Starcodes Jan 18 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Are we really living by our philosophies?  If not, is it our life or our ideas that need to change?  The planets want to know this week as Mercury and the Sun join Mars in idealistic, political, and community-oriented Aquarius.

This Aquarius energy also asks us to get out there and work the room. It reminds us that we are not an island and asks us to look at how we are woven into our family and society, to notice how those systems affect us and how we can affect them.

The mood is generally open-minded but stubborn, experimental but a little disconnected. With this Aquarian influx it gets easier to see the far horizons, but harder to see close up; we may be able see what everyone else needs better than we can ourselves and those closest to us. Maybe we can see where we want to be in five years, but aren’t sure about our next step.

Expect major debates on political (and personal) philosophy triggered off by current events. They probably won’t go anywhere, as Aquarius is a stubborn fixed sign, but it will give us a chance to chew it all over and engage passionately without letting it all get too personal. If we’re honest and stay open-minded and curious about why out fellow debaters believe what they do, and honestly question why we believe what we do, this can be productive. To do so we need to enquire with our whole being, consider the psychological and cultural underpinnings with real empathy, and not just debate with our justifying logical mind. If we just have a good old time getting righteous and defended, we won’t get at the deeper layers of the truth, and the debate will be a waste of energy.

Because our attention may shifts away from home and out into the world with this influx of extroverted energy, our near and dear ones can get possessive or insecure; it’s so easy to take it personally when beloveds seem distracted. So keep lines of communications open and gratitude flowing; make it a habit to notice those nearest with a moment of curiosity and appreciation.

Friday begins pushy and competent if restless and wound a bit tight under a challenged Aries Moon, but mellows and opens up over the weekend as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. We may notice underlying tension around a long-term problem that needs to be confronted as Mars semi-squares Uranus on Sunday. If so- don’t take it lightly, look for the roots of the irritation and plan to address them. Otherwise these issues will erupt into action around the spring equinox as Mars and Uranus conjunct in Aries.

Communication is flying these days; Mercury appears to be moving fast against the zodiac, and on Monday it sextiles ingenious, electrical Uranus. It’s time to change minds, not by blunt force or willfulness, but with sparkling ingenuity. Nudge people’s curiosity and their desire to try something new, but be careful to respect them in the process. Don’t call them an old stick in the mud. Anything that appears to shame or disrespect their previous choices will only get their back up.

One other ongoing issue; for the next few months we may be feeling vulnerable or permeable as Jupiter retrogrades back to square Neptune in Pisces. Whether it is a bout of the flu, issues around gun control or some practical or emotional uncertainty, we may get a message that we cannot take our security for granted, and that our health and happiness is connected to the warp and weft of our community. If so, it helps to both feel what competence we do have to feel our backbone underneath us, strengthen healthy boundaries and build up the immune system. Most importantly, lean into the give and take of mutual support. So make the neighbors soup when they’re sick, and let them return the favor.

Friday, Jan 18: Impatient and ambitious, avoid knee-jerk opposition as the Aries Moon squares Capricorn Sun and Mercury. Unusual mental strength needs careful channeling, use an ambient bravery to move forward on essential communications. Enjoy recreational debates, but pay attention to the edges, know when it is no longer fun to avoid unintentional fallout. We can shoot ourselves in the foot by refusing to cooperate with others even when it takes us closer to our goals. Momentum slows late afternoon as the Moon becomes void of course then enters Taurus; refocus on comfortable nurturance and come back to the body.

.Saturday, Jan 19: Slow it way down, we need gentling this morning. Later, investigate what practical and tangible improvements can be made in mind, body, spirit, love and housekeeping. Work through a tight or cranky place late afternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn. Get grounded then engage the community as Mercury and the Sun enter ingenious Aquarius. Evening is sociable and arts- appreciative as The Moon trines Venus.

Sunday, Jan 20: Use discontent wisely; an irritating Mars semi- square to Uranus can make us both edgy, and irritated by other’s edginess. We resist restraints. Inner tensions can be projected out onto others or trigger impulsive actions this morning, minor accidents are more likely when we’re in a mood. Rest helps. Late afternoon, take a long view. Contacts and discussions may stimulate longer-term projects. Notice odd dreams or thoughts tonight as the collective consciousness swirls.

Monday, Jan 21: After spacey uncertainty while the coffee sinks in and the Moon squares Neptune mid-morning, enjoy an upbeat, active Monday as the Moon slips into verbal Gemini. A hopeful vibe wafts in and the energy jumps all over the place; talk theory, check in, offer sound bites, just save the in-depth lectures for the moment. Give and take is the key as the Moon trines Mercury, conjuncts Jupiter later on.

Tuesday, Jan 22: Shift perspectives. We have a chance to change our mind, or help change another person’s mind, if, rather than brow beat, we explore options as a way to free us from some stuck place while Mercury sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter. Imagination soars when we reach for it. It will be tempting to lose sight of urgent practicalities midday, but will not further. Take a dream-break if needed and check back in later. A sudden change may need our adaptability but may be serendipitous.

Wednesday, Jan 23: Although efforts to cooperate may be stressful, it is important to engage the group and participate. Speak up with ideas and options, but leave the belligerence at the door. Minor meetings can weave important results; mingle, show up for the conversation as Mars squares the Moon’s Nodes. People grow more self-protective and less willing to wing it later on as the Moon enters Cancer. Tonight, take an emotional inventory to reconnect and stay on track.

Thursday, Jan 24: Changes are in the works (mostly good) as the Sun trines Uranus, but we need to explore options and pursue carefully. We’ll get more cooperation of we let people save face; reassure, respect other’s pride, and own personal responsibility to really create a difference. Midafternoon, if it’s hard to digest food or information, let things settle and investigate further closer to dinnertime.


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