Starcodes Oct 26 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Where there is no imagination, there is no horror. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

There’s plenty of imagination afloat this Halloween, Samhain, the Scorpio holiday where we ideally face our fears with humor and creativity, and sweeten the future by giving sweets to children at our doors, as thoughtful Mercury squares visionary, dream-filled Neptune. Let’s look deeply into those hopes and those fears and choose our dreams of the future carefully.

But first, Friday dawns sensitive and emotional then breaks into a feisty weekend as the Moon enters Aries. Stand back if tails start to twitch, as our tempers can spike quick and hot, but blow over just as quickly if we feel heard and have room to move.

Last week a hypersensitive buzz may have left some of us feeling raw, and though most of us can work with this sensitivity and direct this potential burst of energy carefully, a few who recently felt hurt now respond with sharp edges and reactionary moves. If we find ourselves in an unstable satiation it’s best not to feed the fire, but instead take care of oneself and take care of business, suspend judgment but correct behavior. Watch a tendency to bump the head. Postpone major decisions until late December wherever possible, as Mercury squares confusing Neptune, retrogrades Nov. 6 for three weeks, appears to bunny-hop and squares Neptune twice more.

As we head into this fall’s necessary major collective decision, the campaign stays competitive and fall sports entertaining as aggressive Mars opposes expansive Jupiter. This feisty aspect can get us all riled up for our cause, whatever that cause is. We’ll hate to lose, so last minute campaigning can get pretty ugly as competitive Mars opposes Jupiter this weekend and the week begins under a stubborn Full Moon in Taurus. Emotions stay fueled all week, so people will react quickly and with intensity, whether they’re laughing at a joke or swearing at an opposing viewpoint. But competition doesn’t have to be divisive; we can compete with our own personal best and find a way to improve. Be pugnacious about a problem and take it on with gusto. Just avoid tackling dear people with anything other than love.

All week our heart may feel unsettled and curious; we may be more likely to spark with strangers and more willing to make changes for social justice, expect more out of our relationships and place bigger demands on our creative muse. Venus enters its own romantic and egalitarian sign of Libra on Sunday but also approaches an opposition with unsettling Uranus and a square to transformative Pluto.

Just as our heart activates, our thinking and communications systems can get distorted or interrupted. Thoughtful Mercury enters cheerful, truth-seeking Sagittarius but immediately forms a confusing square to imaginative, intuitive, but easily lost in the clouds Neptune. This aspect feeds our creative juices and can open up our intuitive channels, but we have to watch a tendency to let our hopes and our fears distort our perceptions. Our imagination can truly lead us into horrors of our own creation; we need to let it fly, but direct it carefully and check and recheck our information and understanding.

This Mercury-Neptune square also has a practical effect; wherever Neptune is involved, things tend to get soggy. It is a signature sign to stay hydrated, but watch out for water damage to Mercurial instruments of communication and transportation, whether from spilled drink on the keyboard or from bad weather. It’s particularly worrisome that this aspect coincides with a major storm predicted to stall out over the eastern seacoast, though water rather than winds look like the main concern.

So be honest but stay present in the moment, consider all possibilities and then confirm facts. Work with the magic of the season. Let the mind roam all around the globe but come back to this present point in time and space to take the next step. And don’t drive into a puddle (real or metaphorical) unless it’s known how deep it truly is.

Friday, Oct 26: A passive or emotional mood this morning shifts gears into action midday and kicks attitude by the evening. Look for interesting news with a karmic twist early on as Mercury conjuncts the Moon’s north node and trines the Pisces Moon. Gently follow up on personal connections or unfinished conversations. Midday, the mood is more volatile; cranky if they’re tired but wired. Tonight, leave delicate subjects alone and let people unwind.

Saturday, Oct 27: Overnight strangeness could lead to odd dreams or odder headlines: since we’re processing a lot, feel rather than decide while the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto early on. Pay attention to property or real estate news, home reorganization. Energy runs in fits and starts midday, let people work at their own pace. Relationships can take the heat for other problems so give one another breathing room until dinner; evening is more direct and humorous as the Moon trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter.

Sunday, Oct 28: Find a good way to work out the body and get tired, or take on a positive challenge so as not to be pick a fight where there doesn’t need to be one while Mars opposes Jupiter. It helps to be embodied and work the muscles. By evening, Venus enters Libra and we’ll relax a bit; though the competitive edge can stay fierce, we may be more willing to see beauty in the ones we love.

Monday, Oct 29: Get grounded and organized to even out moods before proceeding as the waxing Moon enters stable, stubborn Taurus this morning. News flies and conversation becomes more open, but also more subjective, as Mercury enters versatile Sagittarius but squares dreamy Neptune. While this feeds imaginative visions, it can also make it tough to see clearly. A lot of words flow, but if they add more confusion than information, ask qualifying questions. Play it safe around water problems, bad weather, and escapist substances, and give the mind a safe place to wander. Feed appetites in a good way, don’t push anyone around under this year’s most stubborn and possessive Full Moon.

Tuesday, Oct 30: We’re extra aware of body language and the magnetic push and pull of the personalities around us. Notice the signals sent and received, just don’t read too much into it; stay present as the Sun sextiles Pluto. Avoid power struggles; feel empowered within, don’t bother trying to prove it without, even when other people play that game. Don’t tweak unnecessarily a territorial, possessive streak. Financial opportunities are possible, but if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Stay awake.

Wednesday, Oct 31: It’s a great day to disappear into alter-egos and play with costumes but a lousy day to try and concentrate. Disappear into fantasy as the Moon enters versatile and talkative Gemini and forms a T-square with Mercury and Neptune, but pay attention during a really confusing time around dinnertime; make sure it’s the right little ghost getting into the car. Imagination’s cranked high; some feel the magic, other need comforting because the ghouls feel way too real. Engage the spirit of the night. Watch sugar overdose or any other accidental pollution tonight, and enjoy.

Thursday, Nov 1: Roll with the wild and diffuse conversations but focus the inner chatter.  Emotional relationships can be all over the place as both Venus and Mars hit challenging aspects; our Mars side, our inner animus, may feel frustrated or tested as Mars semi-squares Saturn, while our anima, our creative and Venusian nature is electrified by an opposition to Uranus. Push the creative element but be wary of a desire to throw everything out and experiment with an entirely new look, spouse, or job.





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