Starcodes June, 29 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

We reach a turning point as the Sun opposes Pluto and squares Uranus this morning. Our personal version of it may be small or large, but it is time to course–correct, make a change in direction that we want to maintain for the next three months at least, and one that will contribute towards a long-term change in the road we travel. While a few of us are in the middle of ending a major chapter and beginning another, most of us will be making a more subtle adjustment, one of many over the next few years as the personal planets tag an ongoing, era-changing, Pluto-Uranus square.

Both Uranus and Pluto are happy to use discontent and depression as tools to nudges us toward our future. Some situation that was just fine a few months ago may now feel like it is no longer right. Our trick will be to fine tune our sensibilities, it may be a habit or pattern that needs to change, and not the job or mate. On the other hand, the problem may be bigger than us: it may be our cultural milieu or the cry of a burning forest that leaves us unsettled.

So this week our feelings may roll like a river, and be deep and quiet one moment with churning rapids the next. We can bash ourselves on the rocks if we steer towards the drama and not towards the calm, so let’s be careful when we’re tempted to make radical decisions under emotional conditions. Some events cry for crisis management, but for the rest, just let the feelings flow and make decisions in quieter waters.

We may start off this weekend with a review session, triggered by information or an experience that shakes us up or challenges the status quo. If we’re reminded of lessons we’ve learned recently, we can waste our time looking at whose fault it is or, instead, integrate that knowledge and take it into the future.

Mars has been in critical–thinking Virgo since December, is in the last degree of Virgo over the weekend, so finish up the last chapter and get ready for the next one. Mars then brings a new agenda midweek as it eases into Libra and begins to set off Uranus and Pluto. What we feel now can easily turn into action mid-July.

Early next week a haunting Venus-Pluto quincunx can make our heart ache, or feel like there’s a love dearth, which can inspire us to pull back if we’re feeling defensive, or to open our heart with compassion, which is scary, but the best medicine for that ache. If we have the guts to open further, it’s important to do so in a centered and self-caring way under these moody aspects, it won’t help to over-extend ourselves.

Tuesday, a Full Moon in Capricorn wants us to look at what our purpose in life and whether we’re getting there, but in the short term it can make people overly ambitious for other people, we know just what they should be doing. A pushy manipulative energy will be some people’s way to handle stress, but this same determination well-channeled can help get the picnic ready and fireworks placed just right, though some of the fireworks may be interpersonal as Mars enters romantic, egalitarian Libra.

Mars in Libra can help us be more aware of one another, more aware of romantic potential or the possibility inherent in all or friendships. We want more beauty, choice, fairness, and equality as Mars sets off the Uranus-Pluto square in the coming weeks. But we can also expect open debate about what’s fair and what’s not. Some political hotspots will sizzle, and it’s easy for us to get on our high horse about unfairness in our own family. Better to make this is a teaching moment; don’t get indignant, educate.

Back to the fireworks; July 4th on, notice a whiff of romantic excitement in the air. Ongoing romances can deepen when we look for the beauty in one another. If we’re not partnered, it’s a good time to work side-by-side with interesting people and notice the crackle of excitement. The fireworks begin to sparkle as Venus sextiles Uranus late on July 4th and continue in the week ahead.

Friday, June 29: We process more endings than beginnings as a broody Scorpio Moon trines Chiron. Take a moment to look back and review, make peace with any surfacing memories and remember the lessons, as they may be needed soon. Morning may feel uncomfortable if it asks us to look under rocks. Strong non-verbal messages swim through our subconscious; feel them but don’t assume to know what they mean. We get a better perspective and feel more hopeful as Mercury sextiles Jupiter this afternoon. Let’s let go of what holds us back, but not use that as an excuse to duck out of our soul’s work. A change in circumstances furthers tonight.

Saturday, June 30: We need to muck about in our inner worlds this stormy morning under the Scorpio Moon. Art therapy helps. Don’t try to jolly us out of our moods though it helps to have something to concentrate upon. Back off any confrontation, the subject at hand is probably not the real problem. Pay attention to strange fateful encounters. The mood improves this afternoon as the Moon enter Sagittarius, we can travel out of the doldrums and feel like a global citizen. Get out and move tonight.

Sunday, July 1: Travel beckons; we need space to explore our options as the Sagittarius Moon opposes expansive Jupiter. It’s easier to want to freedom than to get it, as others may feel unusually possessive or opinionated about our actions. Follow-through is rewarded this morning as Venus sesqui-squares Saturn; tasks seem to get in the way of love but will actually ease its way in the long run. Wandering soothes the soul this afternoon.

Monday, July 2: It’s hard to get into the work groove this morning, if summer distracts us it helps to commune with nature before work. Afternoon gets crankier and more ambitious as the Moon squares Mars then enters Capricorn. Watch the snappy comments; it helps to have a focused goal and respect other’s efforts. Redirect rather than disagree. If tonight drifts with melancholy, rest rather than try to fix.

Tuesday, July 3: A rocky, controlling but practically efficient vibe can help us clear the decks for tomorrow. The full Capricorn Moon, conjunct Pluto, can bring up every lonely place, every effort to manipulate under stress. Control issues abound, family members can argue over picnic supplies, all human relations can feel too tight yet miss the point. This exacting mood may be great for aligning fireworks displays or other great projects, but don’t dish out advice. Instead, acknowledge the feelings underneath. Major strategic moves may proceed for all the wrong reasons. Let’s be alert but relaxed.

Wednesday, July 4: Morning still feels controlled and controlling for a holiday; relax wherever possible and keep plans loose. Some worry needs to be attended, but maybe not right now. If familial communications feel strained, find it funny rather than worry about the worry. Midday the flow and flexibility improves and last-minute plans are an improvement as Mercury sextiles Venus and trines Uranus. Clans gather tonight as we share America’s great fireworks art-form under a collective Aquarius Moon.

Thursday, July 5: Morning is slow, impersonally pleasant and funny where we can set our own pace, experimental and relatively forgiving. Keep a light touch. Possibilities ripen if we garden friendships and flowers. Clarify a communications glitch midday as the Mercury opposes the Moon, and let the conversation wander towards healing topics tonight as Mercury quincunx Chiron; an old splinter can work its way out if we give it room but don’t poke.







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