Starcodes Sept 13, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. Charles Dickens- Tale of Two Cities

Friday the 13th can be lucky, it is an auspicious day for those that follow numbers and engage in triskaidekaphilia, or love of the number 13. Friday is associated with Venus, and 13 is the number of moon cycles in a year. Friday was traditionally seen as a day to bring things to completion, not a day to begin, a perfect day to start the weekend, but not inherently unlucky. We can make of it what we want. Just like we don’t choose what the planets are doing, or how they affect our charts, but we do choose which of the many influences we tune into and how we respond.

Let’s tune into that luck, because it’s a tough week to feel unlucky; although this is a highly efficient time, we may get some shocking or upsetting news, be unsettled by events or know that a situation is unsettled, or be asked to change our minds. The changes can be positive and the week ends on an up-note. Mercury is now in diplomatic and gracious Libra, opposed erratic, low impulse control Uranus in Aries and square serious Pluto in Capricorn, but finishes the week with a relatively positive square to Jupiter. Whenever one of the faster- moving personal planets hits the ongoing era-changing 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square, as Mercury does this week, we take another step in the major world changes and minor personal transformation.

It certainly is not an easy time to be negotiating international treaties. We may be confronted with some loss or fear of loss (Pluto just wants us to deal with the possibility), have our complacency shaken (Uranus), and then have an opportunity to make the situation better (Jupiter). Watch this pattern mapped out in the brinkmanship maneuvers around Syria. These aspects tend to act out across the board.

With Mercury this busy, our minds can fill up with cross-talk and kibitzing as parts of our personality disagree. Meditation and mediation help. And with Mercury this challenged, we need to watch out for unusual transportation interruptions; check for construction snafus, washed-out roads or erratic drivers.

Although Mercury’s in open-minded Libra, it can be hard to admit we’ve changed our minds changing our minds is not easy these days with both emotional planets (Venus and Mars) in stubborn fixed signs and at right angles. This stubbornness can really play out in our intimate relationships. Venus now in intense, introspective, musky Scorpio pushes against Mars in proud, extroverted and bellicose Leo.

But we can (honestly!) make needed adjustments if we step past our pride, tie into Scorpio’s depth and Leo’s generosity (or Scorpio’s sexuality and Leo’s romance) and look for a creative and mutually respectful outcome. We can find loving laugher within a crisis or bond over the changes as Venus trines inspiring, creative Neptune. Together they encourage compassion, romance and potential-filled alliances in the midst of unsettling events.

Over the weekend the mood is unusually formal, hardworking and serious; although challenges abound and things may not go quite the way we planned, we can accomplish much of we don’t get discouraged or manipulative. Sunday and Monday, let’s pay attention to how we respect our role on our community. A serious streak weaves through and constantly asks us to assess what is and what is not, our responsibility. Mid-week a Full Moon in Pisces lets our feelings catch up with us, let’s keep expectations low and the heart open, and find a good way to be sensitive. Tune into the transient beauty of the early turning leaves and the haunting call of the first geese flying south.

Later in the week Venus conjuncts task-master Saturn and asks us to get real. Love takes work, take commitment. Art takes practice craft and discipline. Peace takes concerted diplomatic efforts. Trust needs to be built. Friendship strengthens as it passes tests. (Saturn and circumstances will do the testing; we don’t have to add to that problem). If we’re willing to do the work to serve Venus, to serve love, kindness, and the muse, Venus will reward us.

Friday, Sept 13: After an early morning grim streak and heavy heart that has nothing to do with the date but more as triggered by a serious, competent Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, some decision becomes due. It is time. Through simple follow-through, foundational pieces (mostly subtle) go into place with long term consequences. Don’t let a controlling streak get the better of the situation mid-afternoon as the Moon squares Mercury. Do support one another and share attention tonight. Watch for a late-night desire to act out. Really, there is more freedom in this situation than it first looks, but we have to find the potential.

Saturday, Sept 14: It’s not a light and frothy Saturday, the weight continues. Stay presents in the moment and do not project this feeling onto the years ahead. It’s a powerful day for weddings or other formal events, or for any work where we back our heart’s desire with real effort as Venus trines Neptune and approaches Saturn, while Mars trines Uranus and Mercury squares Pluto. Our hearts may be tugged by an awareness of who is not here, what is missing. Move smoothly, as jerky motions can trip us up. Stay centered; watch a controlling streak which can bring out the rebellious or mischievous streak in others. By late afternoon we’re in a groove. Stay in the heart and self-responsible tonight.

Sunday, Sept 15: The Moon enters collaborative Aquarius; if beloveds get too stubborn or hot under the collar, go enjoy a group gathered for a common cause, when that is creative, spiritual or political. Let people doubt authority or test the rules, it’s healthy, just bring them back to the search for a solution. We can regret a recent decision, but instead of double-thinking and doubting, give it more time and see where they’re going. Tonight, we may need to talk over something that hurts as Mercury in-conjuncts Chiron, but let that be medicine enough, let the next change ripen. The situation could go in any direction, but stubbornness will prevail if we push as the Sun semi-squares serious Saturn.

Monday, Sept 16: Expect the unexpected as Mercury opposes Uranus early this morning. Our thinking may be erratic, wacko even. Do not let pride prevent a healthy change of mind if new evidence comes along. Questions those assumptions and humor people who start spouting gibberish; check back later and see where they stand then. Be prepared for erratic travel, interrupted communications, and buzzing inner cross talk, but look for unusual opportunities in the changes. Watch a tendency to depression or to assume there are only radical solutions; keep looking for more subtle and collaborative ways through. After an eventful and problematic morning, use the rest of the day to deal with what is already on the table. Take the heat of personal relationships by focusing on the family or team under a collective Aquarian Moon.

Tuesday, Sept 17: Get to the point early this morning, make important contacts or forays as Mercury sextiles Mars. Be honest, but do not be more cutting than absolutely needed, as the Moon waxes into Pisces before noon and heightens our sensitivities, then wafts towards a conjunction with dreamy Neptune, and the afternoon drifts away. Find a good use for sensitivity- tune into the beauty of the world and let feelings flow rather than try to find the story. A sweet, affection filled Moon-Venus trine calls for safe and warm hearts tonight.

Wednesday, Sept 18: Do not be discouraged, but forgive if discouragement washes through, as Venus conjuncts serious Saturn under this hypersensitive Pisces Moon. Don’t look too far ahead, because it is easy to feel overwhelmed, do take one step after the other in a good direction, and rest as needed. It helps to keep the day as simple as possible, and dwell on health and beauty. Relationships of all kinds can feel like a lot of work, but will be worth it. Do not test, nor respond to tests, of love; it will not be possible to make everyone happy. Let’s just do the best we can, and love anyway.

Thursday, Sept 19: High tide feelings this morning under the Pisces Full Moon. Dream away, let the imagination roam to good places and keep it out of the tough ones. The Moon shifts to proactive Aries just after noon, action is therapeutic. Choose to work toward the future rather than get snagged on the past this afternoon as Venus conjuncts the North Lunar Node. Tonight, say too much: let’s keep talking and paint a new understanding as Mercury squares Jupiter, but listen as much as we speak. We all need to be the center of our world for a minute, a healthy bout of narcissism can help us re-center, as long as we don’t take our selves too seriously and let others do the same.


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