Starcodes Nov 29 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

( I will be in Santa Fe Dec 13-19, for a talk, workshop and to see clients. If interested, see to register for the first two, and contact me here to set up a reading. )

This post-Thanksgiving morning begins in a relatively peaceful haze as long as no one has just rocked the boat or stepped on our territorial toes, though both are quite possible with communicative Mercury still in broody Scorpio, dredging up the past, and with Venus and Mars in earthy, possessive Capricorn and Virgo. If we don’t get stuck on old news, or have not been too shaken by this last month of tricky, taxing transits, this can be a beautiful day.

This week our hearts brim with an emotional cornucopia and events can be as colorful and messy as a post-feast dining table. Just after sunset in a clear sky we can see an unusually beautiful Venus set in the west right before a glowing Jupiter rises up the east. These two bright planets, both known to bestow abundant emotions and encourage our more generous nature, are opposed to one another. Working in tandem they open the aperture of our feelings (all of them), just as recent solar flares turns up the volume on history and amp up the energy behind all transits.

The morning after Thanksgiving begins in a relatively peaceful haze, as long as no one has rocked the boat too much or stepped on our territorial toes, though both are possible with communicative Mercury still in broody Scorpio, the sign that may forgive but does not forget, and Venus and Mars in earthy if possessive Capricorn and Virgo.

But the mood sharpens tonight and on into the weekend. We’ve probably had enough of large cheerful groups, and may need to either have time alone, with our private creative endeavors, to get real and deep with a few close friends, or to hang out with our most cynical compatriots. If a true introvert now feels cornered into cheerful groups now, expect honest but pointed scorpion stings. Hidden truths or old resentments can swirl in the background, and either need to be acknowledged and dealt with seriously, or side stepped for the moment, until circumstances feel less tweaked. It may be better to build up good memories with one another rand stay away from the depth charges until after Mercury enters honest, outgoing Sagittarius late on December 4th.

On Monday the mood begins to lighten and looks forward as the Moon enters Sagittarius. It’s a good time to tell funny stories about the holiday and catch up, and get the team organized. A New Moon in Sagittarius Monday night marks a fresh cycle and begins an active and exciting month ahead.

Friday, Nov 29: Black Friday they call it, but the morning mood is copacetic if determined, with brunch potentially a festive and indulgent affair as the Moon aspects Venus and Jupiter. People will tend to be friendly but competitive, and hate to lose a bargain or football game. Later, if we prickle, we’ve had enough niceness and need time alone or with our edgier friends. Shopping becomes more cutthroat, so consider staying away from the malls or make it a well-planned surgical strike. People can get difficult in casual conversation, but one-on-one deeper conversations will further as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Saturday, Nov 30: There’s no room to fit in and be polite today; we have to be honest, and will be more diplomatic and kind if we just are who we are, rather than wait until we feel boxed into a corner by the dint of other peoples’ hopes and fears. If we have to push people away to hear ourselves, we’ll tend to shove, so let’s give people room and radical acceptance. If some personal need that has been covered up to get along this last week- now comes due- just be honest and straightforward about it, and don’t expect others to guess what it is or fix it. But conversion on a less personal level can be dynamic and innovative as the Sun trines Uranus. Rein in an irritable abrasive edge around dinnertime and watch for accidents in crowds as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Roll with the ambient mood tonight.

Sunday, Dec 1: A serious Moon-Saturn conjunction overnight may have left us wondering if our situation was permanent, irreparable, or left us with a feeling we need to speak up. We may feel more optimistic mid-morning as the Moon trines Jupiter, and are able to make penetrating comments to articulate our critique this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Mercury. This is a good aspect for travelling home, though people will get edgy if crowded in on one another. If travelling around cranky people, let’s be part of the solution; don’t try to reason with them ( it’s not a logical problem), practice sending out relaxed, soothing images and notice how much calmer the atmosphere becomes. A sense of relief and amusement, a coming home to ourselves, as if we’ve taken of our soul’s corset, seeps in tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Monday, Dec 2: Tell stories, catch up and find out where everyone is this morning. The Mood is scattered, restless, but not ready to launch. We need to let everyone arrive, catch up, reconnect, then gather in the energy, clear the decks, and get the lay of the land. The New Moon in Sagittarius at 5: 21 pm begins a fresh cycle of activity. It feels good to move, our souls are restless and holiday calories need burning off, and our brain integrates better while moving joyfully under this Sag Moon. Tonight, our world expands. Feel the pulse of the global community and listen for travel plans. Stay alert for ecological news. Unusual messages out of the blue can start a whole new chapter.

Tuesday, Dec 3: A day of beginnings: if we can keep our focus for more than a few minutes, funny banter can help us move plans along. Guide people, but manage them with open arms and open doors; trapped people get mean, quick action may be needed to follow up on short-term opportunities. Do not dilly dally. Work in a spontaneous break if possible, taste the moment. The dogs need a walk, and so does our imagination. Let’s open up our world.

Wednesday, Dec 3: The mood is restless, ruthlessly honest, opinionated but optimistic. No one wants to waste time or get too grim or serious, but the serious streak is there underneath, unspoken. We may get thrown back to review the concerns of the last few months as Mercury finishes its tour of Scorpio before it enters Sagittarius tonight. Introspect one last time, as if finishing a semester or packing for a trip, ask what’s been learned, and get ready for the next leg of the journey.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Our trajectory shifts as if we’re starting down the slope into a new valley with Mercury in cheerful, perceptive, restless Sagittarius and Moon in competent Capricorn; we won’t want to look back, but now want what is fresh, new, youthful, alive, and expansive. Competence is admired, and our skills come easily, we figure out what we need to learn and may have something to prove to ourselves. Make overtures and design decisions midday as the Moon conjuncts Venus, handle meetings efficiently tonight. Look for a spontaneous late night gathering or group brainstorm as the Moon enters Aquarius.


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