Starcodes June 8 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

We go on a journey this week. Through a drifting, dreamy, imaginative weekend where our vulnerabilities feel exposed, to a rocky confrontational but awakening moment early in the week as Mercury first trines intuitive Neptune, then opposes morose Pluto and squares erratic Uranus.

So life may be summery with a streak of crazy around the edges. While most of us are enjoying the season’s change of pace, adjusting, or wondering what we do next after a series of eclipses, solar flares and other major aspects over the last few weeks shifted our landscape and turned up the volume on emotions, a few people are acting completely out of ordinary reality. And all of us may get a peek into the strange accretions hidden in the far corners of our psyche.

We’ll be talking about a deeply unsettling Uranus-Pluto square for the next few years, this aspect makes the first of seven exact hits in a few week, but we’re already well within its energy field, and it is set off to resonate, like gong, every time another planet aspects these two and strikes that gong.

This big, slow square of two attitude-filled outer planets puts the clutch in on history and loosens the foundations underneath us. As right now the road we’re on heads into ecological disaster, this aspect can give us hope that we can get our act in gear in the nick of time, if we’re willing and work together. But some people who are loosely tethered to begin with can lose their moorings completely, and so our headlines have recently been laced with a few unusually bizarre crimes. Let this remind us to stay grounded, first and foremost; let’s prioritize our mental health so we can be useful. If we feel unsettled or uninspired, it can help to spend time in the natural world with rock and root and furry relations or somehow connect to the larger arc of history.

For this week, as Chiron retrogrades, challenges that come up will have their roots in the past; we’ve been trained to handle the problem, we just have to remember what we learned before or extrapolate what we learned from personal experience onto a new situation.

This weekend begins in a pleasant cooperative mood, though our thoughts may drift and dream as Mercury trines intuitive, perceptive Neptune. On a practical note, it’s a good weekend to deal with water issues, like plumbing, swimming, irrigation, and hydration. On a less practical level we may be feeling psychically permeable and pick up images or impressions from other people and wonder where they came from. Spend time around good people. Let this impressionability inspire creative process, and listen to intuition but don’t jump to conclusions about what it all means until it’s been checked out through time and logic.

Early next week we may feel pressured by a sense of urgency that can press us to make decisions that aren’t quite right. Watch a tendency to blame others for the problem on both the personal and political levels as Mercury in self-protective Cancer opposes deep Pluto and squares Uranus. Our thoughts may churn like a hurricane unless we stay over cooler waters.

Towards the end of the week we relax and can get back on a more even keel if we garden our life; weed, fertilize, water, and appreciate what we want to grow. Notice a new openness; an opportunity to talk it all out may solve a problem eventually as Jupiter, the freeing planet, heads into articulate Gemini for the next year.

We’ll talk a lot. Gemini can go for breadth rather than depth, which can be a problem in an election year. We may see a new free-flowing fount of information in the media, have access to aps galore, but it will take our curiosity to discern the truth rather than just be entertained by gossip to utilize the best of Jupiter in Gemini.

Friday, June 8: Listen for practical inspiration. Talk out knotty points, negotiate, make sure everyone’s on the same page in this moment of creative harmony as the Aquarius Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun Venus and Saturn. Morning hums, midafternoon people get tired or distracted but returned for a sociable, potentially magical evening as Mercury trines Neptune. Although we’re processing some tough issues, the evening can be serendipitous.

Saturday, June 9: Our imagination flows. Enjoy the stories but don’t drop the ball; notice what needs to be completed and gently keep returning until it is done. Our vulnerabilities show this afternoon, we may need to process feelings that there was no time for earlier as the Moon enters dreamy Pisces and conjunct Neptune. Find a way to feel the soul’s need for contact with the numinous. Deal with water issues or go swimming. Conversation wanders productively tonight, just watch a tendency to overindulge, and watch out for those who have.

Sunday, June 10: Melancholic, contemplative morning leads us to wander between our own inner worlds and our need to connect with one another. Some trigger can cause us to second-guess the past and chew over a lesson learned as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron, but let’s look carefully to make sure the real lesson has been learned, rather than defenses thickened. Relationships can feel unsettled later; emotions are running full and somewhat self-indulgent as the Moon squares Venus. Opt out of melodrama and get centered for potentially rough waters ahead.

Monday, June 11: Stay cool, kind, and careful; this could be a bumpy ride. The mood is sensitive high-strung and difficult as the sensitive Pisces Moon first opposes Mars in critical Virgo and then enters fiery Aries. While this can add energy to our work it can also leave us easily ticked-off. Mercury squares Uranus and opposes Pluto and triggers worry, fixation, and possibly an abrupt change in direction. We can brainstorm on real problems successfully, but can make mountains out of mole hills elsewhere. Our thinking can have static and be morose unless we have something substantial to engage our thoughts. If radical change needs to be made, plan now but confirm after the dust settles. Even if we have a good day, let’s de-stress and feed the nerves tonight.

Tuesday, June 12: Use restlessness productively. Set few boundaries but keep them firm, our inner adolescents are up and running. Notice an erratic, urgent, chip-on the shoulder vibe as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto and Mercury and urges us to make radical shifts. Let’s play it for the long haul and look at the consequences of any decisions before we act. A spontaneous adventure, taken with our eyes wide open, can be most beneficial.

Wednesday, June 13: We can harness our energy with more concentration and endurance, though may feel too grown-up as our work leans in while the Sun trines and the Moon opposes Saturn. It feels good to take responsibility and therefore control into our hands. Remember the words of a teacher or mentor when facing a challenge. Don’t try to jolly someone out of crankiness tonight, honor the thoughtful mood instead.

Thursday, June 14: Familiar comforts help us repair moods and stabilize recently-frayed relationships. When in doubt, go back to familiar routines and help people feel more comfortable under the Taurus Moon, don’t push or try to introduce new information today, tag ideas back to earlier agreements. New efforts need tending, fertilizing, and patience.




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