Starcodes Dec 13 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

This dark week before the solstice bustles, but has only minor astrological events. Because this whole year rings with major background aspects, no week will be quiet, but we may get the chance to get loose ends organized, packages mailed, let people know we love them, and love ourselves by getting as centered, prepared, and aware as we can.

The Sun and Mercury now in Sagittarius help us adapt and multitask, though they can call us away from our duties and sing of snow-cover slopes, begging us to play hooky, or play in any way possible. They also bring a usually cheerful impatience and an itching need to express ourselves with honesty and directness, which can make holiday parties so interesting.

So sneak away for a snowball fight. Sneak out to the fun party as well as the one for work. Bring a mischievous spirit to all season festivities. This season is all about connection to one another, the natural world, our global community, and to whatever path brings us spiritual joy.

Mars now in Libra increases our desire to socialize and whispers of holiday romance; it breathes extra life in all ongoing relationships, if we remember how precious they are and tend to their beauty.

Venus is a funny planet to keep us working, but Venus now in industrious Capricorn can help us work on ambitious projects and do what needs to be done. It can make it hard to relax into the holiday season for more than a few minutes, we can always think of one more thing that needs to be done, but it does helps us get back to work after the snowball fight. We can get irritated at people if they don’t seem to be pulling their share, but let’s stay humble about it and remember we don’t know their schedule. Venus here asks us to consider changes in the coming year that will help us love our work more.

There’s a lot to do this week, but we can trust our ability to multitask, to get the work done if we allow room for these spontaneous moments. If we try too hard to crack the whip, productivity will go downhill as our escapist streak acts up.

This Friday the 13th can feel relatively lucky if we make it a comfortable and cozy time under Taurus Moon and with a magical Mars-Neptune quincunx. We may need to face some internal resistance over the weekend or tend to the chores to back our plans as Mars semi-squares Saturn. Technological toys may be less reliable so have a backup plan if the smart phone fails as Mercury quincunx Jupiter.

Early next week a buzzing Full Moon in versatile, voluble Gemini can spark conversation and trigger our nerves. Enjoy the cross-pollination but remember to rest even if sleep is hard to come by. Some long term changes start to swirl but hit bumps on the road as Uranus turns retrograde, the changes are not stopping, as this year brims with transformation, but the process may go on hold for a while. We have some personal homework to do first.

Later in the week we want to go home, but that may be more a heart-space than a place, under a domestic Cancer Moon. If we suddenly feel needy, it’ll help to extent our hand to help another.

Next week is laced with tradition and rebellion, with obligations and connections. This week, play and weave the renewing fibers of community now, and follow through on threads of possibility to weave good work for the year ahead.

Friday, Dec 13: There may be a lot to do, but if we work with the stable Taurus Moon and get in a groove, we can get it all done. Midday, watch a feeling that we just don’t have enough, or are not enough; trust that what’s here is what’s needed, and make the best of it. Work around a communications snafu late afternoon and pad the schedule with time for delays. The evening waxes philosophical as the Moon approaches a trine sextiles expansive Jupiter.

Saturday, Dec 14: We may wake up tired or feel old and creaky this morning, or too aware of our chore list as the Moon opposes Saturn, but our flow returns once we get moving. Look for information that changes minds or changes plans midday as the Moon challenges Uranus. Some restraints may need to be applied to one’s temper, frankness, or gift-buying budget as Mars semi-squares Saturn, but we can solve this problem. Evening rest and acceptance will warm our hearts as the Moon trines Venus.

Sunday, Dec 15: The conversation speeds up, and many pots simmer on the stove; we can feel fractured or frayed if we overdo the multitasking as the Moon waxes in nervy Gemini, squares Neptune, and trines Mars. No matter how busy, take a few minute stop listen to the soul; find the beauty in the moment if stretched too thin. Information to make healthy decisions pour in, but we have to prioritize. Tend to health tonight.

Monday, Dec 16: Deadlines push; time needs juggling this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury. If there is too much on the plate, prioritize and sort: by time sensitivity and soul priority, but don’t take it out on others, humor eases the way. Look for what is falling through the cracks this afternoon. Listen for a spontaneous gathering tonight as the Moon waxes Full, but be kind to the nervous systems. Sleep may be fugitive tonight, try a nice cup of herb tea before bed and relax anyway.

Tuesday, Dec 17: Expect the unexpected today after an early Full Moon at 3:34 am MST and as Uranus turns retrograde. Later, we need to slow down and pick up some pieces as the Moon enters more domestic and personal Cancer. People can get defensive if they feel pressured to do more than they already are so keep the vibe positive, not corrective as the Moon trines Neptune. Encourage sweetness and karmic co-responsibility. Later, we may see some clash of international vs. domestic concerns and need to look for the common ground between.

Wednesday, Dec 18: Our morning routine helps on this unsettled morning, so meditate, stretch and enjoy the morning coffee. We may have to let something go, or accept some event will not happen, but this creates more room for fresh input as the Moon opposes Pluto then conjuncts Jupiter. Fill up on what is honorable, familiar, homey in a freeing sort of way, and stay steady through emotional ups and downs; if we provide emotional ballast rather than feed the winds, much of the problem melts away.

Thursday, Dec 19: Morning is vibe is slow off the mark, but hopeful and thoughtful. We can put pieces together, balance disparate elements, and get some of our personal work done as the Moon conducts Jupiter then trines Saturn. If we offer respect to elders or teachers, give honest positive feedback to bosses or cohorts, it opens up a new understanding within. Keep track of a chunk of work that has almost come to fruition, tend that pot. Tonight is socially awkward, so share reassurances.


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