Starcodes March 29 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

The mood is so reactive this week. Between spring fever and a major dose of Aries attitude our world may feel like it’s tilting, whether towards something wonderful or towards some unexpected obstacle. Our challenge will be to react appropriately.

Because there is so much fiery energy going around, sleep may be hard to come by and our dreams can feel like block-buster movies when we doze. Our nerves may be running strange voltage, so we can feel tired one minute and wired the next, and have to work on our energy–management. Let’s enjoy the fire, but watch this reactive state of mind. Controversy and heroism infuse the day. Do not react with histamines to overdo and overkill, do not back off and pretend nothing is going on, because it is. Find the middle way through.

The trick will be to stay in the present moment. Nether get lost in the past, though bits will come up for us to do over and do differently, nor get lost in the future, even if Aries energy pulls us to chase after dreams and nightmares like a greyhound after a rabbit. The horizon is wide right now, we can see far ahead for a change, but to get that far we need to engage opportunities right here and right now. We can choose an open-ended path and stay open for a serendipitous meeting or positive shift in relationship.

Venus and the Sun, the planets of heart and soul, are running hand-in-hand through feisty, headstrong Aries, and get busy this week. They first form a challenging quincunx with testing, serious Saturn on Saturday to stretch our relationship abilities, square powerful Pluto on Sunday to bring us to our heart, and sextile expansive Jupiter on April Fool’s Day to inspire our mischief and enliven our existence before they approach a conjunction with fierce and passionate Mars at the end of this week.

Notice an urgency to express and feel understood, but it’s hard to be heard when everyone wants to express at the same time. We need to be as curious about others as we want them to be about ourselves.

On a more introspective level, we have an opportunity to learn how we co-create our world as Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter quincunx Saturn. We can see how the patterns in how we think and speak, and notice how we recreate familiar reactions in the people around us. Some experience can put us out of our comfort zone and point out to us that we need to release some outmoded behaviors in order to achieve our goals. We can rebel against our patterns once we see them and make a difference choice, break old patterns and truly feel free. It can be both scary and exciting if we embrace this process, but will be well worth the effort.

The weekend starts off broody, territorial, and sparky; we’re combustible in the best and worst of ways as the Moon and Saturn conjunct in moody Scorpio. We can expect major moves on the big political chessboard though they may do the maneuvering off stage. People will tend to camouflage their intentions by keeping the focus on others. But these sparks can also ignite something wonderful.

The archetype of the Easter cycle acts out in the planets; we may need to mourn what is lost as the Sun and Venus square Pluto over the weekend, and celebrate life as these two sextile Jupiter on Sunday and conjunct Mars in Aries in the week ahead.

Friday, March 29: Sharp humor and swirling undercurrents can make life feel portentous; the ordinary just doesn’t hold our attention. We need deep talk, a mystery to solve, a plan to investigate as Mercury sextiles Pluto, so we can train this energy in a good direction. Curiosity calls for exploration off the beaten path in mind or body, but be cautious in unusual circumstances: old resentments can come out inappropriately. Evening stays deep and musky, with thoughtful overtones.

Saturday, March 30: Watch the snarkiness; relationships are tested by some element of the past or by our control issues this morning as the Sun and Venus quincunx Saturn. But we grow more intimate when we pass the test and keep our interactions trustworthy and mutually empowering. Broody moments midafternoon call for independent action or silent cooperation; cut the chatter and listens within. Own back any projections. It may be tempting, but won’t be helpful to withhold, obsess, or hold each other responsible for an existential ache. Let it push to improve. The mood renews tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius, restlessness ensues and our dancing shoes call; strangers may be easier to talk with thank familiars, but take care of old connections. Deeper emotional issues are lurking and need to be respected.

Sunday, March 31: The mood is funny and interactive with deeper undertones; our hearts may ache and long for something we’ve lost or something we’ve yet to find this morning as Venus and the Sun squares Pluto. We can pour this ache into compassionate action, art work, and into valuing the people who are here with us now. Relax in sociable camaraderie as Venus sextiles Jupiter and let it soothe the deeper undercurrents. Take advantage of a chance to forgive and heal without talking it out, just through radical acceptance of the moment.

Monday, April 1: People will be in a mischievous mood for Fool’s Day, so watch out for the merry pranksters as the Sun sextiles Jupiter. We need to be irreverent and cut loose to recuperate from recent heaviness. Explore freedom in all its dimensions midday, playfulness can be truly healing. Our minds turn to work this evening; organize for an ambitious week ahead as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Tuesday, April 2: Get into the office and on-line to take stock of the work scene; changes are afoot and strategic attention is needed. Roll with a shortened deadline or a change in work requirements. Work urgency brings out a tendency to micro-manage that will not go over well; proceed as collaboratively as possible. Tell people what problems need to be solved, but not how to solve it. Evening grows more thoughtful as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and reminds us not to sweat the small stuff. Non-verbal comfort may work best for those that wander in their inner caves.

Wednesday, April 3: After a cranky or rushed morning, either some trigger can help us see a past problem in fresh light, or a familiar problem circles back around and we can improve the outcome. Keep the priorities clear, let go of the desire to prove oneself right and focus on what achieves the goals. Performance matters, not promises; follow through on agreements and don’t bite off more than can be chewed.

Thursday, April 4: Play well with others today as the Moon enters collective Aquarius; team participation will matter more than individual outcomes for the moment, so work on human resources and work the network. Exchanges of information broaden possibilities. Lighter vibes around dinnertime, but the energy level lowers quickly, grows more taciturn as the Moon squares Saturn tonight.


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