Starcodes Nov 3, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better. Martin Luther King Jr.

This week the stars encourage us to build momentum towards our next chapter of work, whether we’re deep in holiday preparations or aiming for a new direction at work, as energized Mars and Pluto conjunct in industrious Capricorn and both sextile creative Venus and Saturn conjunct in serious Scorpio. These aspects peaked a few days ago but linger still; the work is probably already sketched out. Whatever we’re doing, it’s time to do the job well even if no one is looking, do it to plant seeds for the future and to create a difference within one’s soul.

But we’re not just thinking about work, as the weekend begins, a grand trine in water signs takes our feelings deep, maybe so deep we can’t find word for them, but we can let them swell and spill over into our actions. But what feelings? If we tap this grand trine, a heart-felt belief in social justice pour into the work or out fondness for a mate can deepen into nourishing lake. If we want to make home cozy, it will echo with history and love. If we want to hold onto a grudge, it can become dangerous swamp.

The stars will deepen whatever we feel, but we can choose where we direct our attention and how we handle the results. It’s important to monitor those strong undercurrents and take care of ourselves. Loneliness can ache worse as we head into the holidays, jealousy trigger strange behavior. Strong, deep feelings need to be heard, and need a safe place to be expressed, but they don’t have to dominate. We can listen to their deep rolling waves, acknowledge them and then search for a more empathic response.

In even the best relationships we need to cherish without building up too specific expectations, particularly now as the aspects kick our work into high gear. People can love us and still not be available right now. Meet in the quiet moments, out past right, wrong, and distraction, treasure the moment’s connection and then get back to work.

This weekend nests under a domestic Cancer Moon. It will feel important to get the nest sorted and ready, whether we define domestic policy by household or country. Remember that the good will and security of those in the home or homeland are as important as any of the nesting materials; people will be a bit diffident and touchy and need to know where they are truly safe.

Sunday and early next week we’re encouraged to reach out and get festive under an extroverted Leo Moon, and then sent back to work under an industrious Virgo Moon mid-week. This may be the last big work push before the holiday energy redirects attention, so use it well.

One thing to notice and work through all next week, our heart and body may want one thing, and our brains another, and this conflict can send out mixed signals and set off passive-aggressive behavior. Let’s see if we can listen to that deeper need, give ourselves and others a more direct way to express those inner needs or resistance, and mediate a way through.

We can feel this pattern subtlety in our personal lives, for instance our conscious mind may want to go to a holiday party, while our body drags it’s feet and rebels, longing for some down time. In relationship, one person wants to get sociable while the other wants to hibernate. If so, explore that inner resistance and find a way to take turns or mediate between the needs. We can see pattern less subtlety as we watch this inner conflict/infighting within a country or within a party. There, too, the answer can be found in radical listening, and mediating between the needs of all sides. But not everyone may want to find an answer. Mars in Capricorn encourages us to be very results-oriented, but Venus in Scorpio can sometimes leave us feeling that we win if our opposition loses. Instead of this weird lose-lose scenario, let’s do our work (both our soul work and work-work) so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.

Friday, Nov 30: The mood is touchy, defensive, but willing to get on with it. Though maybe we’d rather stay in our beds and dream this morning, or linger in memories and dreams that touch our heart as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune, the world calls for more active participation, even boisterous events as Mars aspects the lunar nodes. Cooperation midday could hit a snagged spot midafternoon as the Moon squares Uranus, make sure last-minute changes are worth it and not a protective reaction. Around dinnertime, we want to let go of challenges and cuddle into something familiar as the Moon trines Saturn, and sleep through a late night, challenging, Mercury sesqui-square Uranus. If people get crabby, go do neutral corners and discuss tomorrow.

Saturday, Dec 1: A competitive, competent but cranky midday is flanked by a warm and friendlier morning and evening. Venus quincunx Jupiter in the morning and stirs our affections and aesthetics, until the Moon opposes Mars midday to shorten our fuses but speed up our process. Evenings softens as the Moon trines Venus and Mars quincunx Jupiter, leaving us defensively brilliant if we perceive danger, but more open and sociable wherever we feel safe enough to shine.

Sunday, Dec 2: A quieter morning can call us deep within, not necessarily to a place we can share. We are not called away from others, but called to ourselves. Afternoon reconnects us and brings sense of anticipation and indulgence as the Sun opposes Jupiter and the Moon enters extroverted and celebratory Leo. Expand decorate, indulge, but don’t overdo.

Monday, Dec 3: Egos and a social atmosphere with competitive undertones can complicate our morning; be generous but don’t be a pushover as the Moon squares Saturn. We can count on better intentions and less psychological undertow later today though people will still need to be recognized to be cooperative as the Sun and Moon trine in fire signs.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: the mood may be festive but a bit off, even when our hearts are in the right places some mild stubborn and at-odds aspects can cause an inconvenient disconnect that takes humor and empathy to circumvent with safety. Walk around a problem rather than try and push through, create bonding moments out of minor inconveniences, and look for the fun in it all.

Wednesday, Dec 5: Keep solutions-oriented. Things can get a bit squirrely today as the Moon enters persnickety, health-conscious Virgo while Mercury semi-squares Pluto. It’s hard to be satisfied; the problems are more obvious than the solutions, but we may not be thinking clearly and so could miss the needed clue. Sadness or willfulness can tweak our thinking and lean in on our communications unless we can stand back, let that river flow by and reach for a deeper connection instead. Utilize a chance to think through a conundrum and come out the other side tonight as the Moon trines Pluto.

Thursday, Dec 6: We may not be certain, but can still feel in our gut the next move forward. Although as many questions arise as answers, go with what intuition and logic agree is best and move forward on some pragmatic work or management issues today as the Virgo Moon trines Mars and Pluto. Don’t be mad if others cannot see the vision or if they share doubts rather than support, a pragmatic anxiety hums underneath our efforts but we can use this mood to fine tune rather than stop the process. Health can feel taxed fi we’re overextended or too cerebral, so check in with the body’s needs. Fresh and healthy food, air, water, and attitudes help.






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