Starcodes March 22 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

We get the astrological green lights this week; that doesn’t mean the road is easy, or that we know where we’re going, but we will have opportunities and catalysts to move onwards.

Spring is always revolutionary as Aries loans us the combative gumption to sprout up and start anew. This fresh, brash energy explodes like a tree shoot breaking through tarmac this week with the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all now in fiery Mars-ruled Aries, while energizing Mars is hot-wired by a conjunction with electrifying Uranus.

Aries energy has both the innocent straightforwardness of a spring lamb, and the fire power of rocket fuel; it’s powerful when we can guide it, but explosive under pressure. Although the general mood may be positive and simple this week, our spiritual calm can be tested. We will not suffer fools lightly, and, funny, everyone looks like a fool to our impatience. We could see a rash of explosions, fires, or volatile situations. If any argument starts to escalate, it will be help up to neither give in, nor add fuel, but step away from the fire and let the pressure calm down before proceeding, whether that takes a minute or a few weeks. Our instincts may call for a more primal response but would that be wise.

So if we want to engage people now, we need to bring in the fresh and unexpected and make the experience action-oriented. Encourage their participation; we are energized where we are the author of our own experience. From dog, to kid, to mate to foreign country, we become allergic to being told what to do but more likely to tell others what to do under stress. This can cause a problem.

If we feel the energy rising and person starts to spout, it may be safest to let them go for it and express all over the place; just stand back and don’t take it personally. After the first volcanic rush of anger or enthusiasm spills out, they may arrive at some real nuggets of truth.  If we try to suppress this flow, rather than direct it as harmlessly as possible, then it will really volatilize.

On the other hand, if we’re bored and uninspired, this spring fever can make us as lazy as a sleepy lamb. We can tap into the ambient energy pool by spontaneous action and with any strong emotion; anger, excitement, a moment of passion or enthusiasm can spike through us.

Even our cells are reactive; we may experience headaches, allergies and eye problems if we don’t get out there and use our muscles this week. But avoid the weekend warrior syndrome and warm up first; the last few months’ energy has been more passive, and this brash Aries energy can push us past what’s good for us. Enjoy movement and work into it. Headaches may improve with healthy self-expression.

Aries gets the party started but does not loan us staying power; we have to provide that to bring anything we start to conclusion. And where we’re calm, we can also be guided by the quiet voice of intuition as mental Mercury is still in sensitive, considered Pisces and close to intuitive Neptune. Or, if we got way off center under the recent Pisces line-up, guided by our delusions.

As this exploratory, adventurous weekend begins, look for both brilliant problem solving and mechanical glitches that provoke the need for such brilliance. It may be easier to just do something than to coordinate with other what over what needs to be done, but unless it’s a one -time and urgent event, collaboration will probably bring better long-term results.

Relationships can be challenging this week, but that challenge can bring people closer if they take on those challenges with a spirit of adventure, mutual respect, and mutual empowerment.

Next week heads into a complicated Full Moon in Libra. Every Full Moon highlights some inner paradox or tension and asks us to integrate opposing needs. This one shines its lunar floodlights on both our need for independence, our need for intimate connection, and any tension we feel between. In our loves and in our working partnerships, it highlights tension between what we want, and what is fair for others. How does our country honor its internal demands and balance those with the needs of our ecosystem and our foreign cohorts. As this Full Moon connects with the ongoing era-changing 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square, events will spotlight the great conundrums of our time and lay out our gifts and our work for us. So we can look at anything that happens this week as a metaphor, a lesson in miniature, be humble about our interpretation (as we may be too in the middle of it to see the other side clearly), and learn.

From the astrological pattern we see (as the Sun in Aries conjuncts Uranus and Mars, squares Pluto, the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus and squares Pluto) whatever problems come up, the answer will not be found in extremes, but in Libran balance and compromise, and Cancerian nurturance (Cancer is the missing corner of the square, the focus of the concave mirror of the T-square), through art and creative solutions, and through nurturing one another in a sustainable way.

And on Thursday, an exact Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction starts a whole new Venus cycle. It can catalyze our hearts, strike lightening to the creative process, and vivifying a fresh approach to love, art, and the freedom of women and the anima within.

Friday, March 22: Take a field trip. Life is an adventure or it’s a drag; we have no patience with boring. Activity accelerates, will power activates; it’s time to take healthy risks and let logic and intuition flow together. Blast off as the Moon enters extroverted Leo and trines Venus while macho Mars conjuncts unpredictable Uranus. Avoid clashing egos; lead by empowering others. Break routine and find new forms of self-expression. Stay involved, particularly late afternoon as decisions are needed, but know when to back away from controversy. Evening is social, with a potentially cranky spell later on.

Saturday, March 23: An off-center, self-indulgent morning with karmic twists midday. Relationships are reactive, unsettled, but also potential-filled. Take everything as a lesson in miniature and watch how that changes the outcome. Let go of obstacles and clear the path. People get a little self-involved, even with a loving heart, praise and reassurance reach across. Volatile energy tonight, enjoys the buzz, let emotional fireworks flow but don’t attach to the story.

Sunday, March 24: Find a good cause to champion; it will be so easy to get prickly and fight under this Aries-stoked Virgo Moon, so put it to good use. Prioritize health; our bodies may need to catch up with themselves. Notice details, the artistry of the parts create a beautiful whole. Notice disputes about who’s in charge; find a way to let everyone lead their own category and encourage autonomy with self-responsibility. Stay present and enjoy the magic around a confusing moment at dinnertime as the Moon opposes Neptune. Soothe nerves and notice dreams tonight.

Monday, March 25: An irrational, itchy morning presses; communication can be a challenge unless we keep our hearts open. Yes, we feel pressure to get on with it, but it will all go faster and smoother if done with mutual respect and clear priorities as the Moon trines Pluto. Work creatively with tension between desire and responsibility, between generations, or between authority and rebellion as Mars quincunx Saturn. Watch the grumbling and find healthy short -term compromises.

Tuesday, March 26: It will feel good to use muscles. Keep natural competition friendly as Mars sextiles Jupiter and squares Pluto; enterprise and dominance games abound, sabers will rattle, but we don’t have to respond in kind. Watch a tendency to launch into a crusade or take problems out on others. Later, as the Moon enters Libra, seduce and persuade instead of coerce.

Wednesday, March 27: The Libra Full Moon can break our heart open; relationships quiver with potential and need fertilization and care. Even little interactions can feel fraught with importance, play them like a world in miniature, and make good magic.

Thursday, March 28: Anything is possible as the Sun, Venus and Uranus conjunct, awakening and shifting gears in our heart and our creative process. This day begins a new Venus cycle, a good day to remember our priorities and focus on who and what we love and the magic of compassion. Mercury trines Saturn and calls for sanity and significance, so keep it real and potential-filled. The Moon enters Scorpio tonight, sharpening our edges and bringing smoky, musky undertones.



2 thoughts on “Starcodes March 22 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Reading tarot at the famously haunted Queen Mary all weekend! Wow, what energy. I will be applying everything multi-dimensionally this week. ;) Many Thanks!

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