Starcodes Oct 12 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. Maya Angelou 

What the planets call for this week is a need is a thoughtful review with a fresh action plan; it’s time to think through the past, analyze its effect on the present, and figure out what action we want to take in response. While this is how to rock the election season, it can also shake up our personal and professional lives.

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of the past with Mercury in research-oriented Scorpio for the next few weeks, we can do this while we catch up with an old friend, prepare a fresh resume, or sit alone with our memories. We need to mine our memories for a fresh understanding about why we’re here, and not just chew on old problems or hit off sensitive points. This Mercury in Scorpio improves our concentration and our ability to dive deep in thought, though it also imparts a tendency to over-focus or obsess, and can really sharpen our tongue. The political invective may get very entertaining, but probably won’t get into any fresh territory. Even if it’s tempting, let’s think a moment before making any snappy come-back.

We may mind interruptions more than usual and find multi-tasking a challenge because our focus is improved. If we start to feel frayed it can help to block the running commentary from others and sink into one conversation or project until it’s done. Though it pays to first check in with our fellow conversationalist to make sure they’re ready and available to dive deep, because everyone’s obsessions will be different.

Next week is more adventurous and action–oriented, with a bit broader sense of humor though no more patience, as active Mars in Sagittarius supportively trines electrifying, revolutionary Uranus. This aspect can shake things up in a good way. Even the ground underneath us can feel restless. If we’ve done our review well, we’ll be able to put this energizing but not demanding aspect to work, because we’ll have a clearer view as to how to break out of stale patterns and solve problems.

A kind sense of humor and flexible disposition will really help in relationships this week, we may occasionally find ourselves working crosswise as Venus squares Mars. Mars in Sagittarius helps us forgive anything but dishonesty. Venus now in Virgo can bring out our compassionate thoughtfulness, but ugliness and casual criticism will be a real turnoff. It’s easy to tease others with mars in Sagittarius, but hard to take teasing with Venus in Virgo; if someone minds a funny, offhand remark, back off and change the subject. We’re willing to share our opinions right now, can’t expect to change anyone’s mind with our pressure, though we may be able to effect the curious with mystery and clear evidence. Pique their curiosity.

Everyone’s an art critic as the weekend begins and an intelligent, thoughtful Virgo Moon conjuncts creative Venus. If we get upset with someone we’ll tend to list their faults in no uncertain terms. But before we spill, let’s look carefully to see if the faults are real or our feelings are hurt. We can be sensitive in good ways, sensitive to the arts, or a touch of a hand or the brush of golden leaf instead.

Over the weekend we head a new Moon in Libra calls for a moment of beauty. Feed the senses but also feed the soul by supporting efforts for a more beautiful and balanced world.

Early in the week we may need to reassess our relationship to ourselves versus our relationship with others. A moment of solitude can help us get back on track. Midweek, let’s stop talking and start doing as the active Sagittarius Moon conjuncts urgent Mars. Move wisely forward. The big issues of our time need attention and can help us put our own snags in perspective.

Friday, October 12: It’s a potentially delightful if nervous morning as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Venus. Share the warmth but watch the improving comments, as they will be taken as criticism. Put the analytical brain to good use and learn something instead of chewing on one another. Indulge in quality not quantity tonight as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Saturday, October 13: Savor the moment and take care of unfinished business. As conversation meanders, take an in-depth, thoughtful but kindly look at past interactions, tradition or habits and notice how they affect the present. Consider antiques or ancient artifacts. We hunger for beauty. This evening seek peace and composition under the Libra Moon: our critique may be intense, but the very process of engaging the arts can be healing.

Sunday, October 14: Our progress on our major life issues is up for review as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. In the process we may rebel against any unfairness or ugliness or feel discouraged if we don’t feel hopeful. It may be important to acknowledge, at least to ourselves, anger over a recent personal injustice, and then move on. If tension arises because our plans feel out of synch this afternoon, slow down, share priorities, and realign. Tonight, appreciate what works and what shines as the Moon trines Jupiter. Sleep well, tomorrow could be a big day.

Monday, October 15: Solve a problem and make a difference under the new Moon in Moon in egalitarian Libra and as activating Mars trines revolutionary Uranus. This aspect accelerates our creativity and activity and arouses our curiosity. The ground rules are shifting. We will want to make things happen and respond to dynamic leadership and compassionate eccentricity.  Our edges sharpen and our tails begin to twitch tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio and conjuncts Saturn. Don’t ask for patience. Get real or give us solitude.

Tuesday, October 16: Primal feeling can test our trust. Our minds may be running on different tracks form our emotions and body language; be alert to the nuances. Well-ordered intelligence leans one way while our hearts respond to deep oceans of emotion and musky undertones as Venus squares Jupiter under a Scorpio Moon. A new hand is being dealt but we can’t see it yet. Sleep on it and let the soul process.

Wednesday, October 17: The mood is positive, outspoken, if wandering, with too many pots beginning to boil. Don’t attach to the plan, try to stay organize but be ready to adjust as the Moon enters Sagittarius. Tonight it’s easy to feel flooded or overwhelmed as the Moon squares Neptune, explore possibilities and use the time to reconnect rather than push for progress. It helps to move; even a neighborhood meander can clear the brain and ease the soul.

Thursday, October 18: Do not waffle or test people’s patience on this decisive, reactive morning as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mars. Be clear or be quiet, and make sure it’s necessary before being brutally honest. Fact-check. It feels good to be physical, to act; just make sure the action is worthy.  Share laughter midday, but watch a self-righteous opinionated streak later on. We have a lot to think about tonight, but need to know when to put it aside and rest.


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