Starcodes Aug 2, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime, it is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” Chief Crowfoot 1830–1890 Siksika Nation

After some pretty challenging weeks, it’s time for the romantic and healing powers of summer as Venus and Mars form a friendly sextile and the asteroid Chiron supports them both. Our task will to be truly present to this moment.

This aspect can help couples celebrate new sparks, or recover from recent tension. Of course, most of our romances will not be with a person, but with a place, a project, a pet, an adventure, the flash of a firefly in the night. It’s time to feed the gentle fires of our heart. This is not necessarily the aspect of sudden grand passion, though some of us may be as fortunate/cursed as that, but with the potential for healing affection and tenderness.

We have to start with ourselves, these transits rattle around within us as much as they shift the psychological weather around us and our fortune is what we make of them. Venus and Mars are in understanding and introspective signs, thoughtful Virgo and deep-feeling, self-protective Cancer respectively, so this isn’t an extravagant sextile about wild trips to Vegas.

The potential sweetness of this sextile needs to be sought out and savored, like a perfect salsa on a balcony overlooking sunset on the mountains. If the sweetness we feel is a moment with a dear one, or with our dearest occupation, or while watching a little shadow run across the grass, we can water and fertilize the memory like we would our favorite flower by the front door. What we treasure this week grows.

As the Sun trines change-master Uranus at the same time, we can make some positive changes in response to this new collaboration and gentleness.

It’s not that the challenges are gone, we’re in a momentous couple of years as Uranus continuously squares Pluto and the very ground underneath us continues to shift. The recent Mars/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction opposed Pluto, the aspect that triggered so many accidents, storms and storms of the mind since the first week of July, is now fading but still resonates in the background throughout this week. But now we can more easily bring our focus to that which feeds us and work on the inner marriage and the outer filaments of connection.

So let go recent tensions and fill up the wells this weekend. Next week the emotional torque picks up again, as a New Moon in extroverted, dramatic and generous Leo on Tuesday amps up the plot line. The next installment kicks in as Mercury enters Leo on Thursday. We’re asked to come back to our heart and our inspiration to make sure we’re true to our own creative vision and taking our needs into account; we just have to make sure we graciously encourage others to do the same. Leo joke– Leo on a good day “I am the center of the universe, and so are you”. Leo on a bad day “I am the center of the universe, and you are not”.

Jupiter opposes Pluto exactly this week, while we feel it all summer, it perfects now and adds powerful surge to all things corked or under pressure, a longing to be free. Even dogs may want to run away and join the circus. While this is wonderful for arts festivals, it may add a Shakespearean edge to ongoing world dramas. It temps us to overplay our hand, over tell the story. Just watch the bad press spin for a few celebrities caught in its cross-hairs. Instead, subtlety and restraint will strengthen our point.

This week we ripen along with the crops. So much is going on in our dreams and in the back of our mind that we may need extra sleep or feel as lazy as a cat lounging in the sunshine, but feel busy nonetheless because we are working on the inside. Many ideas and solutions seeded earlier in the year are growing within us, need tending, but are not quite ready to manifest. Expect the fall to produce breakthroughs and inspired beginnings. But for now, resting in the hammock and watching the fireflies twinkle may really be the most productive thing we can do.

Friday, Aug 2: Engage the conversation; our heart maybe tweaked, an old memory triggered that gives us the compassion and words we need to be helpful as Venus opposes Chiron this morning under a communicative Gemini Moon. We may need to talk out a recent pain. Midday, look for a way to harmonize as Venus sextiles Mars; be aware of new meetings and make friendly overtures. Fan the sparks. Evening is authentically sociable, though wit may cover an abundance of real and tender feelings. We grow less audacious, more intimate as the Moon enters Cancer later tonight.

Saturday, Aug 3: What’s ripening in our heart? The Cancer Moon conjuncts Jupiter, trines Saturn and Neptune, and asks us to stay close to our heart. Because people are feeling squishy on the inside, they may be guarded and quick to defend on the outside, but respond to kindness and safety as a flower would to sunlight and water. What can sound like a self-indulgent streak may be that tender, needy feeling. Let’s give as much as we’d like to receive without rewarding truly bad behavior.

Sunday, Aug 4: Stay gentle and proactive, a bumpy patch this morning can set off our personal triggers as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Cancer. Watch the snappy comments and unintentional wounds that accrue when impatient. Keep a positive mutual goal to shift past frustrations and focus more on how to work things out than what is worked out; we have a chance to set a precedent. Later as the Sun trines Uranus a pressure shifts and a sense of celebration creeps in; celebrate positive changes to encourage their growth, and see what fresh sparks arise.

Monday, Aug 5: Go gently early on, the energy picks up quickly as the Moon shifts into Leo before noon. People are very touchy about feeling unappreciated for their efforts, so be generous with praise. Watch a tendency to slip into the show and give people what they want instead of what is authentically felt; it may be good business, but is bad for relationships as it builds on illusion, underestimates them and prevents real intimacy. Be careful around touchy misunderstandings this afternoon, it’s hard for people to get out of their own skin. Smile and love them through it. A somber note tonight asks us to review events with a generous heart and practical mind.

Tuesday, Aug 6: Laziness mixes with self-expression and a generous heart. Don’t get caught are melodramas; some over act their part because they’re feeling needy. See how else to honor their soul. The New Moon in Leo at 3:50 pm M.D.T. marks a time for new beginning to all creative or humanitarian projects. It’s a day to put ourselves in the center of our world consciously and celebrate who we are while also honoring the glory of the people around us.

Wednesday, Aug 7: Patience, generosity and timing are everything; use your powers for good, the more you help the more you win. Most of us will just enjoy an expressive if antsy summer day, but some decisions and events that hinge on the use and abuse of electrical, personal, or political power could hit a boiling point, empowering some and creating crisis elsewhere, as Jupiter perfects is opposition to Pluto. Bad press for those that misstep, question all major story lines and ferret out the real truth.

Thursday, Aug 8: People will get cranky and critical when they’re anxious about their health or accomplishments; the cure is work, not worry. It’s a day to plan and organize the next great idea, make them tangible with effort, lists or blueprints as Venus semi-squares taskmaster Saturn under an industrious Virgo Moon. Let’s not edit too much or make more out of the situation than it actually is, and just give up doing it perfectly; instead, let’s accept exactly where we are and take a step forward.


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