Starcodes July 6, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Ah summer. If we’re lucky we’re enjoying a change of pace, but we may feel unnerved by all the changes going on around us on so many levels, from new evidence of climate change to sudden romantic separations and attractions. The cosmic clutch is in and the gears are shifting; our heads can spin from the sudden decisions made by people we usually take for granted, or we may be unnerved as we question our own long-held beliefs.

If we’re one of the few having a perfectly ordinary lazy summer, we may still need to help friends through their twists and turns and still need to deal with our illogical and overheating world. This summer the atmosphere shimmers in beauty with storms hovering around the edges, and with a feeling that the winds, and our fortunes, could change directions at any moment, all triggered as Uranus and Pluto square off.

The good news is we can use these existential tremors to shift what has been truly stuck, and can hopefully use this to shift our species’ bad habits in time to save our ecosystem. Let’s vote for that outcome with our imagination and our action.

This time can be exciting or it can be just plain stressful. Let’s take care with the stress and pace ourselves, because this intense field of change is just kicking in and will be with us, to greater or lesser degrees, for the next three years. Don’t rush decisions but breathe through the impulses and gather information needed to make wise choices. Then proceed decisively.

Luckily, we are entertained, and moods are buoyed easily and can shift quickly if we talk it out, encouraged by the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, who are now both in communicative air signs. Venus is in cheerful if high-strung Gemini and trines Mars in egalitarian, romantic Libra. These add an outgoing and sociable vibe with a sweet flirtatious edge, and can give us the gift of gab that could help us talk to people with which we normally have no common ground, a boon in this dire election season. But they can also make us so distractible that it’s hard to stay in synch with one another.

With Venus and Mars in air signs it’s a good week to get our message out. Our feelings flow into the words, and the words find one another easily. It is also important to get our message out this week because Mercury turns retrograde soon, July 15th –August 7th, then it will be time to take a break, reminisce and review, but it may be harder to create the future together.

Friday begins with competence and evolves into emotional mush; our feelings catch up with us and need expression under a Pisces Moon. We may feel much too sensitive for this world, or feel itchy and twitchy under a Pisces Moon. Our allergies and overall health may feel unusually delicate. The more we can let the tears flow without attaching to any particular story, the more room we’ll have to feel the joy as well. Let’s try to not take on too much this weekend, as it’s easy to feel overwhelmed while Venus squares the healing asteroid Chiron.

Watch a tendency to worry unnecessarily; don’t borrow trouble and do deal with any emotional backlog. We need to catch up with ourselves. If do we hurt, we might as well take on the hurts of the world and imagine we are healing and clearing as we go.

It’s really important to speak clearly and find a healthy balance that is neither aggressive nor passive, and is equally interested in the other side as Mars in Libra quincunx Neptune. We need to speak up if we disagree, especially with family members or those we hope to know a long time, but we don’t have to change them, instead just witness what we’ve seen and what we feel.

On Monday we’ll want to take action in a big way as the Moon, the motivator, moves into assertive Aries. As Mars trine Jupiter later next week, expect a whiff of sibling rivalry and healthy competition. Politics will mirror such family dynamics.

The willful mood can drive us, so it helps to pursue what we love, do good works and get physically tired. Or else we can get difficult. So build a tree house or dance the night away. If the competitive bug bites, put it to good use and compete to be the best self one can be.

Friday, July 6: Work the crowd or the group this morning; coordinate and collaborate while the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn. Midday the mood can get disconnected and rocky unless we keep on track and keep the heart open; if misunderstandings create emotional sandpaper, look for a difference in priorities that’s causing the disconnect. This evening we’ll want a safe place to let down our guard as the Moon enters Pisces. Puddle together.

Saturday, July 7: Share dreams this morning and listen for those inner messages as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Because we’re so permeable it helps to keep the morning low-key, creative and intent. Our attention can be pulled to vulnerabilities that need our help. Because people need acceptance and room to process today they will tend to take helpful suggestions as criticism. Later we can be super sensitive around heartfelt relationships, so let’s see if we can nurture rather than trigger one another as Venus squares Chiron. Sunset can romance us.

Sunday, July 8: After an emotional squishy morning we’re ready to take action on our dream as Mars quincunx Neptune. Cooperating with one another may feel stressful but will be well worth the effort. The energy is positively boisterous this afternoon; explore how to disagree in a good way. Be sympathetic about emotional stress tonight, and reassess plans in light of that sympathy.

Monday, July 9: Hit the ground running but stay in charge of the paradigm; it will be too easy to react instead of create as the Moon enters Aries and opposes Mars. It helps to stay active and stay out of other people’s plans; keep it simple direct, and know when to take a break. Just walk out of the room if tempers spike, wait until the heat leaves, and then return to negotiate directly. Later, give people the benefit of the doubt, as the situation may be more confusing than it first appears while the Sun sesqui- squares Neptune. Worry will bring out people’s control issues, but those are counterproductive. Early evening expansiveness shifts into late evening haunting solitude as the Moon first sextiles Jupiter and then squares Pluto. Rest first and react later.

Tuesday, July 10: Keep plan simple and in the moment; we can be decisive in the short term, but unsure about long-term purpose as Neptune and squares than Moon’s nodes. Bits of the past wash in and bring up questions about the future. If our instinctive responses are very different from what we know we need to do, find a healthy balance. A self-indulgent moment gives us more flexibility with others later on.

Wednesday, July 11: Conflicting needs and a thin sense of humor can leave us feeling weary this morning as the Moon opposes Saturn, we can get depressed or judgmental if we feel blocked or frustrated and forget to give one another the reassurance we need to ease the way. Remember the future evolves from the past, and look at shared history. We calm down, grow less touchy and more in our senses as the Moon enters earthy Taurus tonight. Family rituals can be helpful.

Thursday, July 12: If we lock horns, we stalemate, but if we find that common memory or shared purpose, we can grow trust as the Taurus Moon trine Pluto. Reliability matters and tangible help is appreciated; speak less and do more. Prioritize comfort. Be patient through communications glitches around dinnertime as the Moon squares Mercury and tensions unknot easily. Rational explanations are probably a cheap excuse for real feelings, but notice the valid feeling underneath.



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