Starcodes Dec 6 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

This interesting week quivers with possibility. The astrological wind shifts, a fresh breeze reorganizes our priorities as Mercury builds momentum under spacious, freedom-loving Sagittarius. Energizing, motivating Mars leaves competent but persnickety Virgo and enters egalitarian, peace-loving Libra, where it will be for an unusually long stay in one sign, from Dec 7 through July 26.

Now Mars in friendly Libra usually decreases the general global feistiness. Mars is usually in a sign for a 45 days approximately every two years, but is here for 7 months due to a long retrograde cycle, it is not considered particularly strong in Libra because it is the sign opposite Aries, which Mars rules. The mood becomes less willful, more creative if indecisive, though Mars does trigger specific events.

But during this pass of Libra Mars will form its most difficult aspects; it will oppose electrical Uranus in Aries and square both expansive Jupiter in Cancer and profound Pluto in Capricorn as it progresses, do so again as it retrogrades back, and hits them a third time as Mars progresses forward again. We can expect a paradoxical Libran fight for peace, equality, education, and all that is fair and beautiful in the months ahead as Libra rules open warfare between equals. Or see vagaries in our immune system or an investigation of the judicial system. This is a difficult aspect with a lot of potential to both set off confrontations, and to move good causes forward.

We’ll see these aspects echoing throughout the global news in the months ahead, strongest as the aspects grow exact at the end of December, and in April and June. But we can also use this power to advocate for positive change at home. It could be time to re-invent (and improve) how we handle conflict in relationship.

This vibe really kicks in this week as thoughtful Mercury forms a supportive trine to change-master Uranus and encourages us to invent and start afresh. It can also leave our mind a-buzzing and make sleep challenging, unless we really listen to the download of new ideas before we sleep, and then make a conscious effort to rest our brains. So let’s share wild ideas, listen to the filaments of hope and progress, rest between-times, and see what we can weave together.

The weekend friendly but confused or fuzzy-thinking under a sociable Aquarius Moon; we may feel uncertain about conditions or work under a misapprehension as Mercury square Neptune. Catch up on emotional backlog under a scattered and sensitive Pisces Moon early in the week, find something to cry about and get it over with. Catch a wave of momentum as the Moon enters motivational, reactive Aries on Tuesday. Later in the week, expansive Jupiter trines hard-working Saturn, encourages strange allies to work together, and offers us a chance to put some solid foundations under our new constructions.

Friday, Dec 6: Routine breaks; we finish one chapter as Mars finishes its tour of Virgo, tidy up details on work and then let them go. Take a step back and look at the big picture, the far horizon, but watch a tendency to get theoretical under stress, to philosophize away true feeling. Notice fuzzy logic, a desire to get away from it all, or to pretty up the facts; keep signals clear and confirm information. Do not corner or confront people today unless essential, it will be like trying to hold water as Mercury squares Neptune. Engage imagination, but watch the weather and be cautious around a note of unreality. Stay close to soul. Find a safe way to be unrealistic tonight, and avoid hypothesizing ahead of the facts. Just dream away.

Saturday, Dec 7: Mars enters Libra: look for new beginnings in relationships or business connections, launch creative projects and start decorating for the winter holidays. We may find ourselves letting go of a path we’ve been working on and choose to pick up another. Watch for political shifts on the big screen. Interesting conversations percolate midday as Mercury challenges Jupiter; process, but don’t monologue, take an important conversation public. Tonight, our stubbornness can lock horns as the Moon semi-squares Uranus and Pluto, but we can look for points of agreement instead.

Sunday, Dec 8: Stop and process; a surfeit of feelings can flood us today as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, flowing with maudlin seasonal mood swings. We can just feel soggy with feeling and need to bring down the water level. Meditation helps. We are reminded to use our intuition and empathy. We are also reminded of our vulnerability in some clearly tangible way, and are really susceptible to (and will resent) guilt trips. Understand, but don’t take on, other people’s experience. Superficial logic can screen more personal motivation midday as the Moon squares Mercury. Listen with the heart. Be careful of communications or mechanical glitches exacerbated by distracted people. Tonight, sharing furthers.

Monday, Dec 9: Don’t push; work with a nice, easy flow instead. The vibe is positive but scattered, sensitive, complicated; mixed feelings tug us in too many directions as the Pisces Moon squares the Sun. It helps to find a thread to follow (rather than push the river), one short term goal to organize the experience, use that Venus in Capricorn to figure out what to do. But stay open as to how to get there as the Moon forms a serendipitous, spontaneous grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn this afternoon.

Tuesday, Dec 10: Fresh ideas abound. We shift gears, but can start so much that we lose track as the Moon enter Aries. Notice a lazy streak where we’re not inspired but wild determination where we are. Some may need to be a rolling stone, disconnected, for the sake of the soul. Others engage, and put plans into action, for better or worse, as the Sun quincunx freedom-loving Jupiter, the Moon opposes Mars, and Mercury trines Uranus. Evening can feel like a lid lifts off a bubbling pot as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, but what’s in our stew?

Wednesday, Dec 11: Stay on track and ride the wave. Keep personal priorities clear; it’s easy to waste time in reaction to other people’s comments and energy, as the mood is volatile, but that would be a waste of good creativity. Own the paradigm; shift the energy thorough leadership instead. We need freedom, but the freedom to be what we are in our expanded, connected self, aware of consequence, not just push others away. Give people the benefit of the doubt; expect them to respond well to clear and honest signals. Just don’t tell them what to do. Tell than what is needed.

Thursday, Dec 12: Morning has socially awkward moments if our needs unintentionally conflict. It can hurt when beloveds put themselves first, but assume intentions are good and negotiate the resources fairly while the Noon squares Venus. The vibe slows down and stabilizes this afternoon as the Moon enters Taurus and Jupiter trines Saturn. Speak to the future. Speak from the heart, and give people time to get to their point as Mercury semi-squares Venus.


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