Starcodes Nov 8, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

If a delay arises right now, let’s not fight it, it’s probably for the best. Check for a helpful reason behind the delay, and revisit again next week.

The weekend begins in a moody, internal fugue, but we can still be productive, if we pace ourselves. Our wheels will just spin if we try to get traction and hurry to get somewhere, so we might as well enjoy being right here, right now. As the weekend progresses and the new week begins, cross currents (literal winds and psychological currents) toss us about, but we get an astrological green light to move ahead by the end of the week.

Now, and over the last few weeks, we may have been called in to spend time with our soul or may have had to rely on our memories and our own company even while dealing with a busy crowd, as mental Mercury retrograded and conjunct thoughtful Saturn in Scorpio. The world can feel challenge-filled and change-laden, or soggy and under water, even if our corner of it is quiet and friendly. Though we may also have unusual access to our personal resources and felt the strength, stability and support (or lack of) that we’ve built up in the past. By the end of the week, we still can feel those resources, but are called back out of the past and into present action.

It is all too easy to obsess right now, particularly on some element from the past, a pattern that will continue until Mercury clears Saturn over Thanksgiving. A missing person, old flame, old wound or great idea that once was shelved now so easily takes up residence in our brain and wants attention. We can decide if this is or is not a productive obsession. Let’s just watch where the mind goes and take responsibility for the consequences. We can change our obsession, but only by replacing the focus, not by telling ourselves to stop. If we find ourselves wiggling a sore tooth, stirring pain uselessly, we can choose to obsess on the nature of spirit or find some other place of wonder. But we may need to let a wave of old feelings flow and ebb first.

The weekend starts out imparting a good work ethic; we may not get that much accomplished, but we can learn skills or organize and clear the decks as active Mars sextiles productive Saturn. Later in the weekend we may feel pulled between a need for personal retreat and a need to connect, let’s just make sure that personal retreat isn’t a cheap excuse to obsess unproductively, and give ourselves a healthy goal. From Saturday through Tuesday Mercury appears to hold still while it turns direct, and trines confusing Neptune, making this a highly intuitive, creative, watery, confusing (if not terribly productive) time. Our words can get lost in the fog and our dreams clog our vision of reality. Enjoy the magic but clarify all facts. Pay attention to water damage and floods, and listen to those deep oceanic dreams.

From Wednesday on the pace picks up the mood is more volatile and impatient; we want to get on with it and may want to make some radical emotional or aesthetic change and push away from something too familiar as Venus squares electrical Uranus. Plans, plots, and emotions we brooded upon over the last few weeks are now exposed. Let’s curb the inner adolescent, and act, not react.

Friday, Nov 8: This morning a deeply internal mood either discourages us, or builds up a new determination under a Capricorn Moon, and this can lead to a productive morning. A spirit of compromise or negotiation midday can allow us to close the deal, or at least further our goals, on already-percolating negotiations as Mercury sextiles Venus. Mid-afternoon, the focus drops and we may begin to come out of our shell and want to connect as the Moon enters Aquarius. Engage healthy group dynamics, and don’t worry about where it’s going.

Saturday, Nov 9: No matter how fast we run, we can feel like we’re marching in place or running in a circle, so we might as well as relax and enjoy the scenery. It is a great time to learn a skill or discipline, learn from community, repetition, and history as Mars sextiles Saturn. Take an opportunity to talk over some recent mutual frustration, drop the blame and just express, then consider systems that might prevent it from happening in the future. Evening is magical, intuitive and imaginative, as long as we stay centered and in the moment as Mercury trines Neptune. Thinking may be fuzzy but only gets dangerous if we get distracted and don’t pay attention to what we’re doing.

Sunday, Nov 10: This can be an awkward day riddled with small snafus; Mercury is stationary and turns direct midafternoon and swirls the energy currents. The Moon makes a few minor but difficult aspects and heads towards hypersensitive Pisces. Our wisdom grows, and all is just as it needs to be, just not as we planned. Be kind. Help people ease past shame of mistakes and take care of themselves as the Moon conjuncts Neptune tonight.

Monday, Nov11: The day may be slow off the mark. We are feeling emotionally raw and internally dreamy and have a lot to deal with. Reassess the situation, check in and begin to correct mistakes, disorders and misunderstandings. Let dreams begin to morph into plans. Serious conversations begin to reveal with people have been brooding upon in their privacy; share gently, and understanding flows. Our hearts want to dream as Mercury trines Neptune this evening. Watch a late night grumpy spell as the Moon opposes Mars; sleep early and let the mind integrated.

Tuesday, Nov 12: The day starts off a bit testy but moves into a more harmonious, potential-filled midday, if we can just make it safer for people to sense possibilities, as grand trine forms between the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. It’s time to take a gentle personal risk and become a shade more transparent. Luck in housing questions, or finding a home for a new idea. Friendship furthers.

Wednesday, Nov 13: The mood is edgy, assertive, even aggressive energy as the Moon enters Aries, squares Venus and conjuncts Uranus. People get told off. Make sure it is both true and wise before speaking, but don’t push it–get away from annoying people if it doesn’t feel like truth would be productive. Stormy situations creep in this afternoon as Neptune stations. Something abrupt and interesting occurs close to dinnertime. As the Moon conjuncts Uranus, make sure it’s a good change. Loneliness can echo late tonight as the Moon squares Pluto.
Thursday, Nov 14: Warning, contents under press on this radically odd day; we may want to make a sweeping change but need to ask if we’re running away or towards as Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. Any attempt to control our beloveds, or a populace, will likely cause a rebellion, but people are capable of great and generous heroism if the problem is just stated simply. Be honest and succinct, dynamic but not manipulative, and the direct the energy well. Healing happens when trust builds.


1 thought on “Starcodes Nov 8, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Do you happen to have next weeks Starcodes finished? I am preparing for a huge show next weekend and would like to see what Fri-Mon have in store for us in order to plan accordingly.

    Cathy CLarke

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