Starcodes Nov 15, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.’ Dalai Lama

Our hearts may ache as the weekend begins, for both personal and global reasons, or for no reason at all. A Full Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, while heart-centered Venus conjuncts transformative, dark, Pluto, brings deep oceanic swells to our emotions. But this very ache can spur us to compassion and straighten out our priorities.

This feeling may be triggered by images of the recent typhoon devastation or be more personal Venus conjuncts powerful if morbid Pluto, triggered by a loss, the potential or memory of a loss, or just by the sense that so much water has flowed under the bridge. We may feel like we are not enough, or remember what is really important and feel the need for more love and beauty in our life.

Some people may respond to this mood by wanting to control people or events to keep the fear of loss away. It won’t really help, and trying to control other people so they, or we, will be safer, will probably backfire. Controlling other small variables in our surroundings may give us the time to reorganize; we just need to know it will not get at the real issue. Some of us will just need to mourn, to let go of some dream, person, or item we held dear. But this conjunction happens in pragmatic Capricorn, and so the best cure will be to do something tangible to help the situation and express gratitude for what we have left.

This perspective can influence how we proceed on some important long-term decisions that have been cooking for months, and which now need to be nailed down, as Mercury finishes its third conjunction with Saturn since September. Stay tuned in and stay involved to influence any ongoing decisions at work or in the community. In December, we stop mulling and start doing, but steps are need now to facilitate that future.

The weekend begins under a cozy, comfort-needing, art-loving if stubborn and territorial Full Moon in Taurus. Forget trying to change others’ minds and appreciate them right where they are. The weekend in rife with undercurrents and primal feelings, so watch the undertow. Early in the week an active Mars sextiles expansive Jupiter and brings heroic energy to do what needs to be done. This aspect supports our immune system and brings out our protective streak, but also our argumentative streak if protection doesn’t work.

Friday, Nov 15: Let’s ask how we can be helpful this stubborn, thoughtful, aware day. Our own emotional landscape can swirl with dark clouds, it’s easy to see and fixate upon the heaviness as Venus conjuncts Pluto, but if we push a little farther, our own ache can expand into empathy for those in truly tough places, and into compassion for all sentient beings. Spirit is bigger. Some situation that now looks grim may look different or our approach more philosophical, in a few days. Earlier on, people want action, not words; we can talk tonight, but may be not about the real depth of feelings as the Moon opposes Mercury. We need rest, and good company, acceptance, and comfort.

Saturday, Nov 16: Notice dreams this morning, listen to a new understanding floating up into the soul while the Moon trines Venus and Pluto. We’re being offered the perspective needed for a present challenge. Uncomfortable issues or difficult tasks need to be tackled; we’ll feel lighter when we do. We need persistence as the Moon opposes Saturn early on, but will be rewarded for our efforts. Unconscious primal motivation, attractions and avoidances, run steady undercurrents. Read body language, health, actions as the Sun semi-squares Pluto, and don’t toy with people’s feelings. The night is rich, musky, and serious, with steady rhythms.

Sunday, Nov 17: Early morning intensity, then a wandering mood wafts in; we must catch up with ourselves and let the day unfold. The Moon is full in Taurus this morning at 8:15 am, then drifts void of course this afternoon. This full Moon highlights how much we need to balance our need for nurturing comforts and security with a call to transform the world and offer help in trying times. Some tension releases and laugher is more accessible later in the day. The mood shifts towards dinner time as the Moon enters Gemini and brings in a note of levity; it’s now easier to talk about our inner experience. Make phone calls, tweet away, check in with people tonight as Mercury conjuncts the North node and urges communication.

Monday, Nov 18: Activity buzzes, rapid and important communiques flow, if there is any PR or bulletins that need to get out, do it now. Roll with many small adjustments, fine tune, memo, multi-task. The surface activity cooks, but does not reach the oceanic swells within, we may skirt around an elephant in the room. Just watch that one does not get spread too thin; if feeling threadbare—take break and some time alone, or concentrate on one thing at time.

Tuesday, Nov 19: Remember the past is not the template for the future, but does offer helpful clues learned the hard way as Chiron turns direct. Although we feel change in the wind, can use what we know without it assuming it limits the future. This afternoon, tap into a positive attitude to create win-win- situations as Mars sextiles Jupiter. Enthusiastic participation can raise energy and boost the immune system. Take an opportunity to the right thing, especially when no one is looking; exercise the inner hero. Use competition in a healthy way, but step back if gets out of hand. Tonight can get cranky, out of sync, and injudicious comments made, so avoid inflammable topics close to home.

Wednesday, Nov 20: Slow it down as the Moon enters Cancer. Doubts may arise over recent work, though some needs redoing, most of the concern is just nerves. Investigate mysteries, engage deep, penetrating conversations. Ask what’s needed to feel more comfortable, safer, more at home. Creativity is strong, but a self-protective edge can make it hard to take necessary risk. Memories of old mentors may be bittersweet but help us remember our resources; send them some love as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Look for lost items or hidden information, and spend some time in gentle introspection.

Thursday, Nov 21: We respond to rolling waves on the internal ocean this morning as the sensitive and guarded Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and Venus. Our moods can bump as we bumble around, and our digestion can go off, unless we take care of ourselves and don’t take others’ moods personally. Give distracted people room and try not to dump on one another. Midday, energy rises for exciting and possibly boisterous events; cooperation is stressful but productive, so keep trying if the others aren’t too prickly. The mood lights, we look up at far horizons this afternoon as the Sun enters Sagittarius and Moon conjuncts Jupiter; watch the sunset in good company.


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