Starcodes Jan 25, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

What’s our domestic policy? This week the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in philosophic Aquarius encourage us to take a step back and look at our life more theoretically, and today’s Moon in Cancer asks us to bring that view to our home life and homeland. Then show up and do the work.

So let’s take that step back and think both carefully and inspirationally as Mercury and the Sun both square Saturn and trine Jupiter all week.

The squares to careful, rigorous Saturn let us know things are not going to be easy. Remember that a workout is not easy, but it builds up muscle and expertize, as does any good Saturn transit. It could be just a little extra effort or determination is required by our life. We may realize how complicated a situation is, or have to wade through logistical problems or our own resistance. Maybe it is us that moment on our new year’s resolution when our adrenalin fades; it’s no longer fun but hasn’t quite become habit yet. Some father–figure may need our attention, or we find the chain of authority at work needs revising.

Hang in there, for this week difficulties and delays do not necessarily mean we should give up; work we put in this week can produce solid results. The trines to lucky, expansive Jupiter offer a silver lining; they suggest there is help on the way, and offer the potential for good results once we get going.

Friday is touchy and the scale of the work ahead leans in. Depression or crankiness can waver back and forth with determination and competence as Mercury squares Saturn. Some limits may need to be set, restructuring ordered, but it won’t pay to get grim or controlling, it will be much more effective to be heart centered and firm.

The weekend gets busier and more celebratory under a Full Moon in Leo, with a few dueling ego issues along the way. It’s a wonderful time to indulge ourselves, or gather and warm the hearthfires of our community, though some of us may act out a bit or want to be in the center of everything. Some bluster may hint of bigger clashes that will need work in the months ahead as Mars semi-squares Pluto.

Which brings us back to domestic policy; it’s time to think about what we do and why we do it, to define the issues, not beat each other over the head with our differences, whether we’re thinking of household chores or national budget. Take any knotted, intransigent problem, take a step back, tap into the Aquarian musings and ask the bigger questions.

Politically and economically Saturn tells us to cut back, and Jupiter whispers to expand more, and together in this week’s dance they remind us that the answer lies in a judicious waltz between.

It’s time to work on our strategy, but it won’t be productive to push for action just yet; the mood is apparently open-minded but all too stubborn. If we find ourselves in some turf war, let’s try holding ground while avoiding direct engagement; be a toreador to their bull.

Early next week the post-full-Moon Virgo energy quiets down, and it may be time for a health inventory and action. We want to analyze something, anything, and need to use this energy carefully; rather than just start inventorying our own faults and those of others, let’s keep it focused on improvement, and away from our beloved. If near and dear ones get cranky, be kind, they are probably feeling uncomfortable about themselves somehow, and just sharing that feeling.

Midweek Jupiter turns direct and allows us to return to plans to expand or promote that may have been sidelined mid-October when Jupiter turned retrograde.

Friday, Jan 25: Get serious this morning as Mercury squares Saturn, just know a judgmental streak will not further. Think it through, work out the tough stuff, but do not push people out of their comfort zones while defenses run high. People will think about what’s said even if they won’t admit it just yet. Late afternoon can leave us tired, but energy may return tonight, when an expansive Sun –Jupiter trine encourages a positive perspective.

Saturday, Jan 26: A Full Moon in Leo calls us into the stream of life; dive in headfirst. If we recognize the divine in everyone we meet, it can be recognized in us as well. Strong currents buffet us midday, egos and needs can collide as Mars semi-squares Pluto.  Energized camaraderie with a competitive streak can make for an exciting evening, just avoid head on arguments and reel back an urge to dominate the scene. If personal drama turns into melodrama, back away, show some love, and deal with it on Monday.

Sunday, Jan 27: Coddle through post-Full Moon aches and pains this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury and square Saturn. Things may appear more stuck in a rut than they really are; one step at a time allows for progress without overwhelm. Midday, put determination to work for something, not against. The mood becomes more fluid later; gratitude improves the flow.

Monday, Jan 28: If people are distracted from work by personal issues this morning, let them talk it out and they will return to the present moment. Notice turf wars and choose fights carefully midday. Instead, let’s celebrate our own turf and do what we do well, or do what we love, as the Moon opposes Mars. Energy lowers, becomes more brittle tonight as the Moon enters Virgo; rest and tend to health.

Tuesday, Jan 29: Dreams linger, our thinking may be fuzzy and our defenses may feel permeable and itchy. Take care of health and tend energy reserves. Forgive people’s anxious crankiness; they may be wading through recently–overlooked details or concerns. Later, keep eyes open for a flaw in the plan, not in the people, and fix it.

Wednesday, Jan 30: Little problems can expand and pile up, leaving us feeling a bit out of control. So deal with the problems while they’re small; don’t take them as a reflection of personal worth, but do let them stimulate improvement as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Prioritize safety when driving or talking. Breathe through irritation; put plans into action and check things of the list this afternoon. Memories may need to be shared and processed later, it can warm and heals the heart as the Moon trines Venus and enters Libra.

Thursday, Jan 31: If relationships have become threadbare over the last week, tend to them now with gentle attention as the Moon trines Jupiter and the Sun. It may be time to talk about how things are done at home or the home offices; invite people to problem solve together and come up with new system which feels fair all around. In the process some things need to be said that have been waiting for the right moment.





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