Starcodes June 21 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome summer!The Sun joined Mercury and Venus in the domestic water sign of Cancer last night, and expansive Jupiter enters Cancer midweek. Summer is time to slow down, enjoy the view, and deepen our roots as the Sun, and soon Jupiter joins Mercury and Venus in the domestic water sign of Cancer.

We will slow down, like it or not, as communicative Mercury retrogrades on Wednesday for the next three weeks. Already we may notice minor delays, transportation problems, or strange snafus in communications. But Mercury retrograde is not just a time of technical glitches; it is a time of introspection. It hits the repeat button and spirals us back to hear the stories of relatives, visit a familiar haunt, remember an old skill, or hang in our ever-so-familiar back yard or face a familiar problem one more time.

Familiarity weaves the Cancerian context of home, the vessel of family and personal roots. Like the plants now in their full growing glory, we grow best when our roots are strong and healthy. Although this time can flood us with nostalgia or take us back to old haunts or old problems, we return to our roots with a difference. We’re now on a new ring of the spiral and are ask us to evolve and adapt the old realms in light of the changing future.

This line-up of planets in nurturing but self-protective Cancer ups the emotional need for security, privacy and a home country or personal nest that we can believe in. And can make us critical of what we have if it does not live up to our dream. In contrast, Mars, now in talkative Gemini, encourages us to tactlessly speak up and push for free information and transparency. Watch this paradoxical demand play out in relationships as well as in national politics. As Jupiter enters Cancer this week, it looks like the political debate between security and transparency, between privacy and free information, will continue all year long.

Mars in Gemini can push is to speak without really thinking through the emotional effect of what we say, a quick, quips wit, disjointed commentary. While the Cancer planets leave us unusually sensitive to slights, ready to take things personally. Venus leaves touchy Cancer and enters more sociable Leo by the end of the week, bringing a more outgoing, less touchy, but no less personal, expression.

Over the weekend some event may trigger us back to core questions about what we’ve lost, or why we’re here and what we need to do before we leave as a serious Capricorn Moon opposes the Sun, conjuncts profound Pluto, and squares unsettling Uranus.

We don’t have to answer these questions now but do have to consider them and course-correct with the information we gather. Watch out for the more depressive side of this Pluto-infused Full Moon, and remember this world weariness is existential; though the global issues may be echoed by our personal life. This Full Moon can bring up the illusions that we are all alone, and asks us to look underneath that toxic illusion to find a place of real connection. Pay attention to important decisions made now; we stand at a crossroads, large or small.

But that Capricorn-Moon competence can also help us look around us at work that needs to be done, loose ends that need to be nailed down before Mercury retrogrades next week.

So let’s tend to paperwork, unpaid bills or reservations. By Wednesday, all things Mercurial, like connections, computers, or conversations, can develop a molasses-like quality. If so, stop and smell the roses; make life an exercise in patience. Measure twice before cutting, confirm information, and repair, renew, revisit, remember, and review over the next few weeks.

Friday, June 21: The Moon enters Sagittarius and brings lighthearted sense of adventure with a need to return to the familiar at the end. People are generally in a good mood, they just need extra kindness for touchy edges. In spite of midday confusions, sogginess or sleepiness as the Moon squares Neptune; it would be wise to go over the check list and see what needs action before Mercury retrogrades next week. Tonight it helps to recap the week and reconnect.

Saturday, June 22: After a restless, possibly newsworthy night as Mars opposes the Moon, morning bring a paradoxical sense of adventure and tired streak as the Moon semi-squares Saturn. It’s a wonderful day to wander in nature or explore global cultures, but personal responsibilities may pull us in the opposite direction. If some serious truth needs telling, do so directly and with heart engaged. Afternoon is odd, funny, curious, and honest followed by a sweet if disjointed evening.

Sunday, June 23: The Full Moon in Capricorn at 5:32 AM MDT challenges us to see the serious side of events and ask important questions about life, death, and the effects of the past and the meaning of power. Tend to real issues but be careful not to project this existential heaviness on to minor issues at home. Let the feelings flow and be there for one another. Pay attention to important decisions made now. Tonight can leave us feeling burnt out and in need of rest and acceptance off-stage.

Monday, June 24: Catch up on obligations and tend to workload this morning, it’s an industrious day if we overcome a seductive inertia and avoid distractions. Batten down the hatches workwise. Relationships may feel tweaked this afternoon; don’t enable bad behavior nor give into a feeling that it’s all too much work, just listen with an open heart. A little true attention goes a long way.

Tuesday, June 25: Track responsibilities to the team and community as the Aquarius Moon square Saturn today. Don’t lose a sense of humor, find the group dynamics funny and don’t get grim unless the situation truly calls for it. Tonight has a slapstick edge and a chance to get a fresh perspective.

Wednesday, June 26: Sort through the interesting mixed messages as the Sun trines Saturn and Neptune, encouraging inspired competence. Imagination and ability work together, meditation sings, visioning reproduces clear results, but ordinary communications and simple tasks can get complicated as Mercury retrograde for the next three weeks. Patience, tenderness and stillness further. Don’t take mistakes personally, and think with the heart as much as the head. Tonight, if feeling fed up, don’t give up or believe the crazy mental chatter; instead, quietly smile and waft love at others, and go get some rest.

Thursday, June 27: Communication level drops while sensitivities and emotional melodrama increase. Stay grounded, make the most of the world’s beauty, and roll with the waves as the Moon enters perceptive, emotionally delicate Pisces and conjuncts intuitive, evasive Neptune just as Venus enters abundantly expressive Leo. Play with the story line and don’t feed the drama. Tonight explore gentle honesty in stories from the past.


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