn. We worry more about how to accomplish than what. Don’t bother discussing theory this practical day, we can get a lot done if we keep a steady rhythm, but when at rest we’ll tend to remain at rest under the steady-making but comfort-loving Taurus Moon. Familiarity, comfort foods and warmth help tonight, we need to be kind on ourselves as we review the week. Review and release expectations while the Moon opposes Saturn.

Saturday, January 11: This morning we want cuddly cozy and familiar but can be industrious once we pull ourselves out of our warm cocoon. A sense of reserve can make us less expressive, but more appreciative of safe and secure, tried-and-true experiences. Aesthetics, women’s rights, clothing, art supplies, all Venusian efforts need organization and support as Venus and the Sun conjunct and sextile Saturn. Love is expressed through practical action. We grow more versatile and collaborative this afternoon as the Moon enters verbal Gemini midday and Mercury enters sociable Aquarius late tonight, we’re up for spontaneous events and ready to open up the conversation.

Sunday, January 12: Ideas are bandied around this morning. Some discomfort strikes us as the Moon inconjuncts Pluto midday, and stimulates thoughts about what action to take as the Gemini Moon trines Mars. Don’t get busy just to avoid the issue; it’s a good time to consider what and why we do what we do.

Monday, January 13: Don’t count on luck this odd day, deal with the flotsam and loose ends, and scheduled in time to re-do minor mistakes as the Moon as the somewhat frazzled and easily distracted Gemini makes a series of minor but inconvenient aspects. Odd comments and PR mistakes abound, our nerves can frazzle. Consider postponing travel plans or technology purchases for a few days. Small things may go awry but our deeper, intuitive connections sing as Neptune aspects the nodes. Check in with spiritual community for support and connection.

Tuesday, January 14: We may want to hide under the covers and get touchy about criticism as the Moon enters more emotional and self-protective Cancer. Work therapy helps. Let’s care of ourselves and stick in there. Even though we’d like to stay private, we need to follow through on inconvenient but important communication; share information, carpool, stay connected even if it feels exposed. Stay warmhearted and connected with beloveds even though everyone’s defenses are prickly and our issues are up.

Wednesday, January 15: Sensitive, creative but not objective, we can easily get lost in our daydreams or read inappropriate things into our experience with Venus semi-square Neptune. The day takes us on an emotional roller coaster as the Moon opposes Pluto and conjuncts Jupiter. Ponder personal priorities; ask what truly makes one feel at home. Back off defensive people. If loss or fear of loss mobilizes us, let’s make it constructive action. Although most of us will be fine, if a little moody, for some and emotional crisis reaches a boiling point in the next few days.

Thursday, January 16: All too easily we can square off with one another; tension arises easily but so do interesting sparks as Venus and Mars square. A little preemptive attention to beloveds can prevent acting out. The Moon in the Leo brings us out of our show but can exacerbate our inner adolescent, it hurts to be ignored or underestimated. At the same time we’ll tend to see things in a more adversarial light or wrestle internally with conflicted feelings. Let the tension be more flirtatious, keep it respectful and humorous if possible, and look for root causes of the problem before taking someone down.


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