Starcodes Jan 3 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s pace ourselves; the astrological aspects are wild as the new year begins and even if they’re not tap dancing on our personal charts, they resonate around us. The speed of history picks up, children turn a developmental corner, new laws kick into place; so much happens, or feels like it is about to happen, we can feel tired or stretched thin unless we husband our energies and support one another.

Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn all week and bring our minds to the real tasks of our time. Together they oppose expansive Jupiter in Cancer and square active Mars in Libra and electrifying Uranus in Aries; all form an exciting, tense, potential-filled grand square that colors the whole year ahead.

Most of us will be fine, excited by some new chapter, or feel challenged by some complex situation echoing in our life. We may also find that while calm and comfy by ourselves, we get irritable or emotional easily when tugged in different directions by events, other people’s dramas, or even by trivial inconveniences. Somewhere in our world, near or far away, the ground rumbles and we resonate.

Look for clues, this week we may get an inkling of trouble spots and powerful opportunities that could erupt in April when this grand cross perfects. We have a few months to work on the situation and prepare,

As the weekend begin, we may feel tired from juggling too much, or may have pressured heavily all week and our neighbors, community groups, and organizations knock on our door cheerfully but with needs, asking us to get involved. All while the winter’s contemplation still sings to us of meditative rest or a good book read curled up by a fire. We have to find the balance within the action.

Over this weekend, while a Pisces Moon keeps the mood more dreamy and internal and frigid weather discourages us outside, let’s let the busyness go and rest deeply, recover from our holidays.

On Monday, the first full post-holiday week begins with a charge. Give everyone a few hours on Monday to acclimatize, and then kick into high gear as the Moon enters assertive, impatient Aries, conjuncts Uranus and rings that grand square like a gong.

Friday, Jan 3: We may feel energized, but tend to overbook as Mercury opposes Jupiter; keep it simple instead. A lot can be accomplished if we keep all the factors on our head and pursue. The mood is opinionated, pushy but curious, open to creative solutions as long as we do not disagree directly. So be diplomatic. Later, a tired or more formal mood can subdue dinner conversation and leave people irritable, or pleasantly distant, but still curious underneath. We just need to poke the coals to start the interaction.

Saturday, Jan 4: Sleep in. Early morning can be grumpy as the Moon challenges Uranus and Pluto. Get chores done and the dog walked late morning, as the mood softens into dreamy, imaginative, softer- hearted as the Moon enters intuitive Pisces and conjuncts dreamy Neptune. Low energy or shyness may curtail our plans, a tender streak keep us more private. Do not make excuses or guilt trip others; just listen to inner priorities and send clear signals. People may be distracted. Watch for unintentional deceit or confusion and sift facts from the stories. Watch for problems with ice or in fuel lines, or inconvenient liquids. Find a healthy use for imagination and keep it out of trouble.

Sunday, Jan 5: Sensitively optimistic as the Sun opposes Jupiter, it’s a morning for dreams, prayers, and intuitive connection; just don’t over schedule or bite off more than one can chew. We’re belligerent and aware, poetic and organized, but strong opinions can hurt feelings. Tonight brings more organized as the Moon trines Saturn; make plans.

Monday, Jan 6: Think ahead and strategize as Mercury sextile Saturn. Let people arrived slowly and don’t expect much until the Moon enters Aries around noon, then kick into high gear. The mood gets impatient, assertive, and pushy; let’s not jerk people’s chains just for the fun of it, nor manipulate others into doing what we can do ourselves. Meet deadlines or let people know where the order stands, and an ambient sense of urgency can make people unusually demanding.

Tuesday, Jan 7: Changes are afoot; our impulse control is down and need for spontaneity up as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus. We may have an urge to move or leave town, and can consider (but probably should not decide until the dust settles) to make a radical change. The ice is slippery and so are the politics. Morning is more argumentative as the Moon squares Mars and Pluto; come to grips with an awkward limitation and make productive decisions in response. This afternoon asks us to passionately speak our mind as Venus conjuncts Mercury, but we can find a kind, organized way to do so. Engage fabulous conversation tonight, but keep an open mind.

Wednesday, Jan 8: This morning unsettled, confused emotions can create mixed signals as the Taurus Moon squares Venus and Mercury; clear the air and reassess all factors before any decisions are made. Our judgment can be off this afternoon, the conditions can be hard to read and the mood feisty as Mars squares Jupiter, so get centered, keep eyes open, and only fight the good fight. If you need to file a lawsuit now is good time, but choose arguments carefully.

Thursday, Jan 9: Keep an easy but solid rhythm. Build trust, be there for one another in subtle ways, and engage common sense without righteousness. Interesting karmic connections can come through for us this morning; our good works can come back to us as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto. Tonight, let’s look for what works, what is worth gratitude, even if we have to look far and wide; gratitude helps us see fresh options.


1 thought on “Starcodes Jan 3 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Thank you for your wisdom and insight, Heather.

    Very helpful as I walk into a new year without my mother (died 9/3/2013), my job of 8 yrs, and former housemate but with a new MacBookPro 15″ Retina Display, new creativity to search/create new work, new 4-legged 5-yr old long-hair cat that was my mother’s (named Phoebe), my mom’s car (selling my old Saturn), and a sense of adventure, anxiety, and wonder.

    Happy New Year!

    Louise Paré, Ph.D. Center for Women in the Global Community Ashland, OR



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