Starcodes Nov 16 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” ~Alphonse Karr

Thanksgiving week survival skills: do not be sidelined by non-essentials. Confirm information. Introspect and find the worth within, as we are our only really reliable mirror. Respond to competition creatively; to get anywhere in love or politics, we’ll need to negotiate a win-win scenario. Take it out of the competitive realm or be willing to go to the mat, and the sale cranberries aren’t worth the wrestle. Allow extra time for transportation and map with care, as the twilight zone can insert itself in the strangest places. Read the recipe twice and cook slowly, mistakes happen and food burns easily.

The mood changes this week, it grows more serious and intimate as Venus and Mars, the two planets that signal our emotional weather systems, shift from extroverted and relatively lighthearted Libra and Sagittarius, into more introverted, personal, serious and competitive Scorpio and Capricorn respectively.

We get serious and play our cards close to the chest, feel strongly, but may not choose to discuss those strong feelings, and may have a hard time letting go if anyone challenges our position. So ease up on the board games and watch political headlines. Our thinking process may be deep, subjective, retrospective, curious about others but private about ourselves as Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio. We may be hard working and supportive of each other’s work with Mars in Capricorn, but the minute things are phrased in a win-lose scenario, we won’t want to lose. This can make sibling rivalry over the Thanksgiving dinner interesting. So our attitude will be key. Let’s look for those roses amongst the thorns.

The busy outer world can feel like a disorganized puddle, but if we prioritize and track carefully, we can get work done as the holiday approaches. Minimal but strategic organization, and helpful hints from experienced people will help wade through this week as structural Saturn trines the asteroid of healing, Chiron.

Otherwise, we can go around in circles, but that’s not always a bad thing. We may need to chew over a news story or a personal decision every which way and still feel like we’re not reaching a conclusion, yet, but may be gaining important understanding in the process. This understanding will probably bear fruit in December and January as Mercury forges ahead, if we don’t rush the process now.

But this week’s real work will probably be done within. Recent aspects may stir any questions we have about our personal worthiness, and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can distort the reflection we get from the people around us. So we need to witness our own gifts, and look at who we are when no one’s looking. Release the hold of other people’s opinions, and make room to work on our soul’s priorities. It is a good week to look at how we live our daily life and see how that affects our soul, the core of what we bring to the cosmos at the end of our life, and make adjustments to make this a good journey.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio wants to find the truth, but this is more a process than a goal. Let’s be on the search for truth, but not pretend we’ve found it; truth is an ever-refining, multi-faceted thing, especially under an intuitive, imaginative but confusing Mercury-Neptune square, in orb from the end of October through mid-December.

This weekend begins with a hardworking Capricorn Moon; a chore checked off the list, a short-term decision made brings satisfaction. But this same tenacity can be a royal pain if argue. Avoid arguments with people who cannot accept any personal responsibility. Know when to walk away. Let them stew in their own understanding for a while and try again later.

Early next week is stubborn but more sociable, learn rather than persuade as Venus sesqui-squares Jupiter. Midweek, drive carefully and talk with even more care as Mercury forms some argumentative aspects with Mars and Uranus under a sensitive Pisces Moon.

The Sun enters more outgoing, grateful and enthusiastic Sagittarius on Wednesday. As Venus enters broody Scorpio the same day, this may be a bittersweet, logistically challenged holiday, but inspire a surprising amount of gratitude nonetheless. When we accept the thorns, the roses can be an especially sweet revelation.

Friday, Nov 16: Determination presses us, but if we feel depressed over some stuck place, we can redirect this pressure towards anyplace where there’s progress as the Moon and Mars enter Capricorn. Look for good strategic moves, but watch for any grab of power and stay on course with personal priorities. New opportunities are just beginning to whistle in the wind. A sad or serious emotional wave this afternoon flows into a thoughtful evening, but keep a five-second delay on comments to make sure it’s not just tiredness talking.

Saturday, Nov 17: Short–term goals further, chores organize us, practical communication helps ease through tough spots. Chores and quick decisions occur quickly if we build momentum. New connections arise in old, familiar situations. Let go of an old ambition or anger and walk the talk as Mars sextiles Neptune while the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Our body may know more than our brains; listen to the muscle’s wisdom and temper it with understanding. Emotions crank up tonight, bank the rivers and share them wisely.

Sunday, Nov 18: Build community and take the heat off intimacy as the Moon enters Aquarius. Early morning humor helps mid-day inventiveness as the Moon sextiles Uranus. We learn from community participation. Afternoon is crankier, more serious as the Moon squares Saturn. Work in detail or take a nap, or both. Tonight, research and come at a problem form a different direction.

Monday, Nov 19: Morning’s upbeat vibe later snags on tender points and tap-dances on our core issues as Mercury semi-squares Pluto and tap-dances on our core issues as it activates ongoing concerns. Embrace the challenge. Process feelings away from work and walk forward in maturity. Don’t take interpersonal inconsideration too personally, they are probably triggered and acting out. Kindness and humor help.

Tuesday, Nov 20: Extra squishy emotions flow, but we may not know whose feelings or why we’re feeling it as the as the Moon enters Pisces, conjuncts Neptune, and trines Venus. Connection flows easily where the pathways are open, but hurts where it snags. If overwhelmed, concentrate on a smaller assignment and be sensitive to something beautiful, like a bird in flight.

Wednesday, Nov 21: Truth wants out, and it can bring a stinger. Things are uncovered, one way or another. Look for lost info, items, and opinions as the Sun enters honest Sagittarius while Venus enters curious, suspicions Scorpio. Holiday bustle may go relatively smoothly for a retrograde Mercury cycle, just pad the time to allow delays, and read the recipe twice. Follow a quirky trail.

Thursday, Nov 22: Happy Thanksgiving! Make the best of it. Prioritize safety over promptness, dare to be safe and late, keep an eye on the weather and don’t take the bait when people get testy. Let go of all expectations, let go of trying to control other people’s actions under this feisty Aries Moon. Let the feelings flow through as memories of Thanksgivings past bubble up midday. Let go of the burnt sweet potatoes, as food burns easily today. Look for the roses and let the love flow while Venus trines Neptune.





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