Starcodes May 24 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

On Memorial Day weekend we remember the fallen as we prepare for the future, an interesting symbol for the beginning of summer wedding season.

This weekend brings some lovely articulate and flirtatious aspects in the foreground with a deepening boom of change in the background. Luckily the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in nervy, articulate Gemini act as social lubricant to help us be graceful through wedding and graduations season and coordinate during emergencies. Together they help us adapt quickly to changing circumstances and think fast on our feet. We have to add depth and empathy, and may need to search for calm in the quiet pools of our soul. Our minds can buzz, and it may be hard to sleep unless we get out of our head and get physically tired. And our concentration may have the life-span of a fruit fly.

Tonight and for the next few nights, look for a lovely, unusual triple Venus-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction visible just after sunset in the west just as the Full Moon rises in the east. Let the bubbling expansive warmth open the heart. Find the words and let them flow. This line-up really increases the need to connect, a wonderful aspect for any gathering, (in person or on the internet, it is occurring in ever so Verbal Gemini) but can be painful if we find ourselves isolated. We may yearn for people we can really communicate with, and invites us to notice and break any patterns that leave us isolated. We may not see clearly where we’re going, but can write poetry about it along the way.

Tonight’s Full Sagittarius Moon will be barely grazed by earth’s shadow at 10: 24 pm MDT. This penumbral eclipse makes us want to dance, but it also triggers a pruning of outmoded philosophies and relationships and begins new ones. Events tap dance on any place where our actions are at odds with our spiritual path or philosophies; we are called to walk our talk, and either change what we do or admit we’re being hypocritical and need to change what we say. Some truth may pop out (possibly from us) and shock us, but the truth will set us free. But we can be tactful and run if we hear anyone start a sentence “Frankly…”. Most of us will enjoy the buzz, but those who have planets near 4 degrees of mutable sings (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Virgo) can feel a sudden, surprising shift.

Neptune squares this Full Moon and gives it a lovely lyrical, escapist quality. But watch out for water damage, floods, alcohol and drug abuse, feeling foggy, or a flooded feeling in the soul. Ride the waves of feelings and sift out the crazy streak. This weekend can be a wildly flirtatious time, great for making new connections, but let’s not think we can see them clearly at the moment. Fantasy softens the edges.

Our Sun is really active right now. A few X class (big) solar flares exploded last week and a few large M class (medium) flares are predicted to wash by us this weekend. Solar flares project high energy particles that are filtered by the outer layers of our atmosphere; they rattle the Earth’s magnetic field, activate the ionosphere, jiggle the radio waves and grace us with aurora borealis. They also seem to activate and agitate earthlings. (Check out for some interesting observations on the correlation between sun-spots and historical cycles).
Winds whirl. People become restless, discontent, act out and search for new answers. They no longer tolerate things that may have bothered them before, but they didn’t have the energy to tackle. Solar flares energize all the major aspects and turns up the volume on history.

People get easily excited, restless. Events precipitate quickly. It’s easy to get anxious with such voltage running around, but helps to know that it’s not just us, the world is buzzing, and we can choose how we respond. Some people may experience breakdowns that are break-throughs as they see all too clearly, and let go of, patterns that no longer work, but this can clear the ground for a healthier garden in the future.

But in the meantime, Saturday will be a beautifully sociable, restless day. People tend to be frank, funny, and forgiving. Nature calls to us to come out and celebrate our interconnectedness with the web of life. Sunday and Monday bring a busier, more fractious edge; it will help to have practical chores to accomplish or people to help. Be careful with the hammer near fingers or other danger to the fingers. Bring the ambient communicative genius to bear at work midweek and get busy instead of get worried.

All this week, reach out and connect for love and profit, it is time to network.

Friday, May 24: We may run in ten directions this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, excited or impatient about the work in progress, but with trouble staying on track. A competent, uncomfortable mood will take patience; make it practical and correct small systematic misunderstandings. The mood lightens and builds traction midafternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius and dances later as sociable Venus and Mercury conjunct in Gemini and the Moon waxes full, culminating at 9:24 pm MDT. Most of us respond to the Full Moon with energized humor or impatience, but who have a direct hit on their chart can hit a turning point. It’s a perfect evening for a compassionate, creative fundraiser. We may not see clearly where we’re going, but can write poetry about it along the way. Look for an opportunity for beautiful endings and beginnings, and chance to dance the night away.

Saturday, May 25: Our attention wanders this dreamy morning as the Moon trines Uranus, we may feel uncertain of the future, but appreciate fresh winds and good changes in the works. Prioritize; avoid information overload and choose what to take in. Midday, work around other’s anxious nerves and don’t let it be catching. Play out the dance that’s already in motion. Tonight, the mood intensifies and gets edgy. Some people strategize oddly, so question motives if they get strange while Mars sequi-squares Pluto. Late tonight, talk over the deep workings of the soul, but be cautious around sharp objects and difficult people. It helps to move the body. Think carefully before any extreme decisions, we can get more surgical than necessary.

Sunday, May 26: We can act like fractious overtired kids, our feelings may be unsettled and nervous systems overextended. Most of us could use a day of rest, preferably near water, but may resist it as Moon enters determined Capricorn, and the Sun squares Neptune, Mercury sesqui-squares Saturn and Mars semi-squares Uranus. We may feel impatient with the past; while it is tempting to disrespect traditions or the advice of elders, which means we’ll learn the hard way. Travelling may be challenging, so track all the pieces carefully, and allow extra time to be safe.

Monday, May 27: We want to work on our life, not our other people’s schemes and schedules on this chores and projects-oriented day. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, and give us an urge to change our circumstances; make the project small enough to accomplish and get busy, just watch the fingers. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and offers us pragmatic hope. Afternoon lightens and lets us socialize but may bring a competitive streak to the picnic games. Engage good conversations tonight.

Tuesday, May 28: Jump back in the saddle and make important work connections, strengthen social and professional contacts this morning while social Venus, mental Mercury, and expansive Jupiter conjunct in communicative Gemini under a pragmatic Capricorn Moon. Interpersonal contracts are up for a positive review. Practical words of support are appreciated. Beauty, form, and function want to work together. Pull back the urge to control beloveds and just share the love.

Wednesday, May 29: Worry may haunt dreams overnight as the Moon squares serious Saturn, but those clouds can clear with the morning mist. Overtures are appreciated; we itch to connect with our tribes as the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun and sextiles curious Uranus. Let’s take stock of ourselves and form our own assessments so as to be aware of, but not to overly concern about, outside opinions. Evening calls for successful meetings with a purpose.

Thursday, May 30: Though our minds can run in circles, the Aquarius Moon trines Venus and Jupiter and brings a generous, success-prone morning. Midday we may wrestle with frustrations, but instead of getting twitchy, we can use them as a chance to practice collaboration. It helps to release expectations and listen to the whispers of fate. Make clear points later in the afternoon as the Moon trines mental Mercury, watch a growly phase over dinner as the Moon squares argumentative Mars, and be kind to tender feelings tonight as the Moon enters Pisces.


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