Starcodes, June 15 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Gemini energy gets the conversation started these last few days of spring. This last week may have brought swirling emotions and information overload as Mercury in intuitive but self-protective Cancer squared Uranus and opposed Pluto. Some trigger may have our mind uncomfortable with a situation as it now stands and lead us to examine many different paths in response. Last week’s depression can linger if we feel trapped, or turn into this week’s productive exploration if we can sense our options.

The weekend begins with a pleasant, determined tone under a Taurus Moon, but we are still nagged to solve quiet, intransigent problems. People may want to avoid confrontation but can still reflect on some conundrum stirred up earlier in the week and productively take that conversation farther as the Sun pulls away from a square to Mars.

Later this weekend and early next week a New Moon in Gemini and a challenging Mercury-Neptune aspect can scatter our thoughts to the winds. Our minds can travel far, like a petal floating on those winds, but it is easy to feel unsettled. Some people we seem to speak out of both sides of their mouth and contradict themselves, but honestly mean both sides. It’s good to process and chew over the possibilities but let’s take care of our nerves and rest when we can. If we feel too scattered or anxious, it can help to be quiet a moment, listen to the bird’s conversation, and then reengage in a more whole and centered way.

Summer begins on Wednesday as the Sun enters Cancer, trines hopeful Neptune, and opens the channel of communication. The tide may turn back to the family of our heart, to familiar people and places that need the fruits of our journey. Check in with family, chosen family, and the great pool of memories, and see what needs attention or advice as Venus quincunx Pluto. Some unfinished business or re-opened wounds need thoughtful work. Clear up karmic weeds, but don’t make it worse by tangling threads unnecessarily. We are nourished as we garden these relationships.

It’s a good week to attend to ongoing health issues, both any national health issues and personal health concerns. We may be called to get involved with the local food movement or make a gentle examination of our diet and garden ourselves. Mars in Virgo (the sign that rules the intestines) echoes the Sun in Cancer (which rules the stomach) and encourages us to take us closer to life-giving foods, and how we digest food and information alike.

The planets also called us to look at the sweetness of our life both literally and metaphorically. How is our sugar intake, are we handling our relationships well, and do we find healthy ways to take a break when we need to escape. As Jupiter has just entered changeable Gemini but squares magical Neptune, we may be unusually sensitive and need extra sweetness and but need to look for it in a conscious and healthy way. So before reaching for the second glass of wine or an extra piece of chocolate, or book a retreat in Zimbabwe, let’s ask what we really need. And what those around us really need. If we handle this urge responsibly, we can bring more true sweetness to our world.

Friday, June 15: Look for something missing or notice a friend under stress who needs support as the Taurus Moon trine Pluto this morning. Slow and steady does it midday, keep expectations low and imagination open. Wandering may get us farther than sticking to the apparently straight path. Although we may get distracted and need to multitask, let’s keep circling back to the few things that need to be completed. The mood is generally pleasant, stubborn, hungry and curious tonight as the Taurus Moon sextiles Mercury.

Saturday, June 16: We may talk too much and hide our true feelings under stories as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter; listen between the lines. Midday is busy and funny, peppered with patchwork conversations, stay open-minded and soften opinions. Funny team efforts get farther than solitary concentration as the Moon trine Mars. Tonight is creatively juicy and could bring a familiar scenario as Venus squares Chiron, but we can choose to rehash or reframe.

Sunday, June 17: Our thoughts may be as light yet dense as pollen; mobile, but easily overwhelmed. So let’s pace ourselves, laugh as much as we can, and keep our thoughts on this moment rather than get lost in the past or future as the Moon enters Gemini and squares Neptune this morning. Dreamy moments can be tough if driving the highway, so clear the room for the muse. Be quiet let the dust settle later as Mercury sesqui-squares Neptune. A beautiful Moon- Venus conjunction (visible just before tomorrow’s dawn) pours emotions into words tonight. Let poetry flow, but watch what’s said in the heat of the moment.

Monday, June 18: Reach into the past this morning, reconnect with people ideas or projects that were left hanging and take those relationships a step further. Multitask and follow through, but don’t bother starting a new project just yet, this is time to finish, follow-through and weave the pieces together. Tension or worry can make people irritated tonight, don’t corner a restless person as the Moon squares Mars. Avoid the urge to criticize recreationally; patience produces better results as the Moon trine Saturn.

Tuesday, June 19: Channels of communication fly open as this morning’s New Moon in Gemini helps us begin a new chapter in our thinking. Let the green world feed us with its glory as the Moon trine Neptune brings a magical quality. Also let it ground us, as we can be caught in a swirl of hopes and fears; if our thoughts bob and weave like a kite in a storm we need to get earthy and real before we proceed. Intuition and insight are available if we are still enough to listen to them.

Wednesday, June 20: Happy Solstice! Summer begins as the Sun enters Cancer act 5:08 PM MDT. This is the longest day of the year and will feel like it. Feelings crank up as Venus quincunx Pluto while technical difficulties can trip us up midday as Mercury squares Saturn and requires that we do our homework but don’t be controlling in the process. The less we move around the better grow roots like actually reaching for the Sun, as transportation can be awkward. Logic and magic vie for attention but we need them both. Tonight, dance through a shy spell and enjoy this long evening as Venus sextiles Uranus.

Thursday, June 21: Look around for the opportunities as Mercury sextiles Mars. People may be more self-conscious, but motivate easily if we are respectfully assertive. Initiate connection as the Moon conjunct Mercury midday and listen for a deeper level of honesty; some confusing scenario now clarifies if we’re willing to see the truth. We get back what we give out tonight as the Moon enters Leo, but whether that’s attitude or acceptance is up to us.


2 thoughts on “Starcodes, June 15 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. I am not sure you get the love and appreciation you should for the time, effort and care you put into these! I read them a few times over the week! You are appreciated! Thanks A/s

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