Starcodes Oct 25, 2013

The past walks with us this week, and we’re not just talking Halloween costumes. We may even see a few ghosts as the veils thin and Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn hover close together mysterious Scorpio. But it’s more likely that our ghosts will be personal and from this lifetime, memories of old friends or things we’ve left unsaid or undone. Mental Mercury is retrograde (appears to back up against the zodiac) now through Nov 11, and conjunct thoughtful, rigorous, dour, history-oriented Saturn.

This Mercury retrograde takes our mind back to the past and brings lost people, ideas and items close to the surface. We may have to correct or complete some unfinished tasks. If we take this opportunity to look at elements of the past with a fresh perspective, we may uncover a new aspect of worth in a beloved who’s no longer with us, or uncover the real issue behind a problem. Research and therapeutic conversations can be rich with new insight as we turn over this fertile dark loam of the past.

But mercury retrograde has its own slapstick- like foibles. It’s a tough time to launch a website or national health-care program, and recent events give strong evidence that there’s no astrologer advising the White House these days. It may not be business as usual for any of our tech toys or modes of transportation, meetings, letters or other mercurial events, but we can respond to this challenge by making good use of any time freed up to chip away at our practical and emotional backlog.

Under this line-up our minds might feel slower, but our thinking can deepen. Creativity can be fugitive, here one minute and gone the next. Just because we cannot find a solution today does not mean we won’t tomorrow, so hang in there and don’t get romantic about discouragement. We just need to make sure that instead of getting stuck in our mental mud, we actually go deeper, think and pray harder, investigate roots and repair foundations.

We can also look for a silver lining in strange mishaps; say the wind blows a paycheck over the back of the dresser, move it and find three missing earrings and grand mom’s photo. When Facebook goes down, let’s go to a coffee house and get to know one another better.

As the weekend begins we may feel deeply internal and private and feel called away by other dimensions under a cozy-loving Cancer Moon. Our imagination can return long enough to dance on or worries if we don’t give it something more fruitful to contemplate.

Saturday through Monday is more outgoing if conflicted. We may have to deal with tangible echoes from the past and correct or complete some unfinished tasks as Pluto sextiles Chiron. People may be a little melodramatic under the Leo Moon and hide their tender feelings within their extroversion or behind a Halloween mask.

Midweek the Virgo Moon leans in, deadlines loom and detailed work needs to be done as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Don’t borrow trouble from the future, it will only bring up anxiety. Just make the most of the moment, make it through the week with as much grace and progress as possible, and wait a month to look farther ahead. This careful mood can help us carve that pumpkin and get the costumes or rituals in place for Halloween.

A more sociable Libra Moon lets us feel sociable and relatively forgiving on Halloween, though maybe more subdued than other years. Halloween is a true Scorpio holiday; it lets us explore our hopes, our fears, and the masks give us a chance to be both sociable and private at the same time.

Friday, Oct 25: The mood is sensitive and intuitive if guarded. Shyness can filter our perceptions. Although we’d rather snuggle at home or stay on familiar terrain under a self-protective Cancer Moon, the day can be creatively and spiritually expansive and as the Moon conjuncts generous Jupiter (visible before sunrise) and the Sun trines intuitive Neptune. We may be called upon to protect the vulnerable. Needed information comes sideways; it helps to reach out to the introverts or those that do not feel at home, include them in the picture and watch the conversation expand.

Saturday, Oct 26: Enthusiasm returns though contradictions abound as the Moon enters outgoing Leo during an otherwise internal, introverted week. Don’t over shoot the mark, watch for accidents of bravado or over-extension. We may have an approach-avoidance feeling about socializing, need both time alone and time in the fray, both attention and privacy. Enjoy the unusual connections, but don’t take other people’s posturing too seriously as Venus quincunx Jupiter. Thoughts can get squirrely, plans glitchy around dinner time as the Sun and Moon square off. Tonight, our private selves can hide behind a costume or an extroverted persona.

Sunday, Oct 27: This morning we may need to ruminate over unfinished business as the Moon squares Saturn, but let’s not process too much as we may still be missing an important element. Everyone could use a moment of attention without investigation; look into one another’s eyes and be present without words. If midday seems strangely cluttered with inconsequentialities, deal with them but don’t let it distract from what’s important. Tonight can be achy and cranky as the Moon squares Mercury, so be soft with one another.

Monday, Oct 28: Responsibilities and deadlines may whisper this morning, but we need to clean up the past rather than look to the future. We can now see the past in a different light and, after the morning glitches, cooperate with one another to improve the situation as the Moon trines Venus. Heal, resolve, respect, or compost the past, particularly some moment we failed or left dangling. Early evening offers reflective romance, though we weigh our words carefully; late evening grows edgy if we’re tired as the Moon enters Virgo.

Tuesday, Oct 29: And now what a serious, thoughtful day, as Mercury conjuncts Saturn, bring an unusual mental focus, but can constrain our imagination. Work on plans already in motion, practice or refine technique rather than look ahead. Clean or winterize; use chores as therapy until the imagination returns. The mind can perseverate over worries like a wheel spinning on ice; give it something worthy to work on and it gets healthy traction. Conversation satisfies tonight as the Moon sextiles Mercury and Saturn.

Wednesday, Oct 30: An urge to clean house acts both literally and figuratively as Mars trines Pluto under an organized Virgo Moon. Ask what can we remove, trash, vote against, excavate or release to clear room for a healthier future. Our health may need encouragement this morning, and we need to rein in a tendency to nag. If more busy or overwhelmed than visibly productive this afternoon, slow down and ask what one thing would actually help. Offer kind acceptance tonight if people are self-conscious or wary of expectations as the Moon squares Venus.

Thursday, Oct 31: The veil thins. People and spirits are more sociable as the Moon enters friendly Libra, but some tricky Mars transits complicate the situation (Mars trine to Pluto and quincunx Uranus: prioritize safety, watch the knife if still carving pumpkins). Clean, clear, forgive, open the soul and let the memories of beloveds flow through. Some people are walking so deeply with the memories that they don’t seem present, or act in response to past events. Release the desire to hold on to the past, respect memories but let them flow this haunted afternoon. Art, spirit, and prayer help. Handle small conflicts cleanly and clearly, as they can expand quickly. Watch for social glitches around 6 pm, be kind to self-conscious trick-or-treaters when Mercury semi-squares Venus. Don’t worry who wins the costume award; let the party get safely wild late tonight as the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto.


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