Starcodes Nov 22 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

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The Sun just entered generous, expansive and funny, radically honest Sagittarius and gives us fresh energy to celebrate Thanksgiving and have all our holiday parties in the month ahead, before the Sun enters more serious and traditional Capricorn on the winter solstice. We begin the season of gratitude. But we’re not quite ready to party.

We have work to do first. This is a week to mean what we say and say what we mean as mental Mercury, now in introspective Scorpio, conjuncts serious, industrious Saturn for the third time in two months. Our words and intentions have extra importance, extra strength. Dumb things said this week will be remembered as well as the wise comments. This completes a cycle that began around October 8 (when Mercury first conjunct Saturn), took some work towards the end of October (As Mercury retrograded back over Saturn) and now is up for some form of resolution, a decision that cuts off some options as it opens others.

This aspect can be depressing, it makes us knuckle down and get real. It can demand a hard look at some concrete facts, but it can also bring clarity of mind, a decision that frees us when it is made, even though it may take a while to manifest. After this aspect, some blockade, glitch or difficulty that’s been holding us in place may now shift.

Let’s hope that the Affordable Health care website, released just as these aspects kicks in (a true sign there’s no astrologer working for the Whitehouse) now works through its kinks. Whether for us it’s is a decision, a new discipline, an ending or a beginning, or just a statement of intent—let’s make it a good one.

So Friday begins fairly introverted, we may feel over extended and want to defend ourselves from any more obligations under a domestic Cancer Moon. But the mood turns outwards, more extroverted and celebratory as the mood-setting Moon enters extroverted Leo this afternoon. It’s a good weekend for a wedding, announcement, creative fundraiser, or any clear decision that we want to mark as a life-affirming step forward.

But if we have nothing so exciting on the radar to take our focus, the Leo Moon can get us in trouble. Our stubborn side cranking, and many people will feel the need for attention (Leo Moon) but forget to give it to others (Mercury in Scorpio), and some of us will act out in response. Let’s try to understand that many people are operating on a dearth and may need a little bit more than we feel like giving. It will be a good investment of our energies to shine on all and sundry; we’re setting a precedent. Let’s share the love.

Emotional arbiters Venus and Mars are now in the grounded, embodied earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo, keeping us more stabilized and working hard. If we’re lonely, it will help to find some organization that needs pragmatic, hands-on help, and get busy. A practical way out of any conflict is to work together. Or talk less and do other, more fun embodied things together. Forgive unusual flashes of possessiveness and don’t let it run the show. Venus approaches an opposition to Jupiter and keeps out heart flowing.

The week begins more businesslike but with an irritating streak, we intend to follow-through and meet impending deadlines, but needs to get through a cloud of fuzzy thinking or confusion on Monday as the Sun squares intuitive, confusing Neptune under an industrious Virgo Moon. Our brains think the holidays have started early. Look for competence with some confusing boggle. We may be tempted to take the tension out on one another unless prioritize caring and quality right alongside efficiency. Tie up loose ends but watch a tendency to obsess on details, and let go of the idea of a perfect holiday. Watch for disagreements on belief systems; forget approaching those with logic (not matter how they are presented); instead, approach them with heart and empathy.

Try to have work finished by midday on Wednesday, because as the Moon shifts into Libra, our energy shifts towards connection. Catch up on the karmic flow of the family, be present to open another in the moment, not with memories (though we may need to review those) but with one another in the present moment. Practice the golden rule; let’s treat guests and relatives like we’d want to be treated, not like we think they deserve. It’s time to let go of old grudges or expectations, with the Moon in Libra and Venus opposes Jupiter, even if we remember them all too well with Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Set a fresh pattern.

As Mercury conjuncts Saturn on Monday, the trines Jupiter and sextiles Venus on Thanksgiving there is an important healing element of mentorship, notice the effect on those younger and offer respect to elders, even when we disagree with them. See if there is something to learn or teach, casually, in passing, even if it is an uncomfortable lesson.

Friday, Nov 22: The mood is energized and sensitive, but so self-protective this morning, and this can clash with a tendency to get bossy when anxious as the Cancer Moon semi-squares active, picky Mars in Virgo. Midday, if we just help make people comfortable, the work flows. Tonight, let go of the work and put people at the center as the Moon enters sociable Leo. Take what they have to offer but know there is more to the story that will come out later.

Saturday, Nov 23: We need room to roam, freedom to be our selves, and still be loved as the Moon trines Uranus this morning. Our hearts may long for more connection that others can give as the Leo Moon squares Saturn, we can either greet difficult, or love them exactly where they are and make the most of the moment. Everything we do to tend relationships and grow trust, (without trying to control the behavior of others) bears fruit as Venus sextiles Saturn. Look to antiques, old friends, elders, art with history, crafts that take discipline. If conversations glitches or worries spin late tonight as the Moon squares Mercury, sleep it off and check back tomorrow.

Sunday, Nov 24: Dream, drift, appreciate, romance, putter, wallow, express and catch up as the expressive Sun squares (and Venus semi-squares) intuitive Neptune in Pisces. Because of an uncertain fuzziness, we may run late for meetings, get lost, or deal with sloppy water conditions, but can feel our emotional selves brimming over. Tears flow easily. It helps to be kind, clear, and creative, and to share a spiritual or creative experience with beloveds. We remember our ideals.

Monday, Nov 25: We may feel not altogether with it, but the day requires us to juggle tasks and finalize plans as Mercury conjunct Saturn under an industrious Virgo Moon. Get to work. Do not bitch, it will slow things down, not speed them up; notice anxiety and vent constructively. But let’s not push ourselves to the point of illness, because bodies can be sensitive to stress, nor take out stress on others. Pacing and timing matter.

Tuesday, Nov 26: We’ll be stretched thin. We have to let go if the idea of perfection, stop berating our self or others for the discrepancy between our vision and what is, (whether that’s our homework, self-image or holiday plants). Instead, inventory what’s working and make the best of it. Odd details can add the grace notes, but are not the real point. People prickle easily this afternoon if asked to do one more thing; do not add the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Wednesday, Nov 27: On this active, accomplished morning, make lists and stay on track as the Moon conjuncts assertive Mars, but don’t get pushy under stress. The mood shifts early afternoon as the Moon enters sociable Libra. Our work mind disappears; it’s all about the people now. Make it right with one another. Conversations flow as Mercury sextiles Venus; shopping, cooking, travel can all be positive if we bring a spirit of adventure, compromise and safety.

Thursday, Nov 28: Nod to the one that are no longer with us this morning as the Moon squares Pluto brings a wave of homesickness. Then let the day meander; let go of the schedule and prioritize the heart. The mood is sunny, funny, and irreverent, if we can forgive our mistakes and find even difficult relatives amusing as they play out their self-appointed roles. Forgive. Bring in strays, ask lonely friends over or find a group to celebrate with; company is important under a near-maudlin, party-intensive, heart-centered Venus opposition Jupiter. Prioritize real gratitude. Food needs to be beautiful, but not complex.


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  1. Heather,

    Just have to tell you: I followed your advice, pursued this slowly and persistently ( while she hammered away at it) and the judge rendered a decision today- I won! Awarded my part of the house plus legal fees. Thank you- I have listened to our recording a few times and it helped me hang in there to see this through. The truth has been revealed, she HAS lost her mind and the Judge saw it all clearly! So ready to live the rest of my life- and it was all worth it.


    Alison Thorn Austin

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