Starcodes Feb 22, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

Feeling a little squishy and spacey? One of this week’s lessons is learning how to dwell in uncertainty and with our feelings close to the surface. Four planets are in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, and Mercury is about to retrograde for the next three weeks. Walking around in a fuzzy if potentially-inspired haze is lovely under safe circumstances, but let’s focus when engaging in dangerous Mercury situations, like driving over ice or answering a loaded question.

When our feelings quiver this much they can easily distort what we see; we peer through the lenses of hopes and fears. We may feel unusually physically sensitive as well as emotionally so. Our minds can run to misunderstandings or unnecessary worries and get stuck. But we can turn this to our advantage; instead of overloading, let’s learn from our vulnerabilities and utilize our sensitivities to understand, appreciate and improve the situation.

Venus joins Mercury retrograde, Mars, the Sun and Neptune in Pisces on Monday and calls for a creative approach. It can help to admit when we’re ungrounded and dive into truly right-brained activity, immerse ourselves in meditation or our personal form of art therapy and awaken our creative problem-solving abilities, remember we can invent and transcend, and then bring this awareness back to our more recalcitrant problems.

Luckily these planets in Pisces also form a supportive trine to stabilizing Saturn in Scorpio, which can help us stay organized and sane under these otherwise amorphous astrological conditions. We can tap into this Saturnine support when we use our rituals of habits, our training, and treat one another with a respectful attitude. Saturn likes systems and traditions. We can use these Saturn skills to repair, complete, and prepare the ground so chance can be with us and inspiration strikes.

Spring is just a short month away, we can already feel its breath when the afternoon sun shines and see it in the growing golden tones of the early morning light. But we’re not done with winter yet, whether we see that light reflected off snowdrift or cherry blossom. Mercury retrograde sends us back to do our winter’s homework (and provide some mid-winter slapstick). We can’t leap ahead until we review what we’ve learned and finish our unfinished work. Mercury retrograde ask us to compost the year and become more wise, to review our plans and course–correct for the future. Because this spring will hit with a bang as planet after planet spills into fiery Aries, and we’ll need all our wisdom in the driver’s seat.

As the weekend begins expect a bout of benign narcissism, a moment when we need to put ourselves in the center and attend to our needs under a waxing Moon in Leo. Watch out for malignant narcissism when in doing so we deny the needs and rights of another.

Early next week, notice a tendency to be hard on ourselves and one another as a persnickety Virgo Moon holds high standards about the very things we’re having trouble with under Mercury retrograde, like factual accuracy, deadlines, schedules or mechanical precision. Practice acceptance and put safety first. And be kind to the digestive system. Health issues will feature prominently in our thoughts and headlines.

Notice ticks of irritation, and check to see if it’s some minor thing that is not really the issue but feels safer to dither about than the real problem. We may feel pressured to make a decision before it’s ripe; if so, push back, it should feel really clear to move forward decisively right now. If we’re waffling, let’s wait a few weeks, as it may be our intuition talking.

It’s all about diplomacy and relationship mid-week under a gentle, sociable Libra Moon. Venus longs to be fed with beauty and friendship, with kindness and a sense of hope in the innate fairness of the world.

Friday, Feb 22: This morning some tweaks of insecurity can brush our fur backwards as Venus semi-squares Pluto. We may have to deal with a fear of losing something precious (but not necessarily actually lose it now), and this can shift our priorities. As Mercury appears to slow down, communication glitches and our minds thicken; speak with care, and get as many loose ends tied up as possible. Midday the energy shifts and grow more extroverted, tempting us to indulge or act out tonight as the Moon enters outgoing, heart-centered and sybaritic Leo.

Saturday, Feb 23: Mercury retrogrades: it’s a great day as long as we’re not trying to get anywhere or get anything done. Notice an impulse to shop and either resist or keep the receipts. The mood is warm-hearted, pleasant with a tendency to emotional melodrama which may kick in when we don’t feel understood, and that is all too easy with Mercury retrograde. Assume the best and clarify. Sociable dinnertimes but can get more formal or grim late in the evening; don’t read too much into it.

Sunday, Feb 24: Keep both the heart and eyes open, this could be a rocky day, it will help to be one’s own audience, rather than try and get either approval or understanding from others. Enjoy the good moment, just don’t count on them as the Moon makes a series of minor difficult aspects, opposes Venus, and then heads in to prickly Virgo. Later, healthy self-indulgence is helpful.

Monday, Feb 25: Hurry up and wait, a full Moon in Virgo can make us more demanding, while the rest of today’s aspects slow us down and make the situation more complicated. Prioritize and forgive. Direct the critical mind with care, give it a problem to solve not problems to find; pre-spring cleaning may be great therapy. Listen for health care news. Keep a smooth, easy pace and don’t buy into transient irritations. Be aware of how easy it is to hurt feelings as Venus enters Pisces

Tuesday, Feb 26: Relax on this strangely oppositional day; note resistance (more likely to smolder without bursting into flames) as Mercury conjuncts Mars and the Moon opposes both. Irritating delays could be a saving grace. It’s easy to spike a temper over a complete misunderstanding, so check facts and make sure everyone’s on the same page first. We may need to go back and reassess recent decisions, or need to clarify where we really want to go, even though the path may be hidden at the moment.

Wednesday, Feb 27: Do not take people for granted. Make nice as the Moon enters Libra; it may feel like a waste of time to socialize, but we need to strengthen relationships at home and at work to use this time productively. Some old splinter or grudge can bother us this morning, which necessitates flexibility and consideration this afternoon as the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, but may give us an opportunity to laugh about it all tonight. If called to make a sudden decision, make it life- affirming.

Thursday, Feb 28: The mood is dreamy, intuitive, hopeful and sensitive, easily bruised by the dissonance between our ideals and our reality, easily lost in our fantasies or illusions as Venus conjuncts Neptune under a friendly Libra Moon. Use this day to create connection through understanding. Because it can hurt to feel unconnected to day- reach out beyond usual boundaries, even a warm smile at the store can help- just hold clear and healthy boundaries in the process. Pour this gentle creativity into art and word, keep it out of projections about other people, and away from major financial decisions.







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