Starcodes Aug 30 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver

As we head into this long holiday weekend we may notice a sense of urgency. There’s just so much to do in a short period of time. Whether we’re strategizing how to get in one picnic last picnic or hit the fall working season at a run, or wondering how to respond to Syrian gas attacks or what to do with our one wild and precious life, let’s let this urgency wake us up and get us ready to do our best. But the pressure we feel may be partly an illusion pumped up by the ambient aspects. We need to make a considered move forward.

Activating Sun and thoughtful Mercury are now in industrious Virgo and moving into an impatient semi-square with Mars. The Moon is New in Virgo on Thursday. Virgo planets can help us meet challenges efficiently on a good day, but they can also bring up any insecurity that we’re not enough, or not doing enough, or doing it wrong. Since this is just in time for those first days of school, let’s give kids extra love.

If we’re not feeling particularly introspective, it exacerbates our knack of seeing our uncomfortable parts emblazoned on others, and rage that they (however we define “they”) are not doing enough, are doing it wrong, are failing. Because people are feeling sensitive and taking that personal inventory themselves (whether they’re doing so consciously or not), no matter how politely we put it, they’ll tend to hear even simple feedback from us as if we’re raging against them in any case.

We’re all a bit touch about this fault thing. The lighter the touch we use with creative feedback or constructive criticism, the better it will work. A heavy, melodramatic hand will only thicken the Virgo prickles.

Maybe we are slacking and do need to step up our game to wake up from the summer’s haze. There certainly are world emergencies that need our attention now. Virgo is practical and can help, once we move away from a false urgency into the real Virgoan gift of diagnosis, problem-solving, and healing.

Virgo also speaks to us about the spiritual in the matter, and reminds us that the word matter come from the Latin word for lady, matron, mother. Practical work can be a prayer. Virgo reminds us that to fix our world can fix our soul, one strand at a time. Virgo inspires can-do competence that encourages us to take on odd household fix- it and clean-it tasks. At least we know what needs the work, we just have to get started, and get over the Virgoan squeamishness about getting the hands dirty, and the ambient competence will help us on our way.

Virgo helps us map the work. In order to use any map we have to accept exactly where we are on it and not pretend we’re farther on down the road than we really are. Drop the concern about whose fault it is for the moment and work with what we really have. Not matter where we are.

This applies to the big messes as well as the little ones. For example, the Fukushima disaster won’t improve by either pretending it is less of a disaster than it is, nor by hand wringing, or blame-making. Honest assessment and creative problem solving, cooperation and sacrifice are our only hope.

The ongoing Fukushima disaster started 3/11/11, as a tsunami tore through Japan on the very first day Uranus entered Aries. It is a powerful symbol of initiated (Aries) changes (Uranus). As Uranus moved into its era-changing three year square with Pluto (2012-2015), the Fukushima disaster continuously shakes us up and reminds us of the danger of complacency. The big mistake we can make now is to underestimate the level of effort and change called for.

Fukushima is a real disaster. It also is a potent symbol about just how toxic our ways of seeking power (whether electrical, political or personal power) can be if we play them for short-sighted gains rather than long-term mutual care. What is best for all sentient beings will, in the long run, be best for us. Let’s remember this in every move we make.

Fukushima has another two years as before it is out of the astrological woods, before we’ll be able to see the long-range prognosis. But we may get some important information about cleaning up our own messes around Thursday’s New Moon in Virgo.

Venus and Mars are now in easier, more sociable Libra and Leo, balancing the Virgo mercurial qualities by warming the cockles of our hearts and easing social interactions, which is helpful over Labor Day weekend and during those first few weeks of school. But we may feel a schism between what we think and what we feel.

Venus in Libra is a lover and a peacemaker. Mars in Leo can make us angry if we feel ignored, and brings an operatic melodramatic quality to our indignation. Unfortunately it also cranks up that dramatic tone on world events and brings out braggadocio and grand-standing as a form of diplomacy.

A domestic Cancer Moon calls us to engage those nesting home-improvement projects with vigor over the weekend. The holiday-mood, as well as global melodrama, gain momentum under a Leo Moon late Sunday and Monday. Midweek is time for personal and professional review and inventory under a balsamic Virgo Moon, and the real work begins in earnest on the Virgo New Moon on Thursday.

Friday, Aug 30 2013: We may just want to cuddle up in bed with the covers over our head. Feelings fill up and spill over as the Cancer Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter, trines Saturn and opposes Pluto. Every possible mood can flicker through, and if we open our hearts, we empathize with the world. We may feel approach-avoidance feelings about engaging with the world, the tug to stay home fights with a desire to dive in. People send mixed signals. Luckily and optimistic Mercury–Jupiter sextile helps us find the right words and look on the sunny side late this afternoon, if we get out of ourselves and care about the other person’s experience. Late tonight a wave of existential homesickness wafts as the Moon opposes Pluto; let that longing inspire practical solutions and a spiritual search for the heart of the matter.

Saturday, Aug 31: The mood is paradoxically tender and squishy but self-protective, creative, non-linear, both dependent and eccentrically resisting dependence, yet exploratory. Wandering an art fair or beautifying the nest at our own pace may be the least painful thing to do. Our feelings are easily bruised but can bounce back. We may need to adjust our home or wardrobe, because we’ve changed over the summer, and the outside now needs to match the inside. We’re molting. Tonight, socializing in familiar territory helps; feed beloveds well.

Sunday, Sept 1: Notice an urge to take a specific action; there’s something we have to do, our heart and our impulses know it, it’s not just a temporary personal indulgence (though that may be true as well) but something that helps establish our sense of self as the Sun trines Pluto this morning. The problem will be if our needs clash with those of another. Let’s see what we can do to take turns, share time and share joy, and respect the odd wanderings of one another’s soul. Evening is sociable and more outgoing, we spontaneously gather as the Moon enters Leo.

Monday, Sept 2: Share generously, express natural talent, and sidestep grumpy egos. People try to be noticed and establish identity as the Moon conjunct Mars in Leo this morning; give them a warm audience and they calm down. Midday, as Mercury semi-squares Mars, enjoy the picnic but be careful around fires, sharp edges and sharp tongues, and avoid accidents of inebriation or distraction. Please, make sure there’s no drunk mishaps with a hot barbecue skewer. Tonight, suspend decisions and see what can be forgiven as Mars challenges Neptune.

Tuesday, Sept 3: On this day of transitions, the summer mind lingers melancholic and sweet under a sociable Leo Moon, even though we’re supposed to get back to work. Work the human resources, catch up, and really care what they did on their summer vacation. Meet new friends on the first day of school and know they’re just as nervous. These filaments of community will come in handy when the work push begins on Thursday

Wednesday, Sept 4: Put pickiness to good use and keep it out of trouble. Make this Balsamic Virgo Moon a day for personal and professional inventory; review and sort, assess what resources are available, and rewrite the resume. If self-consciousness floods, focus on the other person’s experience and exercise empathy. Make inquiries as to the next stage of work, but wait until tomorrow to begin new projects. Digestive systems are touchy, but can give important clues to health as Mercury challenges Saturn. We also may have a hard time digesting uncomfortable information and need to sort out what needs to be accepted from what needs prompt action. Concentrate, but avoid a tendency to narrow the thinking.

Thursday, Sept 5: This morning’s New Moon begins a new work and a new learning cycle. Honest requests are phrased in a win-win format will be honored. Critical attitudes get criticism right back. Make work overtures; show them how to help solve their problems. People may be prickly, touchy about their faults as they are secretly hard on themselves, so assume they are doing in their own homework and just affirm what works.


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