Starcodes March 1 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a truly tough weekend to try and hammer out our country’s budgets. It is, of course, possible to work around any major astrological aspect, but it’s so much easier when we go with the flow, and this week’s flow takes us into dream time that feels like fog over melting snow. The edges of our lives may not feel clearly delineated and our brains can feel like slush. And once they get going, our emotions and imagination can seep up and overflow like snowmelt on the prairie.

It may be hard to enjoy this amorphous, sensitive haze and just rest or dabble about in our art supplies, because we can also feel a sense of urgency. We can feel important things brewing on the horizon, but can’t quite see them clearly just yet with Mercury retrograde until March 17th, and The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and the asteroids Chiron and Hygeia, all in oceanic, sensitive and dreamy Pisces.

We lose proportion easily in this misty mood, and this makes it easy to wind out about some worry or concern, or some imagined or real gift or slight. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it becomes all too easy to move into useless patterns of shame and blame (just look at congress for an example).  Empathy, faith, a creative approach, art therapy and a meditative longing for real connection are some Piscean cures. Things can really cook when we can paddle about in our inner worlds and dream.

It’s unusually easy to access to our right brain, our creative mind, and unusually hard to get back out of it and into sequential logic. But we can use this to our advantage; if we’re stuck on a problem, it may help to drop the problem, go pursue some completely different creative endeavor or brainstorm with paints and collage or divinatory tools and engage the creative right brain, and only then re-approach the problem from outside the box. We can start with the creative and move into a whole-brained, integrated approach.

But when we need to leave our internal puddle and interface with the outside world it’s helpful go over the Mercury retrograde checklist carefully.  Check schedules twice, reread emails before sending, track keys and important items carefully, measure three times before cutting. Scan the horizon for bills or deadlines creeping up. Check for misunderstandings before getting upset. Answer emails, don’t leave them dangling, as people will tend to assume the worst when we don’t respond to any communications.

When in doubt and under pressure, make the most compassionate and sustainable decision. Wherever possible, put off unripe decisions and major communications until Mercury turns direct on March 17th. Now if we could only get those involved in our national budget debate to do the same.

But there’s a lot of potential in this pre-spring sogginess, it is the ground that gestates the coming growth. So let’s not fight it all the time, let’s give ourselves time to sink into those dreams, be fed by spirit and let our bodies rest.

As the weekend begins, the past can feel too much with us as Venus conjuncts Neptune while the Sun trines Saturn.  This can help us concentrate and accomplish, but leaves us with a haze of magical thinking.  Lots of old memories churn up to be processed. A Scorpio Moon brings our energies in, deep and personal, through Sunday. Early in the week we’re more outgoing, funny, restless, and solutions-oriented, if still escapism-prone.

All this week we’re called to our hearts, and to our artistic and caring selves as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, trines Saturn, and squares Jupiter in Gemini. We have an unusual capacity to feel ugliness and see beauty with an unusually sensitive awareness. Let’s enjoy our dreams, but not get lost in them or project them into romantic expectations. It may be hard, but we really need to stay in the moment to make the most of it. And watch out for those people that do get lost in their romantic projections or resentments. Let’s water what we want to grow, praise and fertilize good habits, and let people feel the love.

Friday, March 1: We close the week on a broody day, competent on the outside but swarming with sub-conscious materiel, the underworld and inner realms reach out for us. We are aware of our solitude, for better or worse. We are rewarded for taking a stance, not out of pride, but because that position is core to us, but this may trigger a stalemate. Our inner voice whispers; listen to the wisdom, but question murmurs of dark things, they may be just old bad habits of the mind. Use a midday competence-window to tie up work projects. By dinner time the mood warms up, but reel in emotional expectations and let people be where they are. Interesting conversation grows sharp edges later tonight, but most communication runs under the verbal level.

Saturday, March 2: Morning is thoughtful and productive, if solitary and individualistic; please accept our eccentricities. We may need time to process work concerns, or find it restful to focus on something dear to us as the concentrative Scorpio Moon conjuncts serious Saturn. Find a healthy obsession. Afternoon flows if we choose connection, but let people arrive when they’re ready. Evening is more magical, opinionated, communicative, and laced with fateful moments.

Sunday, March 3: Our tails twitch if we feel pressured on this moody, disjointed morning as the Scorpio Moon trines Mars and semi-squares Pluto. The past sits close by, so process memories but don’t get stuck on the sore points. Afternoon feels more forward thinking and humorous as the Moon enters Sagittarius; take time for some real rest and relaxation. Travel well but keep an eye out for careless drivers. Tonight has an aimless note that feels celebratory under the right circumstances.

Monday, March 4: Expect feelings, good will, but not much objectivity. Much gets communicated accidentally, so make this useful; listen to what’s said on the periphery and understand a deeper layer of how the speaker feels. We can listen to our own dreams and fantasies the same way. Keep ears open for important communication about an old conundrum. And think carefully before speaking. Although energy and concentration scatter, our hearts speak clearly as Venus squares Jupiter; we know (if we’re honest) what we care about and can find ways to express feelings as the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury.

Tuesday, March 5: Watch tempers and traffic this morning as the Moon squares Mars. Initiate thoughtfully, begin small projects, not feuds. This afternoon, its time to repair as Venus conjuncts Chiron; clean up broken pieces of the heart or other more mundane objects, find what’s missing, and stich them back together. Get more organized and make short-term plans tonight as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Wednesday, March 6: The agenda changes minute by minute; to work through this easily, pay attention to the micro-climate, the mood and conditions of each moment. Engage design work and architecture; reorganize personal, set healthy ground rules in relationship as Venus conjuncts Mercury, sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn. Honor feelings tonight, speak from the heart but stay responsible for one’s own condition.

Thursday, March 7: Will and words work together on this important day for communication, but watch a manipulative trend. Be conscious of what signals are sent and received as Mercury trines Saturn and sextiles Pluto under a durable Capricorn Moon. Work on old problems and dreams with both heart and mind. Take a more philosophical overview and share with the team tonight as the Moon enters Aquarius.






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