Starcodes Nov 9 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.”   Henry Ward Beecher

We can expect warm hearts but rough waters this week. Our technical troubles may continue to abound, but we have access to unusual compassion and camaraderie that can help us through. Let’s handle the challenges by tapping into our mutual good will.

Last week we may have run into some tangle around the practical details of our life, our ability to be mobile, or our ability to communicate with one another. We may need to wade through some confusing lake of our personal illusions as communicative Mercury retrogrades back to square soggy, foggy, intuitive Neptune. Fortunately, kind Venus in Libra forms a supportive, expansive trine to Jupiter and offers a heart-centered way through the troubles. It’s time to bench-press our active compassion muscles and do whatever good works we walk into today.

This Neptunian square also stirs up our nighttime dream world; we may be unusually able to remember our dreams and able to tap into our hopes, fears, and inspirations. Whatever came up for us last week may take the next six weeks to straighten out under the best of circumstances, and may, in the process expose some deeper, underlying problems that need to be attended in the process. We need to face our blind spots.

Most of us not on the eastern seacoast may feel this in a personal way. But we can certainly see this aspect unfold in Technicolor in the path affected by hurricane Sandy; learn from these graphic patterns, help where we can, and apply the wisdom gained to our own life.

The astrological chart of New York City shows two or three years of underground and infrastructure rebuilding.  For all of us, Saturn now forms a stimulating quincunx with Uranus, and calls us to leave behind structures that used to work but no longer serve, give up bad habits, and free ourselves for an exciting time ahead. It hints at our national need to rethink our seacoast and our energy habits in the face of a changing climate. We may feel that some rug has been pulled from underneath us, but need to feel the fear and step forward anyway.

Because of the scale of the problems back east, and the rampant technical difficulties, it’s hard for the large federal organizations to infiltrate down to the street level and the human face of the disaster. While the big guys wrestle power lines, it is up to neighbors (neighbors in the broadest sense possible) to help the individuals on the front lines.

Spirit has no hands to act with but ours. We need mutual respect for all forms of help (which is supported by the Venus aspects) rather than waste energy finding fault. Like NYC, we cannot restore things to the way they were before the storm (which so powerfully and symbolically fell on the first peak day of this Mercury-Neptune square), or before the messy election, but we can reorganize and restore enough to think through the larger changes demanded by the ongoing (2012-2015) era-changing Uranus-Pluto square, move away from restoring the past and move towards improving the future.

But this week, we need to cut everyone some slack. This weekend we just need to catch up with ourselves and find tenderness and beauty. Assume a problem is a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.

All this week, when the screw-up fairy visits and mistakes abound (and they will), practice that compassion rather than condemnation. Give enough time to any endeavor to be able to work around technical snafus should they arise. Track carefully anything that needs to be tracked. Deal with what should have been dealt with a while ago.If we feel misunderstood or ignored, let’s take an introspective moment alone to understand ourselves.  And take time off to daydream and mull possibilities. We may crave a break from life’s harsher moments and might as well use it to reach into the fertile territory of the dreamtime, as it hovers so luminously close.

But do insist on honesty. Truth can be a fuzzy thing under these aspects. It can be hard to tell how we feel, let along speak our truth. It’s all too tempting to tell people what they want to hear, or what will set them off the most.

On Nov 13th Mercury retrogrades back to the precise square with Neptune, back to where it was at the height of the hurricane, which can bring more layers of confusion, but may also give us a chance to do over some situation that did not go well last week.

Mercury then retrogrades back into Scorpio on Nov 14th and we can see the roots of our issues more clearly. We just have to watch a tendency to skew our perceptions with our suspicions. But our minds sharpen and our ability to solve a problem, once we’ve identified inaccurately, improves.

Friday, Nov. 9: Details take extra patience this itchy morning. Conflicting responsibilities pressure us, making it easy (but not useful) to find fault. Just tackle one small task at a time. Be honest, but watch overly frank and mean comments this afternoon as the Virgo Moon squares Mars; be pointed but stay productive. Patience snaps easily. The evening softens if we can find safe ways to let go of the busy week and refill nervous systems as Venus sequisquares Neptune. Kindness towards our sensitivities helps us open our heart.

Saturday, Nov 10: What is fair, what is beautiful? We want to know as the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus. Movement and change are likely on the home front, so what needs adjustment? We don’t want to argue, may feel a deep need for a peaceful soul, but will buck against anything that feels unfair or out of balance midday. Tonight, conversation lingers over the past and wants to investigate consequences; ponder and explore rather than come to a specious conclusion. Ferret out good memories to guide some decision in the near future.

Sunday, Nov 11: Look for new relations about weather and water damage as Neptune turns direct. Engage in random acts of kindness this morning as the Moon conjuncts Venus. Working together furthers. We long to feel the warmth of our companions, and to see kindness and beauty in the world around us. If our relationships have been strained recently, talking things out won’t really help, but we can choose to strengthen connection though companionable experience rather than try and test them further. So speak less and cooperate more as Mercury semi-squares Venus.

Monday, Nov12: Proceed with caution and foresight over the next few days. Conditions are sloppy, the message is confused, and people’s tails are twitching as the emotional Moon enters broody Scorpio while thoughtful Mercury squares confusing Neptune. Though people are willing to shoulder responsibilities and handle what they can this morning as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. It is a good time to research, ferret out possibilities or to meditate or otherwise turn our thoughts inwards. But watch out for strange conspiracy theories and stranger truths, and ask whether any comment is necessary, true, and kind before speaking.

Tuesday, Nov 13: We are called to look within this morning under a New Moon in Scorpio. Unfortunately some will find this uncomfortable and so lash out; don’t poke people and thereby become their projection object. We can all get a little squirrelly as our psyche’s deepest recesses are stirred. Searches for lost objects and information are productive, but worried mood swings can unsettle; if sanity feels fugitive or ephemeral, come back to quiet, simple, grounding chores and stay present.

Wednesday, Nov 14: Although the restless vibe can make us impatient, we can move steadily forward if we don’t skip steps. Life is full of mysteries, so let’s see what ones we can solve as Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio while the Moon enters capable Sagittarius: give the mind a healthy puzzle to direct a sudden curiosity and outspoken need for truth. Our actions reveal unconscious intentions for better or worse today, watch what people do more than what they say as the Sun semi-squares Pluto. Evening brings a new opportunity to heal old wounds.

Thursday, Nov 15: Let go of big plans for the moment and take it all one step at a time. We may be asked to leave something, some habit or security, behind to create room for our future, and make adjustments before we pick up those plans again. If we feel like we’re underwater, swimming up from a very deep lake, we can float, relax, and let the natural flow of quiet optimism buoy us up, and keep an eye on the light ahead to guide direction. Honestly positive feedback can aid our trek forward.



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