Starcodes Feb 1 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome to Ground Hog’s Day weekend,  known in some corners as Imbolc, winter’s halfway mark when lambs begin to drop, roots begin to sprout in their burrows, and Persephone mythically turns to begin her walk out of the underworld and back to the sunlit lands. Although it’s traditionally time to take animal auguries and suss out the season ahead, nowadays we usually load that responsibility on one poor overworked groundhog.

So let the day be a good excuse; go talk to the animals and commune with the natural world, notice what bird fly overhead and watch which way the dog runs. Let’s take a break from our mundane workings and reconsider life from a more holistic, multi-species perspective to refresh our priorities and reorient our daily choices.

As the weekend begins and the Libra Moon trines the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, it feels good to gather for a cause or idea and think about how we relate to our community.

The mood shifts on Saturday, grows deeper roots, and calls for both more intimacy and better boundaries as three planets shift signs; the Moon enters broody Scorpio, Venus enters sociable Aquarius and Mars enters sensitive Pisces. Feelings strengthen, our responses are more primal and less considered. Venus in Aquarius helps us be diplomatic and sociable, but we can also feel the burgeoning life swimming just out of sight in our oceanic unconscious, and magic can feel close at hand.

Although it’s a busy week work wise and practical life goes on apace,  we’re called to look at the unseen world that underlies all, our emotional and spiritual intra-cellular matrix, as Mars enters sensitive, intuitive Pisces on Saturday, Mercury follows on Tuesday, and both conjunct Pisces’ ruler, intuitive Neptune soon after.

Pisces season, the second half of winter, asks us really consider our life in all its multi-dimensional complexity, see how interwoven we are, and remember our wisest self before the spring energy kicks in. Now we remember who we are and make wiser decisions where we’re going, so this wisdom can stay in the driver’s seat and direct the raw, immature spring enthusiasm. Spring is coming soon, and with it Aries season, so let’s do the work and get wise now.

As Mars and Mercury conjunct Neptune this week we may feel flooded or out or overwhelmed and want to stay under the covers and day dream rather than go contend with the weather or the world’s hassle. Aggressive conflict will tend to bring out a passive-aggressive response, a countering guilt trip, or just a polite slip away. If we want someone to hear out complaint, we‘ll need to speak it tactfully and responsibly. This line up does bring out a deep sense of compassion and empathy; we’ll want to protect true victims, but will get ticked off if people play the pity card unnecessarily, or give in to the temptation to play the martyr. This could trigger of suicide bombers.

These Neptune aspects can also melt old problems, if we choose to use it that way. Look for an honest opportunity to let an old anger melt away, or to release an old ambition or desire that is no longer relevant, and daydream in new, more vibrant options.

Because our inner muse will be clamoring for attention, we’ll be able to get more done if we’ve had some time in our creative pursuits.

Intuition flows this week but mingles so thoroughly with our hopes and fears it may be hard to tell them apart. Some people may spin stories or get lost in dreamtime. So listen to the dreams, the whiffs of guidance seeping through, and consider all possibilities, but then sort out probabilities in the weeks ahead.

Friday, Feb 1: The day starts positive with a streak of passive aggressive impatience under a Libra Moon; it’s hard to get a straight answer, so read the signals. Midday can meander pleasantly; grow understanding and weave connections. Late afternoon brings a burst of efficient, diplomatic communications as the Mondrian’s Mercury, and feel a change in the water, both more intimate and more sociable as Mars enters Pisces and Venus enters Aquarius tonight’s.  A moody night with all possible feelings rung through our dreams,

Saturday, Feb 2: Dreams linger this morning under a Scorpio Moon. Notice the animals. If strong emotional undertow adds emotional torque, it helps to sort feelings as we ground ourselves with practical chores. Relax through a disjointed midday. Don’t take other’s distraction personally; we all need time inside, but communicate enough to coordinate with others during some choppy waters late afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. We are aware of who or what is missing, and can pour oil on the fire of controversy unless we’re strategic. But if we breathe through it, the evening’s vibe is serious but open-hearted and sharp-witted.

Sunday, Feb 3: We need to catch up with ourselves and have a day without expectations in any direction. Let go of external agendas, be off the clock. Let this day unfold as it needs, and just be present to the needs of the soul. Any attempt to push others will backfire.  Go deep. Use the internal focus to search for a creative answer to a personal mystery.

Monday, Feb 4: Early morning crankiness shifts as the day gets going and the Moon enters Sagittarius. Impatience or tactless words midday can cause trouble as the Moon squares Mars, but underneath is a growing sense of magic and release as Mars conjuncts Neptune. We can either feel stuck, or find a way to accept, transcend, and tap into the flow. Communicate without words; own those unconscious signals.

Tuesday, Feb, 5: It’s a great day for a field trip, so go exploring. The vibe is vibrant, funny, impractical and gently restless. There’s little energy for the daily grind or conflict but plenty to wander. The natural world provides answers, and the animals may still be talking, so let’s notice what we notice.  A more sentimental mood softens us tonight as Mercury enters Pisces; speak poetically.

Wednesday, Feb 6: Keep performance expectations low and heart open. The day is active but non-sequential, and the true agenda is unspoken, underneath apparent action. A new level of perception may bring in fresh information. Rather than confront, approach problems tangentially. Competence picks up later in the day as the Moon enters Capricorn, but we need to move with our natural rhythm.

Thursday, Feb 7: Competent, creative, moody day as Mercury conjuncts Neptune and the Moon conjuncts Pluto; intuition, idealism, and imagination may flow, but we may feel easily overwhelmed or wonder if our resources are sufficient for the task at hand. Our situation may appear suddenly more complex, or we may worry about our responsibility to someone more vulnerable. Feel the flow of subtle information; be persuaded, but take all stories with a grain of salt.




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