Starcodes July 20 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Slow down this week, let the past catch up, be like a fruit tree ripening in the sun and fed by many year’s growth and deep waters; the more quietly we hold our mind, heart and body, the deeper we drop our roots, the more nurtured and sturdy we can be when the winds blow.

Mercury is retrograde through the first week of August, and Mercury retrograde is nature’s retreat time, all that we do to turn inwards, complete, deepen, make whole or repair is furthered. But anything we do to initiate, rush, demand or approach from merely an ego-driven, cerebral or verbal perspective, may develop poltergeist. We need to talk with our heart open, and walk with our eyes open.

Last week’s stormy aspects are still with us as the week begins but clear as the week progresses; though we may have a lot to clean up or recover from, we can prioritize peace as we make our daily choices.

Not that we’re feeling all introverted, Venus and Mars are now in extroverted and collaborative air signs and will help us not get lost in our solitude. We’ll feel more comfortable if we split our time, so let’s collaborate and socialize for a while, and then take some time within. Or take a spiritual retreat with a group.

Wherever we are, we may also feel the swelling waves of karma and fate rolling underneath us, our circumstances can remind us of who we are and what work we came here to do as expansive, philosophical Jupiter squares Chiron (the asteroid that provoke our healing/training though our personal experience) and sextiles eccentric Uranus. We may run straight into an experience that reminds us of our weak points or point out any tension between our personal goals and our interpersonal responsibilities.

If so, it will help to hold still, feel our strength underneath, our connection to our whole self and to our source, remember what we learned though our life’s experience, and then find a balanced way through.

Although our common sense may be thin, our intuition is running strong, if easily distorted by what we want and what we worry about. Look around for an unexpected teacher or teaching moment, and run with it. We’re ready to hear stories and open our minds to a different way of learning, but our ordinary sequential mind can feel a bit thick.

Although the stars want us to explore the quiet within, we may be feeling antsy with an urge to change things as these Jupiter and Uranus aspects can bring out our experimental streak. Improve away, but know that our judgment may be a bit off right now so it may be better to stick to old patterns and original plans. When in doubt, hold still for a moment and then see if it still feels like a good idea. Make sure any innovation is actually an improvement.

Friday begins with an interrupted and jerky mood, energized when were excited, easily frustrated and prone to bug-bites and bumps, especially around the head and legs, if we let our attention wander. Mechanical apparatus express their personality quirks. We can be generous but self-absorbed, so let’s open our heart but be humble about what the other person needs. As the weekend gets underway enjoy a creative party vibe, joyful reunions, and fabulous performing arts under the Leo Moon and as Jupiter sextiles Uranus. Work around the potential Mercury retrograde glitches with some careful contingency plans, know what to do in case the cell phone gets lost or the restaurant is closed.

It’s chore time on Sunday and into early next week under a Virgo Moon. But let’s be careful to appreciate what ever others have to offer, and choose carefully where to be cranky and where to dwell in gratitude. Gratitude, the shining side of Virgo, fertilizes whatever it touches.

We begin the heart of Leo season as the Sun joins Mercury in Leo on Sunday. During the Leo Sun, our power comes from expressing ourselves, we renew for the year ahead by living life to its fullest, celebrate our body’s ripeness along with the ripening crops and culture.

Midweek, people feel more cooperative though technology does not. In a quiet and thoughtful way, let’s get as much accomplished as possible in this friendly window and weave connection in all the delightful ways. As the week ends on a more stubborn, resonant note as the Moon heads into Scorpio, meet people at a deep place or leave them alone. If there’s a problem with a loved one, please check first to see if there is a misunderstanding, then remember to hold still for a minute, talk less and walk together more; come back into calm relations with one another and try to understand each other from there.

Friday, July 20: The mood is active, original with a few ego clashes around the edge. If people speak in hyperbole, know they really are painting a picture of their subjective reality. Engage, but be here now; we need to keep the mind where we are to stay safe. People are touchy about being ignored, let them feel seen and heard and cooperation unfolds. Tonight we need to laugh and tell our stories.

Saturday, July 21: This morning, do something self-indulgent , something others might consider self-centered but really help one re-center. If we can fill up with what we need this morning, we can honor what others need over the next few days. Chores and karmic connections call us this afternoon as the Virgo Moon squares the lunar nodes. Tonight may wind down earlier than expected, there is a lot to think about but the energy quiets. If people express nervousness through minor complaints; see it as a need for reassurance.

Sunday, July 22: We want good changes and then a chance to kick back and celebrate as Jupiter sextiles Uranus under a Virgo Moon. Problems need solving midday but if we respectfully work together, we grow our trust. We will be painfully aware of who does not show up for us, but will need to check in to see what kept them away, as they may have their own work to do as Mercury sextiles Mars. Decisions clarify around dinnertime. The Sun enters Leo tonight and everybody deserves a chance to shine; notice the unspoken energy that hums between us all.

Monday, July 23: Weed, repair, organize. Follow through with pre-made plans, as new ideas could be missing some key element. Differing opinions on the right way to proceed need a spacious, sometimes humorous approach to blend together. Practical help is a most romantic gesture. Look to the past, antiques and traditions further. Our health needs attention; keep all needs in balance. Evening is sociable, but shines even better with a sense of accomplishment as the Moon heads into Libra.


Tuesday, July 24: Early in the morning some thorn may come out of our paw, we can feel the pain of an old wound as the Moon squares Pluto. Midday, it’s all about the teamwork; share the spotlight and our chores are halved, be grateful and more help flows back as the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun. Some large object may need to be moved as opposes Uranus. We get a return on investment today, what goes around comes around, for better or worse. Watch for sharp tempers and sharp objects midafternoon. Life is full of lessons, we are each other’s teachers as Jupiter squares Chiron. Let’s learn.

Wednesday, July 25: Feel a slight shift into magical space today as the Sun quincunx Neptune and spirit and imagination move to the front burner. Escapist fantasies whisper to us if we feel too far removed from the magic or if life leans too heavily upon us. Our minds are unusually open, hungry, and inventive as Mercury trines Uranus this morning, and turn inward to do some serious rethinking as the Moon enters Scorpio tonight.

Thursday, July 26: Our focus deepens, concentration becomes more subtle and we resist interruptions but may need to handle the unexpected glitches which are actually teaching moment in the sky as the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury. Some people will pontificate with illogical rationality, but we know the issue is really emotional. Take it deep within tonight, and let’s not hold other people responsible for our happiness as Mercury quincunx Pluto. Solve a mystery.



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