Starcodes May 17, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood is nervy as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in voluble Gemini this week; inventive and excited on a good day, distracted and sociable in ordinary circumstances, and anxious on a hard day. The mood may be generally cheerful, but events can speak of deeper turning points in our life and culture as lighthearted transits play in the foreground over deeper, turning-point aspects in the back ground.

This arrangement can leave us occasionally nervy or irritable, a bit scattered, but usually jovial and ready for the end of spring social whirl. We run into old friends and family, make new contacts and talking over life’s foibles with warmth and Gemini quick humor that helps us bear the sometimes unbearable.

With this line-up in Mercurial Gemini our words can be like pollen in the wind: pervasive, productive, and sometimes irritating. We can easily find the right words once the flow gets going, but may say too much with too little content. Watch the political headlines and notice, while there is a few really important issues up, a lot of words are bandied about just for the fun of an emotional charge. Watch the Gemini love of witty, wry, and salacious conversation, remember our words have power and use our power for good.

Our internal chatter can flutter about like a newly-hatched bird, and our unusually busy mind can be both easily distracted from our work but get stuck on the strangest things as mental Mercury squares intuitive, creative Neptune as the weekend begins. Minds may work best in response so if it’s hard to concentrate on that final term paper, find someone on which to bounce ideas. With this transit in play we may feel fuzzy headed, or want some escapist time, or time in a magical realm, or may wander the paths of delusions. So let’s watch where our thoughts wander, and take everything we think with a grain of salt.

This aspect can act like a mini-Mercury retrograde and make it easy for misunderstandings or missed connections to form, so double check schedules and confirm new information. It also has practical consequences, and although water and water activities can be unusually soothing, so pay extra attention and avoid accidents around water, liquids, and things that flow. Keep an eye where the coffee cup lands and watch the weather reports.

Behind this social, nervy buzz, some deeper aspects push the next layer in our personal maturation and the cultural transformation. As Jupiter and Saturn sesqui-square Freedom and responsibilities, security and individual rights, liberal and conservative, the tension between these poles can test the teenager and the global citizen alike. We’re challenged to investigate our personal mythologies and family histories with fresh eyes.

Uranus squares Pluto this week, and aspect that perfects seven times between 2012 through 2013, and describes seven heartbeats of change. Our world turns another notch and takes us farther into uncharted territory, maybe just a step past our comfort zone, but enough to remind us that we cannot go back to the way things were. We have to move forward and deal with our changing world. Let’s greet every decision, small or large, like it is chance to help forge an era.

With these bigger aspects cooking in the back ground, our emotional attachments may be challenged in a way that leaves us feeling quite vulnerable. Our culture is in therapy, and we need insight into the deeper levels of our collective motivation.

Friday, May 17: People can be set in their ways and difficult this morning as the Leo Moon squares Mars. Choose to be stubborn constructively, and avoid those who stick out their chin. People may be more emotional than they let on. Respond to a sense of urgency at work, and reassure others where progress is in the works. Afternoon brings more open cooperation as the Moon sextiles Jupiter, though people still resist being pushed. Evening is outgoing, nervy, edgy, and fun, but with a jagged edge if we feel cornered as the Moon challenges Uranus and Pluto.

Saturday, May 18: The vibe is sensitive, interested, creative, but the squirrels may be running around our head; our imagination works overtime but our judgment is spotty as Mercury squares Neptune under the Virgo Moon. Watch communications problems built on a touchy response to an apparently critical comment. Believe in proven friendships and in the basic competence underneath apparent small problems. Engage the arts to feed the soul and give the critical edge some place to go tonight as Mercury quincunx Saturn.

Sunday, May 19: Feelings are unsettled this morning, but we can accomplish a lot while we’re waiting for resolution. The big issues of our life are weaving in the background, but for the moment, we can do our chores and stabilize for the work ahead. People are easily defensive, so rather than ask direct questions, tell stories and understand one another tangentially. Weed the garden, do not weed beloveds; empathize instead. A decision clarifies tonight.

Monday, May 20: Look upwards and outwards as the Sun enters Gemini and Moon enters Libra, both verbal and social air signs. We become more aware of our social context and see the world we’re embedded within. The mood is generally friendly, nervy, interactive, alert, which helps us connect and deal with the heartbeat of change as Uranus squares Pluto.

Tuesday, May 21: We need to integrate unsettling news and adjust this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury. Our logical mind may be temporarily out. Offer radical acceptance and respect other’s limits without judgment. Midday flows, new doors open as the Moon trines Venus and Mercury, but we have to walk through. Scan for healthy opportunities. Appreciate beloveds. Tonight, if we hit a patch of nerves rest and reassure one another.

Wednesday, May 22: Ride a wave of confidence and make friendly contacts early, but rein in preconceptions, as they will be tested later. The Scorpio Moon may have us singing the blues this afternoon, it helps to turn sudden emotional intensity into art rather than project melodrama onto our situation. Enjoy the focus but watch an obsessive streak.

Thursday, May 23: Get serious this morning as the Moon conjuncts Saturn; take a warning seriously and attend to unfinished work, but don’t believe an anxious whisper. The mood is risk- avoidant, wary, but loosens the heart-song later. Many people keep their real cards close to the chest while appearing open and talkative. Midday is productive, though later a series of small obstacles or disconnects help us diagnose a new facet of the problem. Unless asked, don’t tell others how to fix it.


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