Starcodes Jan 11 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there. Kofi Annan

Don’t confuse having a career with having a life. Hilary Clinton

Work and love, we need them both. We can balance what’s happening in our work life with what’s happening in our emotional life, but it may take some effort this week; both are cranked up, and their needs need to be balanced.

Today’s New Moon in Capricorn brings a New Year’s Day to our work world. Review the last year’s efforts in the morning, then about noontime pivot forward and figure out where to focus efforts this year. Depression can whisper at us if our work landscape has been unsatisfactory, we may hear the ghosts of employers past whispering fear-statements, and may worry we have to make new compromises and settle for less. But really the Capricorn Moon wants us to push past those fears and reassess what we have to contribute, what is our unique offering to our world, and how we can take a practical, diplomatic step closer.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus now in Capricorn, our control issues come up when we’re anxious. If they do, it won’t help to resist (unless it’s a really egregious example) instead redirect the energy to investigate and address the concern underneath. As for our own control issues, let’s take responsibility and look at underlying emotions rather than tweak and harass our familiars.

Watch this pattern carefully both at work and in love as Venus, this week’s focal point, moves into an uncomfortable conjunction with deep Pluto and square to restless Uranus, and this can make us anxious, easily fed up, wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. Our hearts can fear that our love is not enough, our world or our relationship is too small, and other peoples’ control issues only encourage this illusion.

But we can channel this restlessness into improving our circumstances (not improving other people) and into exploring the world together. Bond as we make a change together. On a deeper level this bring an opportunity to love radically; let go of the safety net and love, not the fallible people in front of us, but the lovable within, and do so without asking back.

We may also, in the quiet moments or when we’re feeling tested, find we need to face painful memories that affect how we live love and learn as Jupiter squares Chiron. This may be more cultural, or triggered by some painful memories of our experience of our culture, whether we felt included or excluded, rather than personal memories. But this cracks open a place to learn.

Health-wise, we may ache more this week, and feel our bones creak or notice tooth pain. If so, just tend to it, our internal infrastructure is calling for attention and may need either deep help or just a little babying. So may other metaphors of infrastructure, things like the ground rules of our relationships, our economic systems, the subways and bridges of our country.

This Venus configuration (growing over the last few weeks) brings a certain creative restlessness that may make us want to move furniture or experiment with pattern and color. On the deeper level it reflects in the global restlessness recently trigger by individual women’s stories, from India’s growing women’s rights movement to the Canadian Idle No More movement, to our concerns for the health of Mother Earth. These Venusian stories call us to change how we treat the Anima, the archetypal feminine, reflected in in all levels of our world.

Friday, Jan 11:Live out ambitions through personal action, not through others, and be wary of manipulative people. After a bout of unfinished business this morning, a New Moon in Capricorn has us reviewing our work options and labor statistics. Comfort through any discouraged thoughts and set some clear, achievable goals for the coming year. This afternoon, take it seriously and start to put them in to action. Notice karmic, important meetings late afternoon and share ideas tonight.

Saturday, Jan 12: the Moon enters Aquarius for a more relaxed, not particular intimate but sociable day. Relax with the to-do list, (and let go of the “they should do” list) get done some essentials, but the real work is around community and camaraderie (but not disloyalty) as Venus squares Uranus: get out in the middle of things tonight.

Sunday, Jan 13: Back off from last week’s conundrums and approach they again tomorrow refreshed. After early morning impatience, appreciate a positive day with minor discomforts. Get to know a stranger or two, (just suspend judgment, it’s not an easy day to get up close and personal) and handle the minor glitches with grace this afternoon. Share stories tonight and weave worlds together.

Monday, Jan 14: We could all use a snow day. Remember all those plans we made last week? Don’t mad if none kicks them into high gear just yet as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Take a slower, more internal start to the week; dreams linger, feelings need processing, sensitivity is high and objectivity is scarce. Vision those plans, put imagination to good use. The pace picks up later, but walk gently anyway.

Tuesday, Jan 15: Pay attention to meetings today, empathy with strength is appreciated, and a lot gets said underneath the words. Watch indulgence midday as the Moon squares Jupiter. Tend to some repair work, this afternoon, repair things, feelings, and friendships. Look for an important detail missed before dinner, and tune in to one another tonight.

Wednesday, Jan 15: Now jump on those bigger plans as the Moon enters proactive Aries; people want to see results and feel progress. If there’s tension between forward thinkers and old systems, work it through rather than pour oil on the fire. The day brings, Impatience, sharp humor, fresh ideas, but is low on follow through. Let people express themselves.

Thursday, Jan 16: Venus conjuncts Pluto and calls us to feel part of something larger, feel like we’re getting at the real issues. The heart longs, the soul aches, but it’s not just about our own story.  Our personal deep feelings connect in with the world’s experience. The heart needs respect. Be trustworthy above all else.


1 thought on “Starcodes Jan 11 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. I spent a week off line– good for me once in awhile– & just read this week’s Starcodes today… Yes, you had my week with amazing accuracy. Incredible…

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