Starcodes Feb 15, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream-world into reality” Henry David Thoreau

Ok, enough with the Valentine’s roses, however we feel about them, as the Moon enters Taurus; we may have loved the sentiment, but now we want to see something solid, a return on investment or action not just intention. Take that dream world of love and make it reality. Say less and do more, it’s all in the body language and follow-through in both romance and business as Mars sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn.

We need pragmatic solidity on the outside to help anchor us, because we’re still floating around in a sensitive cloud internally with Mars, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, and soon the Sun all lined up in ephemeral, intuitive Pisces. People overload easily, feel awash or underwater, and need their boundaries respected. If they get anxious or overloaded, or feel they are being guilt-tripped, they can either curl inwards or lash out.

But this Taurus Moon encourages us to manifest. So express feelings with tangible action; say “I love you” with a well-cooked meal or active snow-shovel, say “I’m on your team” with a helping hand or completed checklist.

And over the weekend, as the Moon enters Gemini and squares that Pisces line-up all while active Mars sextiles Pluto. Notice an urge to change, clean, or transform in some clear way. Be prepared to do some Mars work, to look at ambitions, what we crave or what ticks us off. Even the wind may pick up. We’re being asked to shift out of  any oppressive or oppressing situation and make it right, now, while we are in a compassionate mood, rather than wait until the aspects really heat up as spring begins and most of these Pisces planets head into Aries.

It only gets worse if we wait too long or buy into the passivity or victimization that can be part of the Pisces mindset. Instead, we can speak kind truth and disarm rather than confront, but we may need to be as persistent and inevitable as melting snow. Starting with a major dose of self-honesty, and ask what is really nudging at us, what are our real worries and motivations. If we move through (not ignore or suppress, or pretend we are above all that) any anger or tension, we can move into the wise leadership of the heart; see beyond the problem and invite people to a wider landscape.

If we really have done that Mars homework and cleared out our motivation, it’s a great weekend to activate; but if we haven’t, we can just get pushy or stubborn, just because. Let’s not get tricked in to passive aggressive behavior, and just drag our feet or resist, but instead look deeper for our truth, and be proactive.

On Monday the Sun enters mutable water sign Pisces and continues our inwards turn towards our tender places and intimate dreams. Our energy may be low for a while, but this can help us do less and process more. Pisces season is time to review the story of our year, compost its lessons, and dream the future before we begin a new cycle. Our challenge is to also stay grounded in the moment.

Let’s anchor our plans rather than let them float away this week, because everything may feel drifty or foggy and the energy inconsistent where we try to push forward in the practical world. But it can be magically intuitive where we have time to wander in the numinous realms. So let’s move slowly enough to stay on track; knowing the speed picks up as we have more definition next week, and really gets rolling next month.

Friday, Feb 15: Let’s do what we say we’re going to do, say less and demonstrate more, it’s all in the body language and follow through for romance or business. Midday we can build trust or disappoint depending on our consistency and gentle honesty as Mars sextiles Pluto. Chemistry sparks in the strangest places as we head into a mellow, stubborn, comfort-seeking evening.

Saturday, Feb 16: Notice dreams this mooring, they may say something about recent frustration around personal authority but we’ll have to sort out if they offer advice or just venting- as the Moon opposes Saturn overnight. This morning may be a little achy and warm-bed-seeking. Move slowly and steadily- and work out the links—a pragmatic trine between Mars and Saturn offers us easy control, a chance to redirect frustration and add discipline to our crafts, and a desire to get things done. Some delay may prove fortunate, do not rush. Ease around a socially awkward or shy moment midafternoon and be open to change, without pushing it- tonight.

Sunday, Feb 17: Morning may have a rather taciturn, thoughtful, introspective vibe, as some old feelings float to the surface or mixed feelings wrestle, but the mood and humor pick up as the Moon enters Gemini and squares Neptune midday and calls for a lively exchange of creative ideas, a nervous energy but curiosity and lack of judgmentalness which can make it easy to explore possibilities.

Monday, Feb 18: The mood gets fuzzy and disoriented as the Sun enters Pisces and approaches Neptune. Our mind floats and our work may seem to stand still as ordinary organized and structural Saturn appears to turn retrograde. Don’t rush anything; work with the magic of the day instead. Feel the connection to the numinous, but get grounded before driving or sending off important emails. An unsettled, edgy evening needs extra patience and kindness to help us integrate with one another as the Moon squares irritable Mars and Venus semi-squares unsettled Uranus

Tuesday, Feb 19: Communications glitches this morning as the Moon squares Mercury. If people seem busy and out of synch, slow it down and listen carefully, or wait to collaborate until sympathy aligns us midday as the Moon trines Venus. If late night tiredness makes people edgy, gently give them room. Soothe nerves.

Wednesday, Feb 20: Tender feelings and edgy nerves can leave us feeling raw and wanting a thicker shell this morning as the Moon enters Cancer. But if give each other space and respect, magic unfolds midday as the Moon trines the Sun and Neptune and infuse us with intuition and understanding. Just watch those hair-trigger defenses if life feeds gritty this afternoon, plans can feel like they’re going off track, but just may need to wander for a moment. Anchor the boat rather than try to control the circumstances.

Thursday, Feb 21: The mood is all likes of sensitive, impressionable, permeable and creative as the Moon, Sun, and Saturn for a grand trine in emotional water signs. Spirit hovers so close, but we can so easily misconstrue our situation and project all over one another as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. Intuit and then confirm the facts. Moods are serious and thoughtful this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto. Share visions midday. Later, let’s choose what we want to absorbed, good people, great ideas, strong trees.






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