Starcodes July 12 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Put safety first, sat and foremost, and then have as much fun and joy as possible. We move into a tender, if heart-guarded week, with both inspiring and deeply challenging aspects working on us at the same time.

Feisty Mars leaves talkative Gemini and shifts into Cancer, a place it is never quite comfortable. Cancer’s symbol is the crab, soft and squishy on the inside, and hard with claws on the outside, defending that tenderness. Mars in Cancer brings out tenderness on a good day and helps us put fresh energy into our home and family, but also brings out our defensive genius. Mars’ influence cranks up over the week as it approaches a conjunction with expansive Jupiter, beautifully visible just before dawn.

Mental Mercury retrogrades back to opposes deep-thinking Pluto and this aspect also grows as the week progresses; it helps us concentrate while it stirs up our old ghosts and reminds us of what we’ve recently lost. This can be a healing transit, but watch for sadness or a feeling that things just aren’t changing fast enough. Use this plutonian thoughtfulness to value even minute of life, every drop of beauty, and sort priorities.

But these aspects (the moodiness of Mercury opposed Pluto, while expansive Jupiter count feisty Mars, as unexpected Uranus turns direct after several months retrograde) can trigger some major changes. We don’t want to put up with situations that do not bring us hope. And this revolutionary, self-protective willingness to fight for what matters to us will feed heat into the world’s political hot spots.

But our home life does not have to be one of those. It is all too easy to misconstrue the cause of the problem and push people away unless we choose carefully, take our time, and get to the heart of the matter. And although most of us will be safe in the path of our ordinary lives, the recent spectacular accident streak may continue for another week. When it doubt, play it safe, and double-check equipment.

Echoing behind all this is a beautiful, inspiring grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, effecting us all this summer, and peaking this week. Unlike the challenging aspects, great aspects like this can be ignored, they open doors but we have to choose to walk through. This lovely grand trine in water signs opens our intuition and helps us feel our connection to all sentient beings. It whispers that we can add luck, resources and hard work to our dreams and make them happen. It may also feed the weather extremes, too much (Jupiter) water (Neptune) in some places, too little (Saturn) in others.

As the weekend begins we may be a little cranky under a health-oriented Virgo Moon, though it is a good time to get to delayed chores. The weekend is more sociable and friendly as the Moon dances through artistic Libra, but we grow more sensitive to criticism and can grow truculent if we feel insecure as Mars enters Cancer.

Midweek could bring some challenges; the mood is more serious and self-protective. It is a creatively focused time that can inspire our artwork or sharpen our introspection, but may not be so easy in our casual affairs. Our trust issues and questions of self-worth trigger easily. It furthers to have something wonderful to focus upon. We may also see a pivotal moment a plot twist that asks us to creative adjust as Uranus turns direct after several months retrograde.

Friday, July 12: Keep the focus on what needs healing, not what needs fixing, and notice the subtle difference. If we feel a little achy, it may be the pains of the past working it out in our body; listen to the memories but let them go. We can get easily overwhelmed if we feel there is too much to do, recent delays can leave us behind schedule, but we’ll catch up faster if we laugh, coordinate, and praise work accomplished, rather than get irritable under a sensitive, earnest Virgo Moon.

Saturday, July 13: Go greet the world as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. Good will does not mean we work well together, ideas and efforts can run on skew lines and take extra time to coordinate. This afternoon we grow efficient, but touchier, more persnickety, and less able to take criticism as Mars enters Cancer. Unsettling changes in plans may require ingenuity. Watch out for electrical sparks. Exude acceptance and others become more cooperative. Tonight, be inclusive, we may want to hang with familiar people, but those left out will really feel it.

Sunday, July 14: Good will is in the air, but snafus are on the ground as the Moon enters friendly, egalitarian Libra while opposing Uranus, square Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter. Notice an accident-prone quality and a competitive air. Feel the change. Watch for items out of balance and arguments over what is truly fair; think safety and cooperativeness. Give beloveds a little uniquely personal attention and watch feathers settle.

Monday, July 15: The mood is more pleasant and cooperative, and people tenderhearted and helpful if a bit wry. If some last minute information gets snarled in transition, clarify confusion. Assume people just don’t know if there is a problem, let every moment be a teaching moment. Make positive connections this afternoon and know when to retreat to neutral corners tonight.

Tuesday, July 16: We have homework to do as the intense, snarky Scorpio Moon turns our attention inwards. If we look for the answers outside, it will be all too easy to blame and hand off personal responsibility. Do not sweat the small stuff. Our focus hones and concentrates later on, let’s be careful what we focus upon. Believe in substantial magic. If people are distracted by their inner agenda; give them the benefit of the doubt.

Wednesday, July 17: On this rocky day we want to know who’s got our back, so with action rather than word, let’s show that we too are trustworthy. Unusual turn of events can precipitate opportunity or crisis as Uranus turns direct; stay alert and vote for positive outcome with supportive action. As Jupiter perfects is trine to Neptune and Saturn we can seed a whole new cycle of internal and spiritual growth, but may be challenged on more mundane levels with possessive insecurities as Venus sesqui-squares Pluto. Dive below the waves and tune in to the deeper harmony, to what really matters.

Thursday, July 18: Relationship wobbles easily, our feeling echo off one another unless we look for the best and hold each other in respect and gratitude this morning. The mood shifts midday towards a fresher, more positive approach as the Moon enters optimistic, impatient Sagittarius and encourages movement where we felt stuck, and hope where we felt grim. Let’s just watch where we’re going in the process, as an accidental streak still tests our luck.


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