Starcodes May 18 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Henry David Thoreau

Pay attention to all the ways we communicate this week as Mercury gets tagged by a series of minor aspects, ends on good note, and then enters its own mercurial sign of Gemini. Be willing to hang in there in a difficult debate or slog through the details needed to translate an idea into reality. Share ideas with someone of totally different point of view; pressure won’t change them, but real dialogue might. Brainstorm with a group to produce something better together than could be conceived of alone. Or just talk it all out on the home front.

Practice makes permanent, especially in our brains. So let’s pay attention to how our mind works, the way we process information is as important as what we think. Yes, this week if full of interesting, even pivotal announcements and data that we’ll have to deal with. But first, notice the internal communication and ask what thoughts and habits we want to release and which ones o we want to make permanent. Thoughtful Mercury, now in earthy Taurus, encourages us to question our assumptions and get closer to the truth before we grow new roots as it semi-squares erratic Uranus and conjuncts expansive Jupiter this weekend.

Let’s look at what increases our mental static and investigate what calms and settles the waters so we can see clearly. A moment of calm clarity is a gift, but we can make choices that bring us here more often.

Then take our attention out and notice how we communicate with one another; can we speak clearly, listen well and balance what we want need and think with the needs and thoughts of others. Can we honestly dialogue? Venus turned retrograde last week, and will stay retrograde through June 27th, which can bring up so many people and patterns from our emotional past, but we can respond with consciousness this time if we pay attention.

Then look farther afield at how beloveds and politicians choose to communicate as well as what they communicate, and wonder what that pattern says about them and notice the subtle messages. Investigate equipment that has become our other brain: phone, computer systems and websites. Tune up our website or Facebook page or figure out a new phone. Think about the world’s condition and our role in it.

The weekend begins rich and juicy and inwards looking, a time to tend to our earthy needs, to garden and get healthy as the Moon approaches a conjunction with the Sun in Taurus and forms a grand earth trine with Mars and Pluto. We can just be comfortable, or notice what makes it hard to be comfortable. Stuff can have a hold on us; we attach easily and may want something just beyond our reach, or buy in to the illusion that material goods will make us happy. Let’s see the divine in the world of mater, but not think the material world is the limits of the divine.

This trine offers a moment to catch up with ourselves and make steady tangible progress on some project that helps us feel more secure, healthy or comfortable. But between this trine and a solar eclipse on Sunday, we may be pushed to let go of an old attachment and have to take on faith that the way is being cleared for something more.

Then the energy revs up and scatters as Sun and Moon enter Mercury-ruled Gemini on Sunday and Mercury returns home to Gemini on Thursday. It’s time to talk, network, buzz, flirt, and cross-pollinate. This new Gemini line-up helps think fast and be adjustable.  It encourage us to finish up the school year, change locations, say goodbye to old friends and be willing to meet new people, to explore possibilities so we can  choose which way to go next and who to talk to along the way.

Mid-week we may wander in a creative mental fog or have a wake-up call that asks us to let go of an illusion or denial that has made us more comfortable but kept an uncomfortable truth hidden. We may see news about air quality or notice what helps us breathe more or less comfortable as the Sun and Mercury square Neptune.

Our challenge under this new line up in Gemini is to not get lost in the multiplicities, to enjoy the possibilities but remember who we are and where we’re going. Let’s be amused by the surface flurry of activity coming up but remember to think about the deeper meaning underneath. Experiment with places, people, thoughts so when we do build those deeper pathways, they are ones who head the way we truly want to go.

Friday, May 18: Rich, dark and fertile is the loam of the mind’s field this morning as the dark Moon enters Taurus, sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto. Laziness can evolve into stamina once we get going. It may bring the end of a cycle around some concrete form, let go of a favorite worn shirt or other position, and create room for something new to enter. Tonight some lingering feelings resonate from the week, we may be tweaked by relationship possessiveness or want quiet comfort and a chance to let down, and feel safe.

Saturday, May 19: It’s time to say what we really feel or make some pragmatic change around some very practical matter that seems unusually important to our heart concerning aesthetics, equality or social justice. Instead of debating, bear witness and listen as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and trines Mars. Nurture the roots of whatever needs to grow. Rest and renew. Stubbornness can be epic around sunset, stay wise rather than reactive and let earthy wisdom carry the day.

Sunday, May 20: Shift happens. The day begins generous and quiet and then revs up our nerves as the Sun and Moon enter Gemini, conjunct on a solar eclipse, peaking just before sunset and visible through most of the western states, all while Mercury semi-squares Uranus. This is a good time to let go of some thought-form that no longer serves us. Enjoy a lightening of the mood, a frisson of exciting potential (anxiety) and renewed sense of humor. Watch for static on the airwaves- winds, words, and air travel. The mind can be all over the place and need our soul’s firm hand on the reins; take this nervous energy down good pathways.

Monday, May 21: The mind can run like a hamster in a wheel, until we direct it. A desire to race ahead is tethered by responsibilities that need completion as Mercury quincunx Saturn; get people to commit to new ideas and small tasks while there is incentive. Midday let the heart see through worries or mixed signals. Later, bountiful words and positive thoughts get the river flowing; a talent for being convincing can drift into craft persuasiveness as the day wears on. Let’s make sure we agree where we’re away from the strong personalities as well as when we’re present with them.

Tuesday, May 22: Let it flow and let go this morning, swim with the river wherever possible as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon conjuncts Venus. Feel a burden lift if we’re willing to put it down. Let the mind roam over vast possibilities but keep the heart in the present. Tonight we need a more formal structure, our rituals or observations to ground us.

Wednesday, May 23: Our nerves are encouraged to settle and let our feelings catch up with us as the Moon enters Cancer and trines Neptune. We want to go home, but that means something different to each one of us.  Some situation that once seemed clear may now feel complicated or uncertain as the Sun squares Neptune. Our identity may feel less defined due to changing circumstances, or our judgment a bit off, so think decision through twice. Water flows, it’s a great day to wander by a stream, just be careful not to drop the phone in the water.  Late night stormy moods need comforting, not speculation.

Thursday, May 24: Fix it this morning, whatever electronic or human connection is frayed and needs some attention as the Moon trines Chiron and Mercury enters Gemini. The conversation picks up but the attention span drops; keep it short and sweet. People’s minds wander towards vacations or some other break in routine, hunger for fresh perspective and new faces, but need to look where they are going, and not drop the work now in progress. Multi -task, juggle, and feed the nerves needed to get there. Odd interactions with people close to our soul’s purpose are likely later.




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