Starcodes July 5 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Vacation-mind rolls onwards this week. The mood stays sociable and curious, relaxed on a good day, confused on a tough one, with a few major trust issues and an increase in technical snafus. Mercury, our signifier of all our efforts to communicate, is both retrograde (appearing to back up in the sky for a few weeks) and in a tough sesqui-quadrate with intuitive but confusing Neptune.

Miscues and misunderstandings can proliferate all week. it’s not a problem If we’re in a nice vacation fog, but if we’re trying to get anything done it will help to make lists, check to make sure others heard what we meant, and look past our assumptions to make sure we’re on the same page.

Because Mercury is so challenged right now, signals can get crossed and our understanding a bit murky. And in the process, doubts come up. While this line- up is great for writing fiction or settling in to a spiritual retreat, we may have heard new information over the last few weeks that leads us to doubt a person, group or institution, and wonder where we heard the truth, and where we’ve been sold a bill of goods or shared in their fantasy story line.

If so, it may be hard to parse apart their motivation; we can assume it’s is somewhere between the worst and the best, but the real question will be what do we do now. Mercury retrograde is good for finding out more information about what happened in the past, but makes it hard to get it all and get a clear perspective. So keep the mind open and keep looking. Clear up those misconceptions and clarify what happened, but think more about what new guidelines can be agreed upon for an informed, transparent future. This is as true of governments and workplaces as it is in our friendships.

While the mood is generally sociable, we may feel some tension between our connection to our chosen and biological families, and our draw to the larger world. Our family may not like how we are with our friends or our community involvement may be cramped by our family responsibilities. Or we love them both, but feel pulled as where to spend our time. We need them both while Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in domestic Cancer and calls us inwards, while Venus in Leo needs to engage larger world.

The weekend begins funny, talkative, abuzz, but maybe not really interested in going deep. Keep it fast and light, we’re not really that dumb, but minds are resting. If we can’t quite find the right words to talk our feelings, we may use many of them. Emotions run high and fast, like quick –moving forest fires as Venus semi-squares Mars, so let’s try not to be too touchy, and let go the little frictions. This combination of quick but not deep thinking and fast –moving emotions can make crowd scenes interesting, so choose gatherings carefully.

The mood grows more internal and domestic late Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday a new Moon in Cancer can help start a new cycle in hearth and homeland, though we may be moody and crabby in the process. As Saturn turns direct after several months retrograde, some effort we had to put on hold late last winter (when Saturn turned retrograde) may now reactivate, though it will take until this fall (when Saturn gets past the degree it turned retrograde) to really kick into gear. Look for debate about leadership and authority as the week begins, and be kind to backs, knees and teeth for a few days.

Midweek our outgoing creative streak calls us out to play as the Leo Moon conjuncts Venus. Headlines could take on an operatic quality, with dramatic statements or turns of events that may not pan out as planned. Let people express themselves and make the most of any joyful situation, but don’t feed melodrama if it gets started. We don’t have to exaggerate our feelings in order to claim them.

Underlying all this lovely summer is a season-long grand trine between pragmatic Saturn, philosophical Jupiter and idealistic, inclusive Neptune that calls us to walk our talk. If we spout spiritual values but act selfishly, we will be called on it. Conversely, if we find a way to get practical and apply our highest, most inclusive spiritual beliefs, we’ll find it is good business.

Friday, July 5: The day is generally sociable and friendly, if laced with unspoken interpersonal undercurrents around trust issues, though people tend to avoid real problems and just want to chill. If closer relationships feel abraded by differing timing and priorities as Venus semi-squares Mars, give them room, understanding, and don’t take it personally. We adjust easily this evening as the Sun trines the north node, but let’s be extra careful getting places; transportation can be tested by snafus, alcohol and water damage as Mercury sesqui-squares Neptune.

Saturday, July 6: Morning is funny if impatient as the Gemini Moon conjuncts Mars; sharp-edged quips aid flea-market bargaining and other quick moves that don’t take much emotional depth. People may be guarding their tender hearts and don’t want to go there. Midafternoon wanders pleasantly but inefficiently. Tonight, we may want to invite people into our space but not go to theirs as the Moon enters domestic Cancer and conjuncts Jupiter. Share warmth over dinner and late into the night, just respect people’s boundaries.

Sunday, July 7: Make healthy changes to the home’s emotional and physical landscape. We can act out emotionally if we don’t feel safe or look for retail therapy as Venus squares Uranus as a self-protective Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto. We can act as if we just don’t care if our feelings are hurt by family, love, or homeland. But we do. Don’t let go of something or someone that really matters. Choose carefully what needs to released versus what needs to be fought for and nurtured.

Monday, July 8: We’ll tend to be self-protective, and may be nursing a sore spot tenderized by recent events. A 1:17 am MDT New Moon in deep-feeling Cancer can bring a new cycle in our heart; let’s make it a healthy one. Emotions overflow as we feel the woes and joys of the world, not just our own experience, so let’s not blame dear ones for the flood. Later, look for an opportunity to share gifts and wisdom learned the hard way as Chiron and Venus aspect the Moon’s nodes. Tonight, keep it real and deep, honor feelings without making people talk about them.

Tuesday, July 9: Exercise gratitude. Let’s listen to what we truly want and begin a short-term project of the heart as the Sun and Mercury conjuncts under a Leo Moon. Morning flows more smoothly. Use this window to tackle time-sensitive tasks, even though feelings and egos are a bit touchy. Find beauty and make the most out of circumstances tonight.

Wednesday, July 10: If people speak in hyperbole to get their point across, look for the true feelings underneath as the Moon conjuncts Venus in expressive Leo. Pardon some temporary narcissism and be generous with affection. Edginess creeps in late tonight; rest if feeling fractious.

Thursday, July 11: If conflicts and friction arise early on; breathe through it and be safe. Tell good stories midday; when the plot twists, choose a good road. Afternoon is more efficient as the Moon enters mental Virgo, but instincts may work better than our minds; unknown factors can challenge our judgment as the Sun sesqui-squares Neptune. Watch out for detours, sloppy conditions, and defensive people; feel the good road underneath.


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