Starcodes March 15, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.                                               ~Hal Borland

 Patience, steadiness, grounded, practical thinking; these qualities are so valuable this week because they are in such short supply. Expect the unexpected, and tune into the patient but awakening trees when extra patience is needed. Go full speed ahead on creative endeavors now but wherever possible, hold major decisions until later in the week.

The general mood is open, honest, emotional, vague, impatient with strong political cross-currents, quick to share and quick to defend with an accidental streak as our astrological energizer, Mars (now it its own energetic if short-fused sign of Aries) approaches unpredictable Uranus. The Sun has just flared and now sends a flash of extra energy heading our way, and this usually stirs up history in progress. We get excited.

Just to sweeten our mood, Mars in Aries is unusually irritated by delays, but mental Mercury is still retrograde and makes occasional delays inevitable. Headaches or minor accidents can bother us if we to contain our own feelings with too much force, so it can be therapeutic to go chop wood or thrown rocks in the lake, to vent safely and then come back to the negotiating table with less steam in the engine. Luckily, the Aries mood flashes over quickly, if we find a safe way to express or feel progress kicking in, the mood dissipates as quickly as it arrives.

The Aries impatient impulsiveness grows to a crescendo over this week and into next as the Sun and Venus enter fiery Aries, Mercury turns direct, and Mars approaches that conjunction with rebellious Uranus. Through the weekend and into next, watch impulsive reactions to problems or slights from the past. Deal with this springtime regenerative impatience. Breathe into it. Search for that still, calm place in the center, visit it briefly and return to it often, and from there, let the Aries energy regenerate in a healthy and centered way.

Through the weekend and into next week watch a particular impulsive reaction to problems or slights from the past. A friend or foreign country might suddenly get angry about a misunderstanding or from years ago, a long-forgotten speeding ticket may come up to tick us off. If this is so, it will work best to start first with hearing them out and validating their feelings (if not their understanding), and then own up to our responsibility or explain our side with strength and clarity. We cannot start in a defensive offense without escalating the problem.

Over the weekend people are fresh, energetic, talkative, but may feel like they’re spinning their wheels. Mercury turns direct late on Sunday and picks up speed on Monday and throughout next week. We begin to get some traction on our new direction by the end of the week. Check in with all projects now cooking on the back burner because they are about to change; some get a decisive cut, other take off with rocket fuel after Wednesday’s Vernal Equinox.

Be involved in the decisions, and stay in the thick of things this week. Get resumes out there, proposals out there any time after Monday.

Saturn trines Chiron next week and calls us to share our talents with the world. Opportunities abound; say yes if they are anywhere near in line with innate talents, and refine the path later.

Relationships have an added zest over the next few weeks, but whether that is zesty love, lust, possessiveness, fresh acceptance, or a general ornery friction, is up to us. We’ll absolutely hate to be told what to do, but can impatiently start giving orders, and may notice some primal patriarchal habits creep back in. Look for a fresh spontaneity in old relationships, and new sparks flying in unexpected places.

Friday, March 15: The energy pushes us to hurry up and wait, but it’s better if we can make smoother and steady progress under an earthy Taurus Moon. A tiring, boring moment mid-morning may be necessary to support later efforts; don’t lose concentration. Delays midday, but kindly though can make this slower pace useful. Tonight, offer comfort and clarify priorities rather than argue about what is left over. Excitement is in the air, but not everyone will come through; release disappointments and find contentment in what is.

Saturday, March 16: Keep a sense of humor nearby; honor obligations but don’t take anything else too seriously as the Sun sesqui-squares Saturn. Rest. If we must be busy, let’s be as organized as possible, and wing it from there. Last-minute adjustments need to be made around broken technology or missing items. Be patient with an obsessive streak. Some difficult decision may press, but wait a few days if possible. Notice a desire to prove oneself and expect authority to be challenged. Evening lightens up, grows more sensual around dinnertime, and funnier and more conversational towards midnight as the Moon approaches Gemini.

Sunday March 17: For St Patrick’s Day, life is a jig, we jump up and down in place; problems get worse when we stress or hurry, go faster when we slow down and go deeper. Expect lots of words with good connection but little progress until afternoon as Mercury stations under a talkative Gemini Moon. Watch for loose wiring and strange crosswinds, both figuratively and meteorologically. Forgive miss-speaking. Things begin to make sense tonight; keeps the conversation going.

Monday, March 18: Breathe through impatience. We may all suffer from temporary attention deficit disorder but can get organized in bits and pieces. Straighten out misunderstandings, find lost things. We really need people to come through for us, to do what they said they would do as Venus sesqui-squares Saturn, but let’s not make it a test; life is testing us enough already.

Tuesday, March 19: Touchy, touchy, people take everything so personally. The morning has minor distracting discombobulation as the Moon challenges Sun and Venus then enters deep-feeling, defensive Cancer. Paradox abounds; loving kindness flickers with impatience, we are pulled by an approach-avoidance tension about how we engage the world. Impersonal plans blossom, but if our human resources are tricky, return to the common goal, the shared vision.

Wednesday, March 20: Spring begins 5:02 AM MDT. After a blustery morning, communications improves as Mercury trines the Moon. A new understanding can be reached if we keep the dialogue open and to the point, and listen as much as we speak. Look for a chance to rectify inequality midday as the Moon opposes Pluto, but let rough moods flow through without attaching to the story. Avoid oppositional behavior and encourage all to come alive and express themselves this first day of spring.

Thursday, March 21: Prepare today, and be ready to get on with it all tomorrow. We may feel the conflicts between home life and ambition this morning, between coziness and adventure. But our intuition can work more clearly and with less distortion as Mercury pulls away from Neptune. Clarify what has been fuzzy and correct misunderstandings. Later, the world speeds up and patience lowers even more as Venus enters Aries. Our hearts want expression; healthy, mutually-empowering generosity brings rewards.


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