Starcodes June 1, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins.

It is a week to shift gears. A partial Lunar Eclipse on Monday and a Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on Tuesday can help us let go of outmoded path, become aware of our contradictions, and see our global interconnectedness. Most of us will feel one or the other; some will do all at one swoop.

The pre-dawn partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th can break our local focus and ask us to see the big picture, see how we are interlaced with the larger community and global ecosystem. This wide view can be catalyzed by anything that opens up our horizon, from a lighthearted interest in a stranger with a foreign accent to evidence of an international ecological incident, from smoke from a distant forest fire or a call from Singapore. We notice how our life is impacted by what happens on the world stage.

On June 5th Venus retrogrades in front of the Sun and cranks up the volume on emotions as it triggers a conversation about what we value, what and who we love, and the role of women and feminine divine in the culture which will echo for months to come. It offers an opportunity to reconnect with memories and people that are close to the heart and muse over what made us who we are, for better or for worse. We are called to meditate on how to grow the love in this tired world. We will debate, but can choose to do so lovingly as Mercury, Venus, and the Sun conjunct in articulate Gemini but all square contentious Mars.

This isn’t just a conjunction; Venus will pass right in front of the Sun beginning 3:05 pm MDT, appearing like a black drop on the solar backdrop, and may be worth checking out if those eclipse-viewing glasses are still hanging around. Although Venus retrogrades between us and the Sun every 1.6 years, usually it passes north or south of the Sun. It won’t transit directly across the face of the Sun like this again in our lifetime. Venus has been glowing brightly in the evening sky for months; right now it’s too close to the Sun to see anything other than this shadow, but in 10 days we’ll see it rise just before the Sun. (For more info about the Venus –Sun conjunction, check out by Santa Fe astrologer Arielle Guttman for the astrology, for local times and for the astronomy.)

But all is not sweetness and roses; Venus cranks up the volume on all our feelings and brings in an edgy friction as it squares Mars all week. We live our contradictions, and so argue about peace or get mad at someone because we love them, or otherwise feel the heart-rending paradoxes of life. Relationships can take extra attention, couples can find themselves working at cross purposes or crossed expectations unless they communicate, listen, and communicate some more. We may feel tugged in many different directions by the people we care about or the ideals we value, feel love with two or more people, or just find our attention spread thin. Notice active debate at home and in the headlines; we do not make progress wherever we argue about what needs to be done.

On the other hand this frisson of tension can bring our attention to one another; a good debate can get the blood flowing if we don’t really hurt feelings the process.

Mercury trines Saturn towards the end of the week and gives us extra sanity as it helps stabilize nerves. It calls us back to work and offers an opportunity to make progress on some foundational understanding. It will pay to get organized now and work on whatever needs a sound and logical decision, because next week that rationality thins out again and life could be eventful.

Friday, June 1: Daft and deep, our thinking is flighty but emotions run oceanic under a broody Scorpio Moon; what we say and what we feel may not match, but we mean them both. Some emotional pressures complicate our decisions later on. Tonight the mood is friendly, sparky with musky undertones as Mercury and Venus conjunct, spoken word art has extra glamour and conversations have unspoken meaning. We could promise anything but mean it only in the moment, so check back later for a better perspective. To brood alone in a crowd and find it poetic may best fit the astrological paradox as on one side Scorpio Moon pulls us to be alone or be impassioned, while the Gemini planets want us to party.

Saturday, June 2: We may need time inside or with intimates this morning and so feel indecisive about what to do, but once we get going the day is rich and complex as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mars and quincunx Venus and Mercury. Notice the undercurrents but don’t be caught by them. Don’t be too attached plans tonight, stay flexible and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as the Moon challenges Uranus. Later, moods are the stuff of great blues music.

Sunday, June 3: “Think globally- act locally” isn’t just a catch-phrase as the Moon enters Sagittarius and heads towards a partial lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. Today spotlights how interwoven our daily life is with the larger currents and pulses of the world’s economy and ecology. Reach out and connect. Our nervous system can crank up unless we get moving, so walk, dance, and stretch. Although it may be time to walk away from some broken situation, in general don’t take it personally if dear ones are inattentive, it’s just the restlessness in the air as the Sun and Venus square Mars. Go adventuring together. Tonight’s Full Moon is worth howling with, as sleep may be elusive.

Monday, June 4: The Moon is eclipsed just before it sets, just before sunrise. The buzz can leave us wired and tired, but also in some way refreshed if we take this opportunity to let go of elements that no longer serve and create new room to move.  But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water; before pruning ruthlessly, ask if the branch or relationship’s dead, or does it just need work. The natural world wants to be in conversation with us; listen. It’s a day to travel or plan a trip, or set out on a new life-path. Foreign accents are unusually attractive; reach out to distant friends for international solutions, reach into the forest for ecological connections.

Tuesday, June 5: Let’s ask what we can do to love our world, not what our world can do to love us. As Venus conjuncts the Sun it offers us an extra pool of affection and friendliness, a reminder of the beauty way of the potential for balance and harmony between ourselves and the rest of the world. It also cranks up the volume on feelings. Waiting for love hurts, offering it freely heals; though it may be easier to love all sentient beings than to love a romantic other as Venus and Mars squares. Do not try to control how others take the gesture even though the Moon is in controlled Capricorn. We can take what happens in our personal lives today and tomorrow as the symbolic seed of the future. The Venus transit of the Sun will be visible just before sunset take this moment to poor love on the world as a gathering or a prayer. Evening is philosophically melancholic as the Moon squares Pluto, sometimes love breaks our heart open.

Wednesday, June 6: This is a good, serious day to get work done if we can do it cleanly, clearly, and with mutual respect. Morning may be moody; don’t make sweeping decisions to try and control and emotional reaction, just let it flow. Step in constructively or stand back, don’t let an anxious moment trigger manipulation as the Capricorn Moon squares Saturn. Avoid people with power complexes, as they make be jerking chains. Relax and build something instead.

Thursday, June 7: Our stories matter. Thoughtful Mercury enters domestic, sensitive, sometimes defensive Cancer begins to trine intuitive Neptune, and brings our attention to how we communicate with in our family or with our home team. As the Moon enters communal Aquarius we feel the stories of the people around us and may be called to let go of opinions we’ve held dearly in order to see more clearly. Watch a feisty competitive response or easily- irritated twinge set off by a Sun-Mars square tonight, do something definite but avoid the temptation to get into a territorial fight.


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