Starcodes, May 25 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Did you get the memo? News moves fast and plans change quickly, there’s a lot going on and so stay tuned in. We can expect a few crossed wires or mixed messages as the weekend begins and the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in responsive and talkative Gemini while mental Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) is in a confusing square with Neptune. Check the local news for route changes, check with friends for changes in plans.

The textbooks describe the effect of this Mercury-Neptune square as overstimulated imagination, but is there such a thing? Misdirected may be a better word. It’s hard to tease apart hope and fear from true possibility; wishful thinking or ongoing anxieties can distort our perception as much as our imagination can open the doorways to possibility. So let’s work with imagination’s rich, fermenting brew and dream away, but also stay in the present moment when driving or making important relationship decisions. Also be alert around Neptune’s other tools, water, liquids, deceivers, alcohol and altered minds.

The weekend will be generally sociable, funny and curious with a holiday-dilettante mindset. We’ll tend to run lightly over the surface or dramatize without sinking into the depths. We can tell great stories and pontificate with glee; words glisten like drops of color in a pointillist painting, each one means nothing but helps convey an overall impression. Keep conversation light and be heard but try to make people tow the line and it’s easy to lose connection.

This much Gemini energy can feel scattered and make it hard to concentrate on any one thing or person, but if we work the room or work on a few projects or get a few books going and circulate between them, we can play with our short attention span and still get a lot done. We don’t have to be shallow, but something more that words will be needed to help us think.

As the weekend progresses, bring the conversation back home wherever possible; picnic, kibitz over the back fence and get in touch with what’s going on inside. People will be unusually forthcoming where they feel safe. Memorial Day itself grows serious and thoughtful as a subdued Virgo Moon reminds us to be aware of the consequences of our actions and respect our responsibilities, although we may each interpret that differently. People can get a little cranky or edgy and need to rest at a deeper level, though it’s hard for our nervous systems to really quiet down with this Mercurial buzz in the air.

Early next week some unsettled aspects require us to integrate new information, things may not be going as planned and our work may need to shift trajectory. Let’s adapt and make smaller sacrifices if needed to find a new track, and make the best of it for now.

Towards the end of the week we may feel like we’ve woken up; it’s time to apply the good dreams and correct any illusions. If we felt deceived or overlooked last weekend, we will be mad as Mercury squares Mars, but need to look at how much our own wishful thinking may have set us up. Notice a sharp critical voice in the culture and put a five-second lead on the critical voice at home. This aspect can bring some brilliant problem-solving abilities if we don’t waste our energy complaining.

While our creative projects can really get somewhere, most major life adjustments are just temporary adaptations though they can help us evolve into new forms over the next few years. But we can hold on to our core values to help us direct those small adjustments towards a bigger and brighter horizon. We already feel the symptoms of seismic activity in the culture as we head towards the summer Solstice and the first of seven era-changing Uranus-Pluto squares (now through 2015) and this can leave us with a low-level nervousness or excitement about the future that shimmers underneath all else we do.

Friday, May 25: This moody morning brings mixed feelings as to where to engage and where to retreat. Our imagination may be working overtime if we can engage it, otherwise restless sleepiness dilutes our focus and truth can be distorted by wishful thinking as Mercury squares confusing Neptune. Find a healthy way to work with a longing for magic, escape, a moment of spirit. Liquids are recalcitrant, watch spills near electronics. Evening can be a raucous party as the Moon enters Leo, though our hearts tweak easily. Enjoy the buzz and find a form of self-expression, but do not ignore the needs of those near and dear in the process, as the will be touchy. Tonight, have the designated driver drive defensively.

Saturday, May 26: An excited buzz can add panache to ordinary events. Cheerful nervousness makes it hard to focus, summertime mind keeps us distracted. Performance art is inspired, but some emotional expression will be just performance; catch musicians in the park or children at recital, but take personal melodrama with a grain of salt. Experimental afternoon encourages success if we can meander towards the answer as Moon trines Uranus. Reminisce tonight, look for ways to commune with the past but don’t get stuck there; bring memories into the future as Mercury conjuncts the south node.

Sunday, May 27: Friendly buzzing with a touch of ego about the edges. Our tendency to express unfiltered thoughts can both lubricate understanding yet be tricky over tough subjects that require diplomacy. It’s unusually easy to converse with strangers or hear information which opens our minds, but our thinking can be spontaneous and flighty as Mercury conjuncts the Sun and sextiles Uranus. Small adjustments make a big difference. New connections and ideas spark now and can grow later.

Monday, May 28: Remember, respect, perfect. The mood may be thoughtful, nervous and brittle. Notice news or arguments about the role of government or parental rules. A self-conscious urge to do things right provokes healthy debate, but let’s drop into the heart when people get cranky and go for perfection of spirit rather than perfection of line as Mercury sesqui-squares Saturn and quincunx Pluto.

Tuesday, May 29: Cranky, nervous morning can pour salt into our philosophical divides as the Moon conjuncts Mars. Don’t sweat the details, save impatience for large problems that need a little dynamite to get moving. Apparent setbacks can be discouraging, but difficulties can help us focus and inspire us to prove our worth. Watch the urge to make snap-judgments, they will boomerang. Soften tonight, we all need encouragement.

Wednesday, May 30: Move through the world with attention. Keep it cool and keep it kind; impatience breeds accidents as Mercury squares Mars. Use ingenuity to stir the coals on productive leads, but don’t waste energy on cattiness or the fleeting fun of recreational critique; what is amusing to one may be hurtful to another, and our sense of fairness is fierce today. Ruthless editing and fierce weeding are useful as long as we keep a balanced perspective. Friends and contacts need attention, the network needs voltage.

Thursday, May 31: We need to gather the pieces, weave the threads together, and follow up on leads. Organize the scattered elements and check in with one another to create a more congruent whole, or we’ll find efforts duplicated and energy wasted. Puzzle parts begin to fit in with one another if we pay attention, though the organizing thoughts may come from an unlikely source. Friendly acceptance encourages creativity and will reap we reward.



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