Starcodes March 8, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film.”

-Ansel Adams –

This week comes in like a lamb and roars out like a lion. The mood is soft and creative as we begin, good for puttering around, yet our mind can feel like a pencil that just won’t sharpen with five planets now in sensitive, squishy, visionary if easily-distracted Pisces. But the first blast of straight-forward spring enthusiasm kicks in next week as both motivating Mars and mood-creating Moon leave Pisces and enter direct and head-strong Aries.

As the weekend begins, this soft, creative vibe sings to us that we are at one with the world. Our heart may be unusually open, which for some allows us to feel the woes and joys of the world, to sympathize with one another, but in others, who are less comfortable feeling all this muck, may trigger unusually strong defenses. Our concentration waffles and life’s rhythms may seem to ignore the schedule. Keys and important papers play hide-and-go seek. We may wonder if we have what it takes to handle our life and want to take a break. But we can be productive in the short term, particularly for efforts to understand or repair the past even if we still feel uncertain about the future, as Mercury trines Saturn and both sextile Pluto.

Over the weekend we can feel awash and need extra sleep; it’s time to explore what makes us feel vulnerable as the Moon joins the Sun, Venus, Mars, Chiron, Neptune retrograde Mercury in permeable Pisces. Let the tears flow; feel everything and clear a backlog of emotions. It’s a good time to take auspices, meditate, soak up the arts, or listen to the sugar maples whisper of their rising sap.

Do not, under any circumstance, guilt trip or make someone pay for showing their soft side, it will really cause trouble by the end of the week.

Gumption returns on Tuesday. We’re not going to take it anymore and can feel a wave of new activism kick in. If we’ve felt wronged recently, watch out. Our energy level amps up as Mars and the Moon enter fiery Aries and lower our impulse control while it revs our engines. But we have to provide the wisdom to guide this momentum; with Mercury still retrograde we can so easily hare off after a misunderstanding, or accidentally drive off a cliff if we’re not careful. Contents under pressure may explode. We really need to watch where we’re going.

Now some impulses may be divinely inspired, something we’d never do if we were thinking right, but turn out to be the way to go. Wait five minutes if such lightning strikes, and see if all parts of the soul agree.

The mood is revolutionary and innovative, and growing more so over the next few weeks. Watch political hot spots begin to percolate, and feel the change coming. Let’s direct this fresh springtime energy well, and ask what revolution shall we bring to our own lives.

Friday, March 8: Look for an opportunity to talk over a sore spot and see what can be healed (not blamed) as Mercury conjuncts Chiron. A generous, inclusive morning becomes an opinionated and difficult afternoon as people space out and struggle to get organized while the collaborative Aquarius Moon squares structured Saturn; pay attention to a new understanding, but don’t attach to transitory negative thoughts. Evening has a positive but disconnected vibe; puddle about together.

Saturday, March 9: Keep it fun; enjoy the sociable, talkative mood and strengthen connections as Mercury squares Jupiter, just don’t let anyone hog the conversation. Relax and let the opinions flow by. Midday has edgy moments, places where we wonder if we have enough resources. Dinner is sociable as long as everyone shares, pardon a few missed-signals or moments of cheerful social ineptitude. Evening grows mushy, emotional and prone to over-indulgence as the Moon joins the Pisces lineup.

Sunday, March 10: Keep the agenda low, sweet and sacred. Swim around in the psyche, retrospect and compost. Ask what needs forgiveness and release as the Moon conjuncts Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. Easy and natural adjustments can be made by to changed circumstances, but although we’re flexible, don’t push; abuse will not be forgotten.

Monday, March 11: Get in alignment today to prepare for tomorrow. The mood is squishy and aware, our thinking circuitous but profound, if we hang in there and work through it. Make it safe to be soft under this New Moon in Pisces. Repair relationships, create visions. Write poetry and be persuasive, help others find beauty in this moment. Positive feedback helps. Share warmth tonight as the Moon cozies up with Venus.

Tuesday, March 12: The winds shift towards springtime as Mars and the Moon enter Aries; energy increases, but wisdom does not. Feel the spontaneous impulse, the courage, but look before leaping. We’re not interested in continuing dysfunction, but may not have a clear alternative. Tempers spike hot and brief, accidents increase. We crave a taste of freedom tonight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus.

Wednesday, March 13: Early discontent triggers changes that take concerted effort. Don’t walk out, unless it really does support long term goals, do speak up and make adjustments. Put enthusiasm and rebellion to good purpose. Bear honest witness, but stay out of the middle of other people’s fights.

Thursday, March 14: The mood is disjointed but determined early on; mistakes are made when we push. Energy settles into a new flow as the beautiful crescent Moon enters Taurus this afternoon and steadies our efforts. We may be determined to proceed, but still feeling everything. If doubts abound, let them guide the progress.





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