Starcodes Dec, 20 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Now begins winter and the winter holiday season, the worst of times and the best of times. Please bring heart to any celebration of the return of the light, the winter’s still point that promises warmth again on the other side.

Friday resonates with a sociable, active, activist buzz with Sun and Moon both in energized fire signs, with the Sun is in the last degree of cheerful Sagittarius, and the Moon in outgoing, opinionated Leo. It’s a good time to make the connections and for social life over the next few weeks, though let’s give ourselves an out if we want to dial it back later.

The Sun enters more introspective, traditions-oriented, foundations-building Capricorn on Saturday, and thoughtful Mercury follows on Christmas Eve; these two will bring our thoughts home to more serious things, like family, traditional rituals and the conditions of the world as a whole. Venus also begins her retrograde time (12/21/13-2/1/14) and brings our attention to the past, to what we have loved, hated, felt any sort of strongly about in the past. The memories pour out along with the personal history of each seasonal decoration or solstice letter. But we can make it a creative and healing review.

Two strong aspect color the rest of the holiday week. Both the Sun and Mercury form a lovely, softening and magical sextile with Neptune; here they support our intuitive connection and feed the romance of the season. They add bring spirit to our season rituals, glitter to the tinsel and a twinkle to an elf’s eye.

This can help deal with more turbulent aspects, as Mars, though now in a gentle Libra, opposes Uranus and begins to square Pluto, intensifying the great era-changing aspects of our time, setting off a grand square between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, all in action-oriented cardinal signs, an aspect that affects us now and throughout the spring, peaking in mid-April. We’ll be talking about this ongoing grand aspect a lot more in the months ahead, and for a long time to come.

As Mars perfects its opposition to Uranus, it lowers impulse control (watch out for last minute spending and unexpectedly rude comments), sharpens our temper and adds an accident prone and technologically-challenging edge. Big events may unfold that give us a symbol of our changes. But this aspect can also energize us for anything we want to do, and give us the courage to be gently but radically honest with one another.

Be aware of issues raised, of decisions made, of memories created. We are in the pivot of a turning point, and even subtle moments can give us hints to the changes to come.

So the mood may be lovely, but expect the unexpected, and take a few extra safely precautions. Choose not to spike a temper, think about the consequences of a comment (even if it’s true) over. If we get a sudden urge, take an hour off for the moment, and make decisions for only a day at a time until the holidays are over. Let’s also keep eyes open for a sudden call to service, a friend in need, a neighbor stuck in a ditch. And know that generosity of support is the best present money can’t buy.
Friday, Dec 20: The Moon in outgoing, expressive Leo adds generosity to our plans and life to any party, but can also add a lazy streak, and a longing to live in Technicolor. People need attention and may exaggerate their situation to get it, but can give that attention just as generously. Confusion or sleepiness can leave us fuzzy first thing this morning as the Moon challenges Neptune. Our thinking clears up midday for a positive, productive spell, although we may have differing priorities as to what needs doing. Look for a stubborn but open-minded, funny, positive, restless spell around dinnertime as the Moon trines Uranus; be open to last-minute plans. But consider retiring early, the mood gets crankier later on and we may need a moment in the deep quiet of the longest night of the year.

Saturday, Dec 21: Happy Solstice! The Sun enters Capricorn at 10:10 AM MST on this shortest day of the year. Venus retrogrades, both helping us turn back towards our traditions, back towards our family and friends. Moring has a magical quality, midday we can get a bit stiff-necked or pompous, and have to have things a certain way as the Moon squares Saturn, but can produce something beautiful in response. Evening is alive, festive, gracious but with low attention span and an accident prone quality as the Moon semi-squares Mars. Plates may be spilled. Be careful tonight, but enjoy the buzz.

Sunday, Dec 22: Morning may be both heartwarming and self-indulgent, though there may be tricky news to deal with. Reel in a tendency to see other people’s actions as a testimony to their affection; it’s probably more a need to listen to themselves. Check to make sure they want breakfast in bed before bringing it in. The Moon enters Virgo midday, tines electrical Uranus and everyone has different ideas on what needs doing. Make sure this time is not just about preparation, but is joyful in and of itself.

Monday, Dec 23: How did we get so busy? We can feel like we don’t have enough, a stuff, time, food, money, friends as the Moon trines Pluto this morning, but instead of speeding up, let’s take a minute to quiet down and plan carefully. People tend to get critical or pointed under stress. Breathe. Organize. Reconnect with the heart. And proceed. Tonight glimmers warmly.

Tuesday, Dec 24: We’re getting serious now as Mercury enters thoughtful Capricorn. Honor the traditions of the season but do not get rule-bound and put the details of ritual above heart to heart connection. Let in odd moments of healing. Morning is serious and efficient as the Moon sextiles Saturn. Later, as the Sun sextiles intuitive Neptune, seasonal magic it close at hand, but so is our willfulness; it’s hard to let go of what we want. Our feelings may be easily scraped if we hang too much on any one scenario. Rein in expectations and enjoy one another presence instead. Be a careful driver tonight, and don’t give too much schnapps to difficult relatives.

Wednesday, Dec 25: The Moon enters lyrical Libra and encourages kindness and camaraderie, lubricates our interactions with good will. Which we’ll need as Mars opposes Uranus, amping up our willfulness and our resistance to restraint. Kids who eat too much candy from their stockings bounce off the walls. Mechanical difficulties can make it hard to assemble the toy train set. Everyone may need a moment to throw a tantrum or leave for a brisk walk and return, or find some healthier outlet for impulsiveness. A snowball fight can clear the air. Find the humor in it all. Let people find neutral corners late afternoon, and reconvene in the evening.

Thursday, Dec 26: A magical Mercury/Neptune sextile can help children apply their imagination to the presents they receive, and open up lines of intuition between the rest of us, but it can be hard to feel so permeable around invasive relatives. Hold boundaries firmly and with love. Feel the strange quivers of insecurity underneath any misbehavior, and address that directly. Stay here in the present with one another, talk about the future, but leave decisions alone for now.


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