Starcodes May 10, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Mother’s Day is an earthy Taurus holiday we can celebrate by loving our mother earth and being grateful for all who hold this archetype in our lives, those who fed us, held us, and nurtured us so we can grow; those who welcome us back at the end of a long day. But Taurus can be territorial, so it may be politic make sure our biological mothers feels special in this process.


The mood this week is generally tactile, productive, evenly-paced, friendly but belligerent when pushed with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in fertile and earthy Taurus and under a waxing Moon. It is a richly fertile time to plant anything and everything we want to grow.


Over the weekend the Moon in verbal, funny Gemini can keep us hopping and the people talking, with less depth and more breadth. A certain nervousness or business can leave us feeling stretched thin, so don’t waste energy or over-schedule. Sunday, and early next week can intensify this, as new tough facts or old stories work their way to the surface. We may need to adapt fast as Mercury semi-squares Uranus and sesqui-squares Pluto.  This is a fertile time, but the seedlings have not yet taken root and can still be moved, and our plans need to be fine-tuned.


Let go of who is right or who is wrong in any specific argument and instead make sure the structure of the communication is good, because we will remember whether or not we felt heard far longer than what was actually said. Old memories of trauma or problems past may be triggered, but we don’t need to let his short circuit the present moment. If this happens, think about lessons learned in the past, let another layer of healing happen, keep eyes open, but assume this situation is unique and may proceed very differently. Walk forward with integrity and heart.


Early in the week our personal business need tending. Midweek, expressive Mercury enters its own verbal, nervy sign of Gemini and the moon enters extroverted, social and stubborn Leo. Get out there and meet the world. Serious issues are stirring, plans are beginning to shift, and a new level of honesty can bubble forth. Engage the debate and offer ideas. Look for fresh opportunities hidden within the cracks.


Friday, May 10:  Plant! Last night’s New Moon in Taurus makes today the most astrologically fertile time of the year. Plant solid things, like seedlings, habits, or investments this morning and let them take root. Stop weeds and weed-like habits now, because they, too, can grow. Just don’t go there. Plant ideas, friendships, proposals, plans and other conceptual seeds late this afternoon and over the weekend while the Moon’s in verbal, flirtatious Gemini. Talk deep into the evening, but avoid short-sighted social decisions.


Saturday, May 11: Keep the discussion open-ended and mutual; this is a day for give and take. Volley conversations, share tasks, network across the back fence. Redefine what neighborhood means. The Gemini Moon keeps us a bit scattered, buzzing from one thing to another, but those broken bits of conversation weave a deeper understanding if we have patience and humor. A clear goal helps us tap into the Taurus Sun-Mercury conjunction if we need to focus and coordinate our efforts, but it won’t be easy. Tonight the mood is funny with a belligerent streak, a light touch helps us cover the depths theoretically, but don’t expect us to dive into deep feelings; many people just need a break.


Sunday, May 12: An expansive, funny if a bit high strung Moon-Jupiter conjunction in nervy Gemini can make this a fun Mother’s Day if we drop old agendas, tune into the best memories, and trade funny stories. Tears lingering behind the laughter are part of the healing. If our own mothers aren’t around or aren’t worth celebrating, it will help to honor good mothering habits throughout the community. If afternoon feels disjointed, drop expectations and adapt to the present, look for an unexpectedly pleasant moment. Celebrate early, as frayed nerves can make people fractious tonight and a resentful streak can interfere even when we know better as Mars challenges the lunar nodes.


Monday, May 13: The next few days are also fertile for planting of all sorts under a watery, emotional waxing Cancer Moon. We may feel squishy and as if we’ve offered a hostage to fate: if our vulnerabilities are explored, let’s deal with it productively. Midday we can get lost in magical thinking, so let’s dream purposefully instead as the Moon and Venus aspect Neptune. Tonight, people may be distracted, edgy or easily-triggered as an illusion breaks or challenge pokes and requires emotional processing as Mercury sesqui-squares Pluto and semi-squares Uranus.


Tuesday, May 14: We may wake up edgy, so tend carefully systems of communication and transportation; think safety and understanding. Concerns may just be old shrapnel working to the surface, follow up on practical checks, but don’t project discomfort onto one another. Small but potentially difficult decisions need to be made now, but stay in the present and try to avoid sweeping statements about the future. Afternoon, we drift and dream, seek comfort and look to build deeper security.


Wednesday, May 15: Trust is an issue. If relationships test us this morning, let’s drop into the compassionate heart, not take it personally, and pass that test as Venus quincunx Saturn. People need to feel like they are at the center of our world; we gain when they feel well-loved. Dwell with intimates in the heart this morning and tend to personal business, but contact the larger world this afternoon as mental Mercury enters Gemini and the Moon enters Leo. Get those proposals out there.


Thursday, May 16: Feel the tension between the world’s clamors and people who need attention. Don’t expect them to understand right now; find a way to time-share with pressing responsibilities and back the needy people off with kindness. But stay present and mobile with work, as opportunity is sprouting and incoming information can change the work landscape. Things may not go as planned, though this creates an opening for some, those who are attached to the plan will act out as the Sun semi-squares Uranus. Engage in relevant protest and encourage positive change. Deeper issues matter tonight as the Sun sesqui-squares Pluto; let go of the work’s details and tend to the core issues.




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