Starcodes Nov 23 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

The real differences around the world today are not between Jews and Arabs; Protestants and Catholics; Muslims, Croats, and Serbs. The real differences are between those who embrace peace and those who would destroy it; between those who look to the future and those who cling to the past; between those who open their arms and those who are determined to clench their fists. “Bill Clinton.

This weekend is charged with impatience and delay; if we dance with the sparks we can make it a safe and productive one. But watch the headlines; while most people will be safe, the aspects are strong for a few wild accidents, and while most of us may take a creative approach, some people will be clenching their fists, just cruising for a fight. We don’t have to go there, either at home or at the mall; we can open our arms instead. Next week flashes the green light for fresh starts, but let’s move with conscious grace for now.

Mars is in competent, ambitious Capricorn, a sign where it really thrives, and where it can loan us strong determination (once we overcome inertia) as well as courage, ambition. It also imparts a willingness to fight for real, whether to stick up for a cause we believe in or to just pick a fight. That mood could be a problem this weekend as Mars squares electrifying, impulsive Uranus, which supercharges it, just as retrograde Mercury slows down as it prepares to turn direct.

While this combination can give us the energy to creatively do what needs to be done, we can also get easily ticked off about a misunderstanding or mistake, or boldly launch a plan in the wrong direction, get angry about some historic wrong, or make some unforgivable strategic move.

People won’t back down from fight, so let’s be careful what we start; any oppressive move will be met with retaliation, whether it is taking a bone away from a dog (or a black Friday shopper) or dropping a bomb. So let’s think carefully before exercising our will over people, and make sure we empower them to make good decisions instead. Be ready to be the first one to let go, and open the heart. Since this astro line-up can also increase accidents, let’s also play it safe around machinery and highways.

A stabilizing sextile between Mars and Saturn improves the mood and the safety factor later in the weekend and encourages us to continue whatever we’ve started, for better or worse. It may help to have a job that needs to be done to repair or fix, like cleaning up after the holiday and reorganizing the house for winter. Saturn’s restraint can help us negotiate a cease fire, and encourages us to pause and regroup while Mercury appears to hold still.  

Next week launches a new chapter. First, straighten out problems and reorganize on Monday as Mercury turns direct and the Sun trines exciting Uranus. Communication is the name of the game midweek under a voluble Full Moon in Gemini. Warm, deep feelings open up social channels and encourage negotiations and flirtations by the end of the week as Venus and Mars form a friendly sextile. While this encourages a more peaceful and cooperative approach, we may need to let go of some snags from the past that hook us (Venus in Scorpio does not encourage us to forget) and choose to open our arms.

Friday, Nov 23: After a thoughtful morning, energy picks up on this intense and competitive day; if we direct it carefully, we can do good things and keep it out of trouble. Places of conflict, from the sale bin to war zones, could get explosive, so maneuver around them with care. Family football gets serious, projects accomplished, but weekend warriors will tend to push themselves into pulled muscles unless they consciously pace themselves. Kids (and adults) who are tired of behaving for visitors may need time to indulge their own wishes so they don’t act out. Family arguments can escalate quickly unless we keep our sense of humor and honor everyone’s right to their own eccentric path as Mars squares Uranus under an energized Aries Moon. Back off an argument unless a break is really needed; redirect momentum rather than stop it. The mood expands tonight with unexpected generosity as the Moon sextiles Jupiter.

Saturday, Nov 24: A day at loose ends, being is more important than doing, but what we do, we want to do our own way. Material concerns weigh heavily, we may want to create beauty or safety, or get a good deal. It soothes the soul to be spontaneous, to wander and investigate rather than try and achieve a goal. We’re still sparky, but solid where we’re working together; we notice who is practically helpful as Mars sextiles Saturn. 

Sunday, Nov 25: The mood is slower and steadier, more stubborn but forgiving as the Moon enters Taurus. Prioritize rest and renewal, take travel slowly Delays are likely, be creative and have as much fun in the process as possible. Midday emotional or creative flurry tweaks the heart but can bring surprises as Venus quincunx Uranus. A frustrated or tired spell at dinnertime requires a push to overcome hurdles as the Moon opposes Saturn then trines Mars, but shades into kindness later.

Monday, Nov 26: Exciting changes abound. A new chapter begins, but we may not be able to see it until the dust settles as the Sun trines electrifying Uranus. Reconnect, review plans, get everyone on the same page, and then start forward tomorrow. Focus on understanding, rather than being understood this afternoon as Mercury turns direct. Build, or rebuild, trust as Venus conjuncts Saturn tonight. Be present and steady.

Tuesday, Nov 27: Give in to any urge to organize, pare down, simplify, or purify as Mars conjuncts Pluto, clear the decks for the next energy push this morning. Work with others or stay out of their way, we will not appreciate being distracted or sidelined. Practical problems are revealed and call us to correct pragmatic mistakes and repair what’s broken. Then get the conversation going later as the Moon enters Gemini. Although we confuse easily tonight as Moon squares Neptune, we can talk over possibilities now, and clarify tomorrow.

Wednesday, Nov 28: Got some PR to do? A proposal to pitch? Get the word out this very verbal Full Gemini Moon. Venus sextiles Pluto and asks us to dwell in the heart as well as the head, to really care rather than just talk about it. But do not mistake territoriality or jealousy for caring. But don’t just get lost in the personal, the world buzzes today so keep eyes open and compassion engaged.

Thursday, Nov 29: Our hearts activate, we can deepen our feelings, weave our connections and find new ways to relate as Venus in Scorpio sextiles Mars in Capricorn. Channel holiday spirit and compassionate action, flirtations and longings, and a good sense of aesthetics.




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