Starcodes Nov 2 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. “~ Leo Tolstoy

Our work this week is to restore and rebuild lines of communication and transportation broken by rough moods and rougher weather, and ferret out the truth by washing away the flotsam of obfuscation and deception as Mercury, the great communicator, pulls away from a square to soggy, confusing Neptune and then turns retrograde. Though it may take six weeks before we know what is really going on.

Luckily an opposition between argumentative Mars and exacerbating Jupiter has loaned us extra oomph to deal with the problems this week. It offers endurance if not enthusiasm, and the energy to engage. We may feel brave, but may not always brimming with foresight, and may be all too ready to argue under this aspect, but can manage if we can direct our Mars towards tackling the problems at hand instead of tackling each other.

Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backward in relationship to the zodiac) for three weeks, three times a year, and when it does it brings on the planetary slapstick, though we don’t find all its jokes funny. This coming Mercury retrograde (Nov 6-Nov 25) is expected to be particularly confusing because Mercury squared dreamy, non-linear Neptune on the day Hurricane Sandy first hit, will square Neptune again as it retrogrades Nov 13, then again once more (in direct motion) on Dec 11. Although the retrograde cycle is wonderful for creative endeavors, for our spiritual path, and to repair the past, we will need to be patient and persevering to obtain the truth and move forward under these conditions. We have a lot to wash away.

In 2000, that election year of hanging chads, retrograde Mercury stationed, or appeared to hold still, as it turned direct on Election Day. This year it stations late on Election Day, and retrogrades for the next three weeks.

A few things astrologers can predict about the elections are that they will contain surprises and results may be unclear or delayed, or obfuscated by bad weather, malfeasance, or technical problems. Obama’s chart shows confusion about where he lives, but not about his work.  Romney’s chart shows confusion about the content of his work but not about where he lives. Neither one shows the standard markers of someone about to change professions.

We can prepare for this retrograde by voting early in the day, firming up schedules and generally battening down our systems of communications and transportation, and helping one another. This retrograde Mercury is great for story-telling and weaving figments of our imagination, so let’s ready to spin the winter’s tales, but let the world know fiction does not belong in our government, and needs to be transparent in our love life. Keep an eye on those that tend to drift into worlds of their own imaginings, and help them stay anchored with daily contact and practical efforts.

The weekend starts industriously and then requires time for emotional processing. We’ll focus on home and homeland under a domestic Cancer Moon. Our hearts may feel haunted as Venus squares Pluto reminds us about what we’ve lost; we are deeply aware of who and what is not here with us this year, and what we have not yet achieved. Let the feelings flow and let them inspire presence and thoughtful action. It will help to nest, to prepare the home for winter and help those find homes who suddenly have none.

As the week begins, the election show breaks into full glory for one last melodramatic push under a Leo Moon, but last minute snafus will complicated the situation and deal out a hand of wild cards as Mercury appears to hold still. Midweek our focus shifts to critique and clean-up under an industrious if difficult Virgo Moon. We’ll be tired of excuses and want to see action. May we have patience with one another and continue the process of washing away the flotsam to search for the gold underneath.

Friday, November 2: Work on communications. If conversation is filled with snappy sound bites laced with misinformation, look deeper. Argumentative words may relieve stress but aren’t about the real problems as the Gemini Moon opposes Mars this morning; those run a deeper, quieter, stream underneath, forming a line from the past to the present moment. Later, lighter conversation can ferret out unfinished work and help us reconnect. Share and share some more tonight.

Saturday, November 3: We need coziness this morning, our home, our homeland, and our home team need nurturing as a moody Cancer Moon trines Neptune, then squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. We may feel emotionally needy and want the people in our lives to give us more than they can. Don’t push people out of their comfort zone (life has already done that), comfort them instead. Look within and feel that deep strength. Waves of emotion may be bigger than our story this afternoon; let it all flow through as Venus squares Pluto. Look for the points of hope and help them grow.

Sunday, November 4: A spiritual framework helps. We’ll be defensive about our perceived inadequacies, and have trouble taking criticism, but generally want to be helpful. We need to feel we have each other’s back, and will pass the odd trials or small unexpected tests that abound this afternoon if and when we prioritize mutual support. Food supply and quality, digestion, needs attention. If we’re crabby this evening, our introverted side may feel emotionally over-extended; let’s take a moment to ourselves.

Monday, November 5: It was an emotionally intense weekend, so let people arrive slowly this low-key, guarded morning; they’ll come out of their shell as the Moon heads into Leo midday. It may be hard to concentrate on ordinary work as that extroverted Moon whips up the election’s media circus as well as our personal moods. Expect hyperbole and conjecture, people want to hear themselves speak.

Tuesday, November 6: Vote early. Odd delays and obstacles, questions of honesty and malfeasance, misunderstandings complicate the day; we reveal a lot by how we respond. Optimism and generosity spark midday as the Sun quincunx Jupiter. Tempers fray, technical problems thicken, nerves tighten later, misinformation abounds as Mercury appears to hold still. It helps to gather with like minds tonight. Don’t jump to any conclusions ahead of facts, and be patient with one another, we’re all paddling around in this national puddle of tension.

Wednesday, November 7: Action and opinions fly this morning, which will be feisty with dramatic moods and short patience. Midday brings karmic twists, changes in the plot line, and potentially difficulty letting go of an ideal (whether we feel like winners or losers). This same tenacity can help finish some important uncompleted tasks as the Moon heads into Virgo later. Critical analysis instigate headaches tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune, rest is needed to think clearly.

Thursday, November 8: The Virgo Moon calls us to clean up, grow up, recollect ourselves, but this can be hard to do as Mercury retrogrades back towards its square with Neptune. The work may just not keep our interest, and we wrestle with some touchy personal questions about our ability to reach the mark. We need to make an effort to understand one another, and not defensively try to be right. If is not healing, maybe we don’t need to say it.




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