Starcodes May 11, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

This week is full of real opportunity that will not grab us but needs our attention and cooperation to live up to its potential. We need to get busy with wise and steady effort. And whatever we do, the outcome is likely more complicated, or may not turn out as we thought; it could even be better than we thought in the long run, but have delayed results, or need patience to come to fruition.

This lesson of  abundant if delayed Taurean magic comes as the two largest bodies in our solar system, the Sun and Jupiter, align in fruitful Taurus, while thoughtful Mercury, also in Taurus but earlier in the sign, forms a grand earth trine with motivational Mars in Virgo and empowered Pluto in Capricorn.  All while the symbolic ruler of Taurus, Venus, turns retrograde.

We’ve working on diagnosing the problem, any and all problems as Mars worked its way through Virgo for the last four months. Virgo likes to identify and pull out the weeds. We are probably painfully aware of our own faults by now, analyzed all the candidates for various offices, and may have done a health inventory or work-related efficiency assessment. But Taurus isn’t as concerned about the problem; it wants to fertilize and grow, acquire, work steadily and then bask in the sunlight. Now let’s take that careful Virgoan analysis to guide what we grow.

Important conversations get started this weekend as an Aquarius Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn and Venus in air signs along with an edgy Sun-Uranus semi-square. Air signs like to communicate. This trine isn’t about changing people’s minds as about coming to understand what  has changed, acknowledging new graduates or honoring Mother as she is now, not once was. Air signs also like to philosophize; if our mother is far away, long gone, or never was much help, we can honor the spirit of the Mother that feeds us all in the burgeoning green world around us.

As next week begins that powerful grand earth trine between Mercury, Pluto and Mars really kicks in and helps us clarify and manifest. But it won’t insist, we have to work with it. We’re encouraged to think about what needs to be done in response to new information or understanding as Mercury trines Pluto. We may be called to a new level of pragmatic honesty, but there’s no need to be hurtful with it.  If people swing around data to prove their point, it probably won’t pay to argue, but check any fact before taking it as gospel, as this aspect also brings a temptation to be manipulative.

We need to be willing to look at difficult information and keep the mind open for an alternate interpretation of the facts.  If we get depressed, maybe we got stuck on one difficult thought and need to look deeper or farther afield;  the tough stuff will have a silver lining somewhere.

Towards the end of the week, we’ve thought it through, and now action is called for as the Moon enters Aries and Mars trines Pluto. We’ll want to see movement, want the relationship to manifest, the work to happen, results to proliferate. We can expect high energy output when we’re in the groove and doing what we both need and want to do. Show the results of efforts so far to encourage support.

We can get it done. Even if the path is not smooth; frustrations or technical difficulties may test our self-control, we may bump and scrape along the way as Mars challenges Saturn and Jupiter irritates Pluto. Politics may blow into a loud but probably hollow squall. Wise restraint and steady pressure work.  Dance with circumstances rather than make it a contest of wills.  Timing and pacing is everything,

Friday, May 11: Under a friendly, stubborn, rather oblivious Aquarius Moon, people can mean well and still be clueless. Strangely tangential comments mix with insight. But get the conversation going and make it a teaching moment, not a scolding. Responsibilities to one another call, but take an opportunity to break a habit of overdoing or sacrifice, and change the model to share with one another instead. A collectively sociable evening develops edgier nerves later on.

Saturday, May 12: The friendly stubbornness continues, enjoy the connections and but don’t hurry anyone, their timing will be their own. People’s eccentricities need acceptance, don’t let them distract from an opportunity to create connection. Group activities help, we need to feel witnessed and seen by our community.  Spacey, disconnected but pleasant moments abound midday. Evening, a beautiful Moon, Venus, Saturn grand trine in air signs builds layers of understanding if we share and keep the mind open. Information flows from elders and mentors; get people talking about what they do best.

Sunday, May 13: Emotional mush alert in time for Mother’s Day as a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces brings feelings to the surface and a Sun-Jupiter conjunction can take them over the top. General good will with magnanimous undertones helps any small gesture be appreciated, but hurt or slighted feelings can snowball. Guilt seeps in easily around the edges, but drops easily if we just offer our presence. Evening is more direct, tongues sharpen especially if we’re tired or tweaked as Mercury trines Mars. Take breaks rather than act out if feeling overloaded, and rest well tonight.

Monday, May 14: Reassess and reset priorities as Mercury trines Pluto. Our psyches are stirred up, we have a chance to engage in truly penetrating conversation. Depression can whisper to us but let’s take that as a sign to look deeper rather than believe the story it’s telling. Get to the roots. Research and self-analysis are supported. If a goodbye needs to be said, now is a good time. Do not try to manipulate, even though it may seem easier; be direct. Tonight, our actions speak volumes as the Sun sequi-squares Pluto.

Tuesday, May 15: Cross-currents and conflicting needs can keep the waters choppy this morning; if rhythms differ, don’t take it personally. Even if we want to stay cozy and connected, work or some personal goal calls us and can make us look selfish. People are more energized and twitchy later, but relationship subtleties scramble easily; be flexible rather than reactive as Mars semi-squares Saturn, Venus retrogrades and the Moon enter self-directed Aries.

Wednesday, May 16: An early-morning flash requires we sort out inspiration from crazy as the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Be particularly leery about sudden relationship conclusions.  An experimental mood makes it a good time to pitch usefully relevant new ideas.  Skirt around a potential power trip mid-morning as the Moon squares Pluto, and realign for a dynamic afternoon as Mars trines Pluto. Notice a decisive and energized event.

Thursday, May 17: We talked about it earlier in the week, and now it’s time to follow through. Watch for a pawn forward move in the news, surprising gestures now may be more to tweak our tails than a sign of intention. While it may take persistence to achieve our goal, if it feels like someone’s purposely getting in the way, we may be imposing our will rather than actually solving problems.  Patience, grasshopper. Choose carefully when to gently persist, and when to push. It may help to take a break and do something solo and spontaneous; if we give our willfulness a safe free rein for a moment, we can be more cooperative afterwards.


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