Starcodes June 28 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

We might as well take a vacation this week, because ordinary work channels just aren’t running clearly right now. While social interactions over flow with Venus and Mars in friendly and sociable signs, Mercury is retrograde (appearing to back up against the zodiac) in intuitive, touchy Cancer now through July 20 and can complicate our efforts to communicate and transport.

We can always work around a Mercury retrograde, with a bit more planning, attention to safety and detail, and added wiggle room in the schedule. But why not take some time to do what works best under Mercury retrograde, and take time to retreat, renew, rest, revisit the past, review old work, Find lost objects, celebrate recent accomplishments, solve old crimes, reconnect with old friends, and see what new sparks arise.

Of course, even if we can leave our ordinary work behind, a few other major aspects could trigger a side-bar to our life, an important but peripheral event that demands our attention but seems out of the schedule or flow of our lives.

Our ongoing plans may be put on hold this week so we can process some unusual emotional event or fix a foundation piece before we build as energizing Mars challenges educational Saturn. We may need to tackle a problem that should have been tackled a while ago. A broken pipe, health crisis or great romance could require our attention and interrupt our agenda. Only later will we see how these apparent distractions are a really important if self-contained chapter, and congruent with our souls’ work.

But work aside, this is an interpersonally rich time, so go meet, greet and collaborate. Two emotionally significant planets, Venus and Mars, are both in sociably extroverted and creative signs and encourage summer romances and community building, but make it tough to keep our noses to the grindstone. Mars in Gemini and Venus in Leo (approaching a trine to Uranus) bring out our social graces and add a touch of creative flair to any event, but can leave us emotionally restless, wanting more attention and romance with less work in our relationships.

So it’s important not to take our beloveds for granted during this time; everybody, every pet, child, grandparent, but particularly every romantic partner, needs extra appreciation in and attention right now. So catch them doing something right and shower that with positive attention, or people will tend to get difficult and settle for the negative attention.

Any decision we make now may need to be rethought or re-evaluated later, so if we want to run away to Las Vegas and get married, let’s just have an adventure instead, and reevaluate the question later. Major political announcements made now will probably face resistance and will be adjusted or reversed later, after Mercury turns direct.

The weekend begins under a hypersensitive Pisces Moon, but shifts to an active, forthright Aries Moon on Saturday. Appreciate the fresh energy, feel a creative political discontent, and engage. Just look before leaping as actions can have an unusually large effect; if we push on a stone, the whole wall falls over as the Sun opposes Pluto and squares Uranus all week. Keep safety firmly in mind, events can move from awkward to dangerous rather quickly. Tension between what we want to do and other people’s expectations can test our relationships skills over the weekend as Venus squares Saturn, some old trust issue may raise its head. Share emotions with others over a moving symbolic event. Look to activated old scars and see what can be done to heal them.

Early in the week it can feel good to be embodied, enjoy sunlight, water, strawberry-rhubarb pie. Feed the senses and feed one another, just don’t feed frustrations as there will be small delays and glitches. Also an existential longing which, depending upon how the Sun, Pluto, Uranus T-square triggers our chart, could bring a small ache or great urge. We may see a public person pass, or species blink out of existence, and contemplate the passing of time and nature of freedom even in the midst of summer’s glow.

The mood lightens for July 4 under a sunny, talkative Gemini Moon. But please put safety first. Mercury retrograde can heighten slapstick mistakes, which can be entertaining when they’re minor, but tricky around fireworks.

Friday, June 28: The mood tends to be sensitive, emotional, uncertain, and somewhat self-focused as the Pisces Moon forms minor but difficult aspects, and Mars sesqui-squares Saturn. Youth and impatience challenge history and authority on a long-standing problem, and everyone can take it personally midday as the Moon squares Mars. Action meets with resistance. Our cheerful willpower resists some responsibility but that task probably really to be followed through. We’ll feel better once it is done. By dinner time, people want to drop the conflicts and look for ease and comfort as the Moon trines Mercury.

Saturday, June 29: Do we want to be cozy or inspired, independent or connected; expect mixed messages and tension between our cozy domestic security urges and a desire to express freely and tactlessly while the feisty Aries Moon squares the Sun and Jupiter in Cancer. A raucous and competitive quality can be fun, just watch for unproductive bravado in the process. Let’s challenge ourselves to our personal best and not take the bait for less constructive quarrels. Tonight is feels good to get out and dive in, but it may be hard to agree long enough to make plans. Look for unexpected wild cards later on. Keep an eye on weather extremes.

Sunday, June 30: Steady as she goes. Assess what changed overnight and be brave, but think of long term plans before responding as the Moon conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto. We may be asked to handle a tricky emotional situation in a way we can stand behind, rather than a self-protective, defensive approach. Afternoon drifts moodily, plans begin to coalesce tonight.

Monday, July 1: A difficult morning may test our diplomacy. It’s especially important to do what we said we’d do, or at least prove we tried, as Venus squares Saturn and the Sun opposes Pluto. Habits and rituals help us follow through on responsibilities even when we just don’t feel like it, for some, today triggers an end of a chapter, and we need to honor what has passed. The morning’s snarly mood settles down this afternoon as the Moon enters Taurus, though practicalities may slow down our creative output. Love, compassion and beauty offer us respite if we seek them out as Venus in conjuncts Neptune tonight. Just double check for mistaken emotional assumptions.

Tuesday, July 2: Take one another’s mood seriously; hold the space for quiet, deep feelings as the Moon opposes Saturn and squares Venus. Expect creative delays and for little things to just not go the way we’d like this morning. Details smooth out this afternoon, slow and steady produces fertile results on long term projects. Trust builds if we just show up without judgment, but that can be a challenge.

Wednesday, July 3: Meander along with this slow and disjointed day, allow extra travel time and rein in easy distractions if anything really needs doing. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the lemonade. Do things right, as an apparent short cut will cost more. It’s easier to get our point across this morning, personalities can work at cross-purposes this afternoon, and simple tasks may need to be done twice as the Taurus Moon semi-squares the Sun and Uranus.

Thursday, July 4: The mood is funny, restless, wandering, witty and easily distracted under a talkative Gemini Moon. The whole notion of freedom is debated; it is our right to do so. Let’s celebrate Independence Day with some creative freedom of our own, but watch out, as willful personal quirks can cause problems. Be inventive when plans change, and be careful with fireworks as there is an unexpected, unpredictable eccentricity in the air. Evening, although still tricky, warms us for community celebrations and sound bites the Moon sextiles Venus.


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  1. Hi Heather! This is Katherine. We met last year at Sundance… we were early morning coffee buddies. I came across your blog via Facebook search on WordPress. I hope I get to see you this year at Sundance! Love, Katherine

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