Starcodes, Oct 18, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

The weekend starts with a bang under a Full Moon in Aries. Our inner adolescence may want to run amok so we’ll to find a safe place to act out. We don’t have to swear, stomp off, or start a revolution. Though that may be the way to go, but let’s listen to our deepest inner guidance and not just inner willpower before commencing. We do need to passionately engage our world, whatever that means to us. And like an adolescent, we may not be quite sure where we’re going but can be intense about getting there.

This Full Moon (a Sun-Moon opposition exact at 5: 37 pm MDT today, Friday) highlights any tension we feel between our inner wildness (Aries Moon) and our need for a nice decorous exterior (Libra Sun), between our independence and our relationships, between the self-centered needs of some versus the needs of the many, and between the urge for rebellion and the need for diplomacy. As with any opposition, the secret is to disabuse ourselves of the notion that the choices is either-or, and look for both-and; find a third perspective where both win, both urges feel respected, and therefore the needs can take turns or find common ground.

The Moon shifts out of this feistiness and into embodied Taurus over the weekend and inspires us to make love, not war, or to engage in other Venusian occupations that encourage world to be comfortable, cozy, and creative. Though we may also dig in our heels and refuse to budge if we feel pushed.

Feisty Mars opposes dreamy Neptune over the weekend, and this aspect helps us let go of old anger, outdated goals or desires, but can bring in a fog bank of confusion. We cat angry easily over places of confusion or dysfunction, but can let go of something we thought we wanted, though it never came to fruition. It may stir up the weather or bring odd moisture damage to working situations, so let’s watch where we put the coffee cup.

Our saving grace may be our sense of humor. Luckily Venus in Sagittarius, glowing so beautifully in the early evening sky, helps us be frank and at least attempt to be honest. We may forgive easily even if we certainly won’t forget with Mercury now conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Mars, now in Virgo, helps us list faults, our own or others, when we get edgy.

Mercury, the mythical messenger of the gods and purveyor of all things communicative, turns retrograde, or appears to walk backwards in the sky, starting Monday and for the next three weeks. We feel the Mercury retrograde cycle coming a few weeks before, and feel it linger a few weeks afterwards. It’s time to go back over what we’ve learn for the past few months, review our lessons and clear up loose ends. We may hear from people from our past or have to finish up all sorts of unfinished business, edit old papers or rethink old decisions.

It’s a good time to look within, to review our life or take a retreat. But we need to take an extra eye on all things Mercurial, so watch for misplaced keys or papers, confirm reservations and plans, and read the fine print before signing. Lines of communication slow down, and we may need to go back and repair one that was broken. It will help to pad our schedule with a little extra time to get lost and found again, finding missing objects, or deal with transportation snafus. And please, check for misunderstandings before spouting off.

Weather may get strange as the week begins and Mercury retrogrades while Mars opposes Neptune. Cross current winds swirl in both weather systems and thought patterns. Stay alert, watch which way the wind blows, and take appropriate precautions. Hopefully all we’ll see is hot wind in the politics and swirling golden leaves in our environs.

Friday, Oct 18: Although the mood is generally positive if rebellious, we’re way too impatient to deal with the delays that begin to sludge up our time. Enthusiasm ignites easily, but frustration peaks quickly. Some confusion or a lazy spell this morning may really be our rebellion against other people’s priorities. Midday flows well, but we can over-extend, over-promise, or get over-bearing as the Aries Moon squares Jupiter. Oppositional enthusiasm can distract us, but as this is the last business day before Mercury retrogrades, we need to stay on track and complete important efforts. Energy builds for a wild Full Moon night; don’t get in one another’s way and find a safe place to howl.

Saturday, Oct 19: A more sybaritic Saturday calls us to sleep late and catch up, make a few emotional adjustments, and cuddle one another. If a fight sparked yesterday, instead of processing opinions today, offer tangential helpfulness. Slow down and grow more careful; let the heart listen beyond to words to truly understand. Mars opposes Neptune and helps us let go of old angers, but can leave us confused or unfocused about what’s next. Watch for accidents around weather, fluids, or inattention. Find ways to connect and support tonight; a sympathetic ear is a lovely gift.

Sunday, Oct 20: Let’s be slow and careful about what we do or say as the Moon opposes thoughtful Saturn while Mercury appears to hold still. Communications breaks down easily, particularly if we insisted that we are understood before we are willing to listen to another. Our thoughts can chase a misunderstanding down the rabbit hole and into an alternate universe. But all can be well when we stay present, stay practical, and keep our hearts open. When in doubt, do a grounding chore. It furthers to rake leaves, just don’t step on the rake.

Monday, Oct 21: Mercury turns retrograde early this morning as the Moon enters Mercury-ruled Gemini. This could make for a glitch-filled, challenging Monday unless we can see the humor in the process. Utilize Mercury retrograde skills; assess the situation, and confirm information. Be particular careful to avoid transportation accidents and injudicious comments around suppertime as the Moon squares Mars and Neptune. Tonight, the mind wanders.

Tuesday, Oct 22: Let’s dance with our relationships, if we analyze them too much they get more confusing, not less, as the Moon opposes Venus this morning. Afternoon can be unsettled, self-indulgently honest and potentially funny if emotionally reactive. It helps to go work it out in the body, exercise. Unreliable gossip or flash assumptions can cause trouble, so trust, observe, and laugh where possible. Say less and love more over the real issues.

Wednesday, Oct 23: People can attach to an issue that’s been bothering them for a while, and shake with bulldog teeth as Mars semi-squares Jupiter. We may want to fight for a principle, and it may be important to hold the ground if another chooses to attack on principle, but it would be better to wrestle with our own personal best as the Sun enters moody, broody focused Scorpio and Mars semi–squares Jupiter.

Thursday, Oct 24: Domestic issues need attention. The mood really turns inwards as emotions seep upwards when the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer and forms a ground trine with the Sun and Neptune, all in intuitive and emotional water signs. We may need to nest, feel homesick, or need time wafting round our interior world. We feel each other’s feelings but may not be conscious of it; the headache may be another’s, or the sadness or attachment drifting through. So extend a hand to others who may feel out of place, and practice good psychic hygiene to help emotional boundaries stay clear and firm, if compassionate. Take care of oneself without overactive defenses by relying on the strength of one’s spine, not one’s armor.


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