Starcodes July 26 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Kind and inspiring energy surrounds some truly willful and contentious aspects this week, and we can use one to deal with the other.

An ongoing summer-long grand trine with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn continues to feed our spiritual presence and helps us find creative, practical, spiritually-sound solutions if we reach for it. This grand trine is bisected by two oppositions this week as Venus opposes Neptune, and Mars opposes Pluto, an unusual and pregnant pattern. It epitomizes the Chinese definition of crisis: danger entwined with opportunity. It breeds vision and action on a good day, and sends us running after a delusion on a bad one. Choose with care, and tap into the vision.

While summer lingers at its peak, some intense inner process or conflict or tension that’s been brewing for a while may come to a head as energized warrior Mars opposes powerful Pluto. Mars is not alone, it strengthened as it is flanked on one side by Mercury, which gives Mars a voice, and on the other side by massive Jupiter which loans Mars substance, expands the issue, and brings out our philosophical longing for freedom.

This line-up inspires us to reengage our life whole-heartedly and with creativity. We’ll have plenty of energy to relax in the shade or deal with adventure and unusual circumstances but may find it hard to buckle down to mundane efforts. We can feel a pool of energy underneath us, sometimes just out of reach, but one that can feed any strong emotion or effort, like anxiety, anger, transformation or enthusiasm, if we get started there ourselves. So let’s be careful what we start.

These three planets are lined up in Cancer, a sign we normally associate with leadership around creative fertility, mothering, home and homeland, nesting, safety, protectiveness and defensiveness; America’s home sign. All while the Sun is in expressive, extroverted, Leo, a sign that likes to play the big stage.

This line up inspires us to speak up for ourselves in little ways and big ones. It encourages us to reach outside of our comfort zone and expand our purview in a good moment. But if we feel our boundaries are disrespected, or if we feel unsafe, or worse, our homeland or children unsafe, watch out. Our fierce reaction can channel our inner grizzly bear. Watch this unfold around the Trayvon Martin case, and notice more subtle versions echoing around the house.

Sometimes an abrupt response and firm boundary will be the appropriate response and can change the direction of history. Because this protective-reactive energy is so close to the surface, we can over react when we perceive a slight or if our feelings are hurt, and growl when a simple clear answer would work better. Cancer’s shadow side is a hair-trigger defensiveness, crab-like, snapping claws, in response to any danger to its tender core.

This release of built up tension adds extra power on concrete ways, so fires flash quickly, accidents occur with extra vigor, even a dropped soda bottle opens with a larger geyser. We tend to over react once we’re triggered. Be careful working with flammable materials and channel this enthusiasm wisely.

To deal with this constructively, when we feel a reaction come up from within, rather than exploding with Leo-like melodrama, we can be our own best audience, listen and discover clearly what we really feel underneath any polite exterior, but choose carefully what we express to others. Once we know what we feel, we can tap into the ongoing Mars-Jupiter courage to lead rather than react. Speak up, state what we need and feel, honor the needs and feelings of others, and see if we can negotiate an honest compromise. Or part ways amicably.

This energy is also ready to pour into launching a new venture, nesting our home or homeland, and into any creative endeavor. Arts festivals and summer theater could really sing (though they may be overplayed a bit), and express in a grand scale the complex story of the human condition. They’ll be a lot more fun to watch than living the story out again ourselves. Opera anyone?

This weekend begins under an expressive impatient Aries Moon; enjoy the enthusiasm and extra courage. Fires, both literal and metaphorical, spread quickly. Don’t try to suppress the fires, as they may only accelerate in response, try instead to contain them, respond honestly, and let them burn out. Let great discussion and great love is what catches fire.

Early next week the mood slows down, grows more stubborn, fertile and sybaritic as the Taurus Moon forms another grand trine with Venus and Pluto. We could just sleep through it, but a powerful vision can arise out of a loss or problem. Catch up, follow through, and deepen. Plant, rebuild, recover, and dream.

Channels of communications open midweek as many new ideas get tossed on the table. Our minds meander, the conversations wanders, and interesting things are found on obscure country roads. But watch a hidden but explosive accident-prone strain and an urge to make a sudden change as Mars squares Uranus. Though it could be like Bilbo heading out without a handkerchief, the beginning of a great adventure.

Friday, July 26: Sensitive feelings this morning turn active-reactive this afternoon as the Moon switches from Pisces to Aries. Early on we can envisions aesthetics as Venus opposes Neptune and sextiles Saturn, but can also misunderstand the situation entirely as hopes and fears seep into our waking life. Enjoy the haze, but scrutinize assumptions before responding intensely. Evening is willful and high energy.

Saturday, July 27: This is a tricky, decisive, hot, rebellious day with quick-moving aspects and possible long-term consequences. The energy is great for getting a lot done efficiently, and for engaging life passionately, but please move with consciousness and be safe around motors, sharp objects, and sharp personalities as Mars opposes Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury. If people need to get something off their chest, listen and consider rather than react. Be cautious with a feeling that things must be controlled as the Sun squares Saturn, work the process instead. Let individuality fly but respect other people’s ways. Before making snappy comments, ask if it true, useful and necessary. Social hopefulness floats in tonight.

Sunday, July 28: A day that calls out our kindness; we can remember what we love Venus sextiles Jupiter. Let go of outside expectations and listen to the voice within. Have a personal life and re-center after yesterday’s static. Encourage comfort and conversation. Sidestep stubbornness tonight as the Moon enters Taurus

Monday, July 29: This would make a better Sunday than a Monday; we’re slow off the mark and moving at our own pace this morning. We may feel creaky and unimaginative as the Moon opposes Saturn, but if we can just do our chores and get organized steadily, follow through on last week’s loose ends and keep efforts moving firmly, our imagination can return this afternoon as the Moon trines Venus and Pluto. We may feel deeply moved, and from that, inspired.

Tuesday, July 30: Poignant moments as unusually intense feelings erupt over even simple things. We are reminded that our health and happiness are inextricably linked with others as Venus trines Pluto. Help another and our heart fills. Focus on our own happiness to the exclusion of others, and our need can feel bottomless. Build trust and be there for others in testing circumstances. Pour feelings into creative process.

Wednesday, July 31: Confusing mixed signals ask us to adjust by the minute; the Gemini Moon lightens the mood and increases the conversation if it lowers our concentration. Funny, irreverent, adaptable energy helps us deal with a truly difficult and willful aspect as Mars square Uranus; watch for fast tempers spikes, martial action and mechanical difficulties. Warm up before exertion as muscles pull easily. Think twice about a sudden, ill-considered decision, but listen if inspired to tackle a quest.

Thursday, August 1: An odd day, generally pleasant but with interruptions, positive with irritations as the Sun quincunx Pluto and Venus quincunx Uranus. Relationships may be abraded by differing priorities or pacing, but we can use those to expand our understanding of one another. Deal creatively with setbacks, they are really important clues. Encourage one another if discouraged. Stop and smell the roses, look for the unusual loveliness of spirit around and those tests may seem to have more purpose.


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