Starcodes June 22, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Feel the fresh winds of change whispering around the corners. We’ll be neck deep in personal, cultural and environmental transformation over the next three years as Uranus and Pluto square off seven times between now and 2015, and the first exact square is this weekend. Although this aspect shimmers in the background for the next three years, we’ll feel it most acutely when the inner planets resonate with it and set it off.  At the end of this week the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.

Our world will be changing and will be up to us to direct which way those changes go, so let’s take a moment this weekend to think about our direction, and then hold it in our heart to guide us. Sometimes these changes will seem painfully slow, other times way too fast, but remember, we’re just getting started in this process.

This intense three years will challenge all our attachments. We may fear losing all we’ve built up, and yes, we’ll have to let go of some things and many of our old assumptions, but mostly we‘ll just need to reorganize. We will be stretched to grow and evolve. This may hurt where we’re attached to the old forms, but will be a gift if we don’t like the road we’re on.

It’s time for cultural therapy, and like all good therapy, we need to first gain insight into why we do what we do and then make concrete adjustments so our actions better serve our goals. It can be unnerving at times, small shocks to the system, so let’s help each other through the adjustments and encourage a sense of adventure about what tomorrow may bring.

This particular aspect, the waxing square between Uranus and Pluto, last occurred in 1876-7, during the battle at Little Bighorn and as both the telephone and the light bulb were invented, all era-changing events. The one before that, in 1755-1758, ignited a seven-year global war between France and England that swept through all European colonies around the globe, transformed sea-trade, and echoed here in America as the French and Indian War.

We see that with this aspect, impulse control goes down and conflict becomes conflagration unless we find creative ways solve the problem. Let’s see if we can buck this trend and vote for change without conflagration. This Uranus-Pluto aspect also instigates innovation, which is really hopeful as we’ll need every drop of innovation to turn this train-wreck of ecological destruction we’re all bound upon. We have the next three years’ worth of inspiration to help us turn the course.

But back to this week- Friday and Saturday are sociable under a Leo Moon. We may feel complexed; our introverted side may be more introverted and in need of quiet solitude, while our extroverted side can long for the heart of the party. We can let the beauty of summer fill us with bounty and make all this work worthwhile.

Some old relationship issues or habits creep back in over the weekend as Venus sesqui-squares Saturn and these can leave us tired, wondering if we’re really making progress. These old hassles are just review sessions if we don’t feed them; they offer a chance to grow new interpersonal muscles and don’t need to get in our way. But we do have to do right by one another to keep it smooth.

Sunday and Monday are more brittle and thoughtful as the Moon heads into Virgo and stimulates fantastic conversation as well as brings up questions of health and health policy. Notice a tendency to give advice too freely or an inclination to tweak people with a guilt trip, and don’t buy into either. Keep the focus on positive change as Uranus squares Pluto exactly.

Communicative Mercury enters Leo on Monday and brings out the storyteller in us all. It can really put is in a summertime frame of mind for the next few weeks, rich with romance, art festivals and grand gestures. Wednesday, Venus turns direct after several weeks retrograde, and some emotional logjam comes unstuck. Venus represents all things female as well as our creative impulse, so our inner Anima can get vociferous and the politics around women’s rights can heat up into a hefty storm. Love and beauty, and fierce fairness– all Venusian gifts– can see us through to the other side.

Friday, June 22: The mood is bighearted but self-conscious, funny if a tad pompous as the Leo Moon sextiles Venus and the Moon’s nodes. It’s a day to let the tanks fill up with summer’s generosity. If some interaction feels karmically weighted, pay attention and do the right thing. Take a creative approach to an ordinary situation this afternoon, improve attitudes and refine plans as the Moon trine Uranus. Breathe through a cranky happy hour as the Moon semi-squares Mars and nourish one another with attention tonight.

Saturday, June 23: There is fun to be had and work to be done, if we’re lucky we can do them together rather than feeling torn between as Venus challenges Saturn. Watch the minor ego trips; let everyone have a place to shine and they bring their best the table. Regroup late afternoon and coordinate plans as the Moon sextiles Saturn. Emotional friction around dinnertime will dissipate if the sparks don’t land on flammable material; stay cool. Evening can be magical as the Sun trines Neptune; escape into people and performance but avoid crashing into those who escape less constructively.

Sunday, June 24: The winds of change are blowing, but like any wind they can just whisk by us if we don’t find a way to work with them. A Virgo Moon activates our social and personal critic and nags us to improve the situation. Digestion’s a bit touchy, so be careful with fast foods. Watch a confused or flooded feeling midday as Moon opposes Neptune; if we’re in a crowd, let’s enjoy the collective connection but make contingency plans. Late afternoon grows thoughtful as we research for meaning. Energy ebbs early tonight.

Monday, June 25: Clean up and get organized this morning, there are opportunities on the horizon and they go to those that are ready. We can pivot around issues of authority, father, security, and our life’s work; let’s jump to no conclusions but consider all possibilities. We can be absorbed in our own stories later as Mercury enters Leo and forget to listen to others, but that would be the ultimate generosity. Notice an impatience-making and self-critical Moon-Mars conjunction in the western evening sky, and be kind with one-another.

Tuesday, June 26: Decisions are ripening, so listen to dreams and early morning certainty for clues as the Moon enters Libra. The rest of the day is more sociable and aesthetic; it may become harder to stay in sequence but easier to see the beauty in the world around us. Bond over some egalitarian act; fairness and beauty matter as the Libra Moon approaches Saturn; we’re willing to compromise as long as our needs are also considered.

Wednesday, June 27: What we haven’t done or no longer have can haunt us as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Events trigger. Weird feelings and minor tensions in the morning can triggers changes in plans this afternoon. We may need to stand back from others to remember who we are and what we are doing. Creative projects begin to pick up momentum, tangle relationship issues begin to unravel, but both need patience and attention to do so gracefully.

Thursday, June 28: This morning‘s vibe is sane, somewhat controlled and thoughtful, but with a sense that something may be about to happen. Our creative juices flow if we prime the pump first by doing the work; start to draw and art forms, start to write and poetry flows as the Moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury quincunx Neptune. Moods darkened, grow less logical and more passionate as the Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon and leave us more guarded, pointed, and curious. Do not be surprised if people defend against any comment, just smile and know they heard. If communication scrambles late tonight, open the heart more and say less.





2 thoughts on “Starcodes June 22, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. I’m so glad I found your site. I’ve been following the 13 Moon calendar by myself for almost a year now, learning with book, starting to learn only about the energy of the New Moon, then the Full Moon, then the entire cycle… and now I use a lot the Sabian Symbols. It completely changed my life. It brought me back in touch with myself, with others, and with the Universe.

    I wish I would I’ve found your blog before: great work!


    • so glad it works for you Julie- and your website is lovely.. I think our world will need all the supportive help it can get for the next few years–

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